A Girl and Her Horse Simple Illustration Collab with Miuzza
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A Girl and Her Horse Simple Illustration Collab with Miuzza

August 18, 2019

Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets
Creative! Today’s video is a collaboration, but before I talk about
that just a quick little note here acknowledging that I do sounds like crap.
I am doing the voice over a couple hours after passing off my half of the
collaboration. I don’t know if I will still have a cold when this actually
goes out, but I do have a cold right now. I’m getting over it but my voice is
still a little scratchy so I’m sorry for that. Anyway, I put out a call for collaborations on several of the Amino
communities I am on, but of course if you are watching this and you want to
collaborate with me, the call goes out to you as well!
If you are a YouTuber, you have a YouTube channel that is already active,
you’re already uploading videos to it, and you either do art or crafts or
something else in the visual arts wheelhouse, or you can put that kind of
content up on your channel, then if you want to collaborate with me, let me know
and we’ll figure something out. Either comment down below and ask me about it,
or send me a message on any of my social medias, which are all linked down below
of course. So today’s collaboration is with Miuzza, and I met her on the Tubers
Amino. She’s a relatively new, small channel and so of course it would be
greatly appreciated if you could go over there and subscribe to her when
you’re done watching my half. She’s primarily a gaming channel, but she is
also a digital artist, so when we were trying to figure out what to do for this
collaboration we decide that I would draw a sketch and get it up to the
inking line art phase, and then I would scan it and pass it off to her and she
can use that as the line art, as the construction sketch layer, whatever she
pleases to complete some sort of digital art piece. I won’t be offended if she
modifies it a lot. She’s welcome to add to it. that’s just- the ideas that I started it traditionally, and now she’s gonna take
it and make something out of it digitally. So I am drawing a girl or a
woman with her horse. Miuzza’s only request for me was that it have a human…
person… character in it, and I don’t know if she’s going to interpret this as a
girl or an adult. I haven’t seen her piece yet when I’m recording this.
I actually just sent the digital file off to her a few
hours ago, so obviously I haven’t seen it yet. She wanted a person in it.
You know me, I want animals, so I did a girl or woman
with her horse, and I love horses. They’re my favorite animal! What’s your favorite
animal, by the way? Comment down below, tell me what your favorite animal is!
Bonus points of its horse. (I’m just kidding). If you are new to art or if
you’re really struggling with your sketching because it goes through this
ugly phase like mine’s at right now where it looks like a kindergartner drew
it, the eyes are all derpy, the ears aren’t workin,g don’t worry! You can work
through it. One of my favorite artists here on YouTube, Lachri Fine Art, always
says if it doesn’t look right, it just means you’re not finished yet. So keep
working at it. You will see by the end of this the horse gets much more polished. I
actually completely erased the ears several times. I think you always see me
erase the ears or one once or twice, but the ears end up looking very convincing
and they really don’t early on. Same for the eye. Well, eyes, but you could barely see the one closer to the girl’s face. And I’m
gonna remind everybody again, because I don’t know how soon or not so soon this
is going out from when I’m recording my voice over, but my schedule has changed
just slightly. I do still upload every Tuesday and Thursday and have occasional
bonus videos. My bonus videos do by default go out on Fridays if I don’t have a reason, like a collaborator’s schedule,
to put it out on a different day. I’m just no longer restricting what type of
videos I put out on which day. I am an art channel that happens to also do
crafts, tutorials, and art related product reviews, and yeah, I upload on Tuesdays
and Thursdays. So please do like, comment, hit subscribe, all of that good stuff!
Ring the bell for notifications, because I’ve got more content like this
quite often, at least two times a week. If you want to be featured in my end card,
this is a relatively new thing I started doing. Please do use the hash tag
#LookJennaYT on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I will see it and I will put
you in my end card. If you want to know what that looks like, go to the marker
review video from the first week of December. Lolly Bee Art was featured in the end card there. Watch the whole video, don’t just
skip ahead! But yeah, that’s what it’ll look like. So far she’s the only one
who’s used the hashtag, so thank you so much Lolly Bee! You are a great fan, and I
love your art, I’m a fan of yours too! But yeah, I’m putting your art in my end
cards. Share it with me if you want it there. Crafts too, I’ll take photographs! But
at the time that I’m recording this voice over (man I’m saying that a lot!) I
don’t have anybody else’s art to feature and I need to have this published- err, not
published, exported and ready to go for when Miuzza’s done, so I will have a piece
of my own art in the feature spot. Not being vain, just, you know, filling the hole. I also wanted to mention that since I
live in Newfoundland, Canada, and we are an island in the North Atlantic Ocean, it
is winter. We are getting lots of winter weather. We’re also going into the
Christmas season. I don’t plan to miss any of my regular uploads going through
December and into January, but just a heads up that’s if the weather gets
severe we may lose power for more than one day. Hhat has happened before.
And if we’re up at the cabin when the weather gets bad we might get stuck
there, which really is not a bad thing, we love it up there, but if I haven’t
done enough backlog work, then, you know something, might happen. I might miss an upload. If I do I, do have
a little like “something went wrong” announcement video on my phone
that I can put up in its place to let you know what’s going on, but just so
you’re prepared, through the winter season here, something may happen,
probably weather related, that might disrupt my schedule. I’m gonna try not to
have that happen, but it might happen, just so you know. I’m also wondering, any
digital artists out there watching, do you always do all of your sketching
stage digitally, or do you sometimes or maybe even always do a traditional
sketch and scan it in? If you don’t, did you to it in the past, or have you always
just been digital? I’m really curious, because I’ve played around with a
digital tablet, but I’m honestly not very practiced at digital. That’s something I
do want to improve on in the new year, and I’m curious to know how everybody
does it. Well, anyway, we’re getting close to the end of the video here.
collaboration with Miuzza, I will make sure her video is linked, you know, everywhere!
Go check it ,out see what she did with this, and if you’d like to collab with
me, let me know! You made it to the end of the video!
Don’t forget to hit like, leave a comment, and if you haven’t already, hit subscribe
and ring that bell! I upload every Tuesday and Thursday, and I feature
artists and crafters in my end card. Use the hash tag #LookJennaYT. Thanks
for watching, and I’ll see you later. Bye guys!

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