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A Day On The Ranch for Kids | Blippi Axe Family | Videos for Children

September 18, 2019

[♪ Blippi ♪ ♪ So much to learn about ♪ ♪ it will make you want to shout!
Blippi! ♪ [MUSIC] Hey! Today I’m in a giant ranch
with my good friends, Axe family. Howdy everyone! This is going to be so much fun because we are going
to check up some horses cows and other fun runching stuff. Hey, Blippi. Why don’t you go
to get a saddle and we’ll saddle up? Woo-hoo. This is going to be fun. [MUSIC] Look at where we are! We’re inside a real cow barn. Axe family is going to bring
in the horse and in the meantime,
I’ll show you around. Look, this is where a cow dog stay. BARKING [MUSIC] [BARKING] That’s so fun.
Uh, and here’s another one. [SONIDO AGUDO] Come on! Oh! And another one.
Look. Come here. Must be out working
because the door is open. The cowboy must got him. But look… Hello! No one is there [MUSIC] Wow, look at this. Hey! No really, hey! This is hay,
and it’s so tasty looking. Just kidding. Tasty to cows
and horses, not to humans. Do you see that? Look.
Take a deep closer look. Yummy [MUSIC] Wow! Come on! Here look, a squeeze chute! And a hand catch. This is where the livestock go,
right over here, to go to the doctor and get all their vaccinations. [MUSIC] It’s like a wheelbarrow but i’s really flat. This is where you put the hay on. Wheel it ou there. And then go feed it to the cows. [MUSIC] I just got really dizzy. Ok, one last place. Come in here. Wow, this is the tack room. Look, wow, all these saddles Ok, in order to ride a horse,
I need your help. Let’s pick our favorite saddle, ok?
Come on! [MUSIC] This one? Na… This one? Na. Yeah! This one looks
like a great one. Ok. But first, we need a horse pad. These are top. Come here, look at this one. Do you know what color it is? Yeah, one of my favorite two.
Blue! Ok, let’s grab this horse pad. And we’ll grab this one right here. And then… We also need a bridle.
Come on. Ok, got the bridle. Let’s put it on the saddle. Ok, here we go.
Yeah. Ok. Hey. Thanks Blippi
for grabbing the tap. – Yeah.
– Why don you give me the siddle pads? – All right.
– These goes on first. Saddle paths.
What do those do? Saddle paths go underkneath
your saddle to put some cushion for the horse. – Saddle is where the cowboy sits in.
– Ok. And so, this is going on the horse. After the pads, and it will strap on
to the horse so the ridder will have
a place to sit. The bridle… – Or the headstall.
– Ok. and a cowboy or a cowgirl
uses a briddle to steer the horse. Like a steering wheel.
[FUNNY SOUNDS] Like this and then over its ears
like this. And you control the bridle
with we what we call reins. So these are the steering wheel
to the horse Ok. well, does that mean
that I’m ready to steer the horse? I think so Blippi. [MUSIC] – All right blippi, your turn.
– All right. [MUSIC] Ok. Here I go. – Have a go ride.
– Thanks. Here I go! [MUSIC] This horse is dark brown She is so beautiful. [MUSIC] This horse’s name is Fancy. And she is so fancy.
[NEIGH] [MUSIC] That was so much fun. Not only is Fancy a beautiful animal but we use her and the other horses
as work horses to move cattle around the ranch. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] That was sure a blast riding a horse. Let’s go see what else is here
in this great ranch! [ENGINE TURNING ON] Here we go.
[ENGINE REVVING] Here we go!
[ENGINE ACCELERATING] [MUSIC] Four wheelers are called
four wheelers because they have four wheels. One, two, three, four. [ENGINE ACCELERATING] You’re riding the four wheeler
with me. Isn’t this fun? On the ranch, there are so many
great useful machines like this four wheeler.
And… Like this, this giant dump truck. And this smedium size backhoe. And now for their iggest machine
at the ranch [MUSIC] [ENGINE RUNNING] Now, that’s a big machine. Now that the skidgen is parked
and is safe to get up really close my good friend Cody
from Axe Family… – Hey everybody.
– He’ll show you around – Are you ready?
– Yeah! Let’s go. Ok, so, this skidgen is actually used
for fighting wild fires. It’s like a firetruck
and a monster truck combined. Do you see this big tires? This is just like a
monster truck tire. Look how huge it is. This is so the skidgen doesn’t get stuck
when is out in the wilderness Let’s go up here to the front. Up here we have the plow.
And we have a brush brush guard. And this goes down to the ground and it pushes it and it cleares
all the brush and it makes a fire line. So that when the fire comes
to the fire line, it will stop. Come on here to the back. In the back we have
a giant water tank. right here, this is full of water.
It’s about 1100 gallons of water. And there’s a hose reel right here. And this red hose you can pul it out
and running out to a fire and put it down. There is also a turret up on the top
that spins around and it sprays water. But before I show you that.
Let’s go on inside the cab. All right. So, now we are
on the inside of the skidgen. Let me show you around. This is a steering wheel and this is basically
what’s used to drive the skidgen around. And if you looked right up here,
this is the dash where all the gadgets are. And if you press on this button
right here that’s the horn [HORN]
do you see that? Now, look down here by my feet. This is the break pedal
and this is the gas pedal. Then right here,
there’s a slow lever. This controls the blade
up infront of the skidgen. Let me show you the coolest part. This is the joystick
that controls the water cannon. Watch, I’m going to spray
some water. [SPRAYING] [MUSIC] That was so much fun
filming at this giant ranch. Be sure to check out
Axe family’s youtube channel Bye Bye [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [MUSIC]

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