A special horse riding experience in Jeju! [Battle Trip/2018.09.30]
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A special horse riding experience in Jeju! [Battle Trip/2018.09.30]

August 21, 2019

Jeju-do horses. (A special horse riding you can enjoy in Seogwipo) (You can go around the vast meadow) The meadow meets the sea. (A special horse riding experience) (That will make Jun Jin’s wish come true) – Hello. / – Hello. I really wanted to ride horses in Jeju-do. – I want to ride them in the meadow. / – I see. It’s my first time. – You’ll have to… / – Yes. – Get changed first. / – Get changed? – Safety’s the most important thing. / – Okay. – We’ll start after that. / – Okay. Take your hats off. – Do we have to wear that? / – How about our pants? Yes. It suits my outfit perfectly. It looks good. – Jun Jin, do you like horses? / – Yes, I rode a lot. – Oh, my. / – So cool. They look handsome. – They’re all retired racehorses. / – That’s right. (You can tell he’s happy from his shoulders) He’s also a racehorse that has raced for 20 years. – He raced a lot. / – Yes. – The taller person should get on him. / – Okay. Is it $20? (Its sparkly eyes are charming) (The remarkably sturdy muscles are its strong point) It’s handsome. Come here. (Dongwan tries to commune with the horse first) Let’s ride together. Selfie. Let’s take a selfie. (Let’s have fun while riding) You’re so nice. (They get on the horses safely) (First, they ride in here to get used to it) You can ride in the paddock and then go around the vast meadow. They usually make you only ride on the small path that they made. You can go a couple of rounds in there, and when you’re familiar with the horse… – You hit the meadow. / – You go out to the meadow. – Yes. / – That’s right. (Fantastic horse riding where you can see the sea) (The moment when Jun Jin’s wish comes true) It feels so good. (It feels so good) – I really wanted to try this. / – That’d be really nice. – Kids will love that. / – Dongwan is also enjoying it… – When he’s riding it. / – I was nervous while riding. – Don’t lie. / – He’s enjoying it. No. He hates everything that he seems to love. He’s enjoying it too much. (You need to ride with the rhythm, excited) Gosh. – The wind felt so good. / – Yes. (Wan Jun Tour slowly starts to race) – Horses are very sensitive animals. / – Yes. They said you need a professional by your side. For people who have horse riding licenses… – They can ride alone. / – Of course. – They can race. / – Yes. I didn’t know that there was a license. (Jeju-do’s blue sea is connected to the meadow) (A beautiful sight that will remain in your memory) (His face is full of smiles) (He is enjoying it and feels happy) This is amazing. (The sky has cleared up, adding to the beauty) (They fall in love with the charm of horse riding) This really was my dream. This is amazing. I want to race there at full speed. Me too. (Seogwipo seafood set) – This is the lobster. / – It’s game over here. – So this is the place. / – Lobster. You can eat while looking at Seongsan Ilchulbong at this restaurant. – I love Seongsan Ilchulbong. / – We rode horses. We raced the meadow amazingly on horses. For today’s final course, it’s the hottest place right now among seafood restaurants. It’s the best place. Also… – Look at that. / – It’s Seongsan Ilchulbong. The weather was bad yesterday. You can see from afar. (There’s a view of Seongsan Ilchulbong) I’m going to save it in my mind. You can also taste crabs there. This is the hottest place. – Let’s go. / – It’s been a while since I ate crabs. The decoration of the restaurant feels like lobsters. (The decoration of the restaurant is charming) I heard this place was really hot these days. (Located in Gujwa, Gimnyeong) – It’s a really new good restaurant. / – Yes. It was really delicious. I only went to octopus instant noodle places near Seongsan Ilchulbong. Octopus instant noodles sound great. It’s been open for less than a month. – Are you talking about that place? / – Yes. It’s very popular. Families and couples come to this place a lot. It’s splendid. – Everything in there was good. / – Looks expensive. – Looks expensive. / – They’re all fresh. There’s shrimp and corn. You have to add lobsters separately. The price differs according to size. ($21 per person excluding lobster) Here’s your food. (The food looks extraordinary) – It’s amazing. / – They serve it in a bucket. Is