A walk in Wales with mini-donkeys! EP 6: Taith Iaith / Welsh Road Trip: Mynd am dro efo asyn-bach!
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A walk in Wales with mini-donkeys! EP 6: Taith Iaith / Welsh Road Trip: Mynd am dro efo asyn-bach!

March 1, 2020

I’m on my way to pick up one of my best friends Tom Mutton from Brecon but to be honest, I don’t know why I’m wearing sunglasses and a dress because it is absolutely peeing it down and I don’t have a coat, Tom’s text me and said he’s in a t-shirt and shorts So, I don’t know what we’re going to do in this weather Maybe we’ll just be in a bar all day but, it wouldn’t be a trip across Wales without a bit of rain! Hiiiiiiiii! Are you a bit wet!? So now we’ve bought matching waterproofs because we weren’t really prepared we’re ready to start our road trip! You ready Tom? Ready! I’m ready! They’re so cute! So what are you going to miss the most about moving back to London? You know what I didn’t really think i’d miss it Aberystwyth? Aberystwyth yeah! I think it is a really special place for the sense of community you don’t get that anywhere back home like in the South of England at all I don’t think.. So I really want to make your last couple of days in Wales special so far…. it’s not going great! Look at my outfit! I’ve been walking around like this! Cheers! Orange juice? Thank you! Ooo, found a wet patch Oh… Ooo… she’s damp Good morning! Good morning! So, we had a lovely little stay Mafting, but lovely and now, we’re ready for our next little adventure! Ahhhh *cries help* Hello? One of them just farted…. What’s donkey in Welsh? I don’t know, hmmm ‘Asyn’ I think! Asyn? Like ass? Yeah… Are you having fun? Oh I’m having lots of fun! Just out with my donkey, living my best life. I think Betty is a bit hungry C’mon gal When it’s payday and you buy irrelevant shit It’s quite strenuous actually Little donkey, Little donkey…. She’s so happy and I’m so happy! Betty don’t wanna move! There she blows! Here she is! She just wasn’t ready. F*$?ed it! Well Tom, our trip has come to an end we’ve been across the Brecon Beacons Have you had a nice time? Aw really, really nice thank you! Yeah it’s been nice Thanks for joining me on my ‘Taith Iaith! Oh Welcome, you know! Well it’s been nice hasn’t it Bloody Good Health! Chin Chin! Oh I spilt it.

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