that for that price? Wow. (They’re in wonder) This is amazing. – This is amazing. / – Oh, my. They just pour it on the table. – On the table? / – Yeah. I’ve never seen anything like it. You wouldn’t need a plate then. (Basil oil and chili powder adds flavor) It even has lobsters. American guys stack the beers as they eat that. You can take photos because it’s decorated prettily. – There’s shrimp. / – It is really creative. – Isn’t this only in Jeju-do? / – They pour it on the table. The shrimp has claws. They look like shrimp but they are lobsters in English. Red-banded lobster? (Red-banded lobsters have big claws and red bands) This is amazing. – This is how you eat it. / – Red-banded lobster. It really looks unique. – Be careful of the head and tail. / – It has horns. – It’s really sharp. / – Oh, I see. You can’t eat the claws. So you have to remove them. – Be careful when you eat with kids. / – Be careful. – They explain it for you. / – Yes. – Separate the body from the head. / – Yes. If you pound on the body too strong, the flesh will get crushed too. Pound on it gently. Pull it apart. This is how you eat it. You can remove it easily. I thought red-banded lobsters were too troublesome but it was fun to eat after we knew how to eat it. You can’t stop eating it. – They really look like lobsters. / – Yes. With that… – You eat it plain. / – It’s good. Or you can eat them with the sauce you prefer. It’s good. It makes a snap sound when you open it. (He does his best to peel it) Ordinary shrimp is good, but you could get a little tired if you eat a lot. But you don’t get tired of this at all. The red-banded lobsters are amazing. You have to be a little careful, but isn’t it good? (They’re in love) (They can’t stop eating the red-banded lobsters) Red-banded lobsters are really good. – It’s fun to peel them. / – But… – There are lobsters there, right? / – Yes. Do you have to peel the lobsters too? No, while we ate other seafood, an employee peeled it for us. – Did they peel it for you then? / – Yes. They’re getting them ready while we’re eating. You have to eat seafood… – It was really delicious. / – With beer or white wine. – White wine would go well. / – Yes, white wine. It’s here. – I want to try that. / – It’s the lobster. (No words are needed) – Look at the flesh. / – Look at the claws. – Claws. / – They decorated it prettily. If it’s not fresh, it’s fishy when you eat lobster innards. But the innards tasted really good there. Look how well they’re trimmed. (Dongwan is surprised) – That’s amazing. / – Eat it with the innards. (He eats it with the innards) – Is it good? / – It’s good. If the lobster isn’t fresh, the innards taste fishy. The innards are delicious. It’s like sea urchin roe. (He’s genuinely surprised) You’re right. Look at this. I really want to eat that. Even the scent was different. The lobsters in Seoul weren’t that good. I know the reason why now. They weren’t fresh. – Isn’t this really fresh? / – It even smells different. Is this possible? I think they’re all fresh. (Sadly, you can’t stop time and time flies) We have been continuing to work as SHINHWA and our individual things. We couldn’t make time for ourselves and time has gone by really fast. We’ve never been on a trip like this for over 20 years. (The first trip they went on together) (A friendship trip that even bad weather can’t stop) It was raining yesterday but because it was us two, we managed to figure out what to do. Even when went go-karting and dirty water was splashed on us, it felt good. (The inconvenience turned into a fun time) We went horse riding where we could see the sea. Could we really have experienced all this without this show? How was traveling with me for the first time? – It was good. / – Was it good? I know that you’re serious but can’t you express some more when we’re on TV? It was really good to come here with you. I think you will go on trips together a lot from now on. I think another one in 20 years will be perfect. Let’s eat. What was more fun, yesterday or today? I had more fun today. No, you had more fun yesterday. Yesterday was fun but there were both good and bad things. We went through a lot of trouble for 2 days. Let’s cheer for the Wan Jun Tour and end it. Should we do the dance we did earlier? The dance we did earlier? 1, 2, 3, 4. (Dongwan) (And Jun Jin) Let’s go, Wan Jun Tour.

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