A3360 – Schrecken der Nacht (GRUSELIGER Modellpferdefilm)
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A3360 – Schrecken der Nacht (GRUSELIGER Modellpferdefilm)

August 11, 2019

A3360 – Fright of the Night Flickering heat and fog took my breath as I desperately heaved my aching body out of the burning building My legs were failing, my lungs were burning my eyes were watering and in my ears was the rushing sound of the hungry fire thirsty to turn my body into a pile of ashes But in midst of the heat was that sound It sounded like scratching over a plate with a fork Slow and heavy and shrill. I didn’t dare to breathe because the fog took my eyesight and made me
cough with every breath I took But suddenly someone grabbed my by my hinds when I turned around I recognized the mare “C73” who dragged me back into the building Her eyes were glowing like the fire, surrounding us And her coat was torn from the explosions. Yet, she was alive. Under her ripped and bloody skin shimmered the metal platings which
Dr. Higgins implanted to her, scraping and screeching with
every movement she made I had no chance, escaping her She’d kill me, I knew for sure. Further and further she dragged me into the flames, Into an elevator cabin, about to crash down. I kicked her but she only grabbed me harder But when I was in that elevator, trying to get on my feet she only opened her mouth for a terrifying roar When a few sparks I whirled up, burned her mane She looked like a demon, standing there in front of me. Then she came closer. Step for step for step Until she stood right in front of me Then she took a deep breath and roared again The was spitting fire and sparks into the cabin, which started to shake dangerously and then… For all love, you are exaggerating… Yes, Angelica was kind of a cyborg but she never spat fire. Well I think this story is super exiting! At least its based on true events Does it? Yes. You are lucky she doesnt expand the story to “Clyve the scarface” Clyve, the scarface? Mum, why don’t you tell us about it? I WASN’T FINISHED, YET! Mum? C73 is not real, is she? I mean… she might be angry that you defeated her You did defeat her, right? She is dead. I protected your mother as I will protect you It’s okay, if you are scared She was really dangerous But she just couldn’t survive a shot into the brain ALEX! Not in front of the kids! Cool! What is it? That’s what happened or did I save something wrong? That’s not a story for cheeky little foals Your dad might tell it to you when you’re older! Awww…. What a shame! Well, I’m going home now. It’s a long way to Windsborough Thank you! It was a wonderful evening! Thanks for coming! Especially you, Caroll! It’s an honour to me that you came today At least you needed to take your private Jet to come down here from Illinois… Nevermind that! It was a pleasure! That means so much to me! Also that you came, Conor! At any time, my dear, Jess! You can keep the bag of marshmallows for the kids! Ah! I got you. You’re heavy. Thank you, I’m fine. I wish I could have done more for my damn legs in the last twelve years… It is how it is. And you can walk again. The doctors predicted that this would never happen. Ha…great… Its short before ten. The foals need to be in bed in two
minutes and thirty-one seconds Oh man… can’t we stay up for another four minutes and twenty-nine seconds? I am not even tired! No! Off to bed, you two! But fast! I bet I’m in my bed faster than you! Only you believe that! Then prove it, slowpoke! Ha! I was half a second faster as you! It’s “half a second faster THAN you”! I let you win, anyway. Smart-ass! I’d say that too now, if I was you! Josie? Josie, are you awake? Yes. What is it? Where’s Mum or Dad? Shouldn’t they been here already to turn the lights off? I don’t know I bet, it’s nothing. You know, Dad is the smartest horse in the world! If something was wrong, he would have surely known and eliminated the danger! Sometimes I wished, I had a computer in my head. Just think how great you could cheat in Maths! Josie, that’s not funny! I’ll better go and look… That was only a lightning, Simon! That wasn’t a lightning, Josie It wasn’t thunder, either… I believe I heard Mum screaming Oh god! Maybe it’s C73!! Listen! Everything’s going to be fine! Maybe the door is just stuck… Where did youput your
spy-set from last christmas again? Over there… Josie! What if there is really someone? Wouldn’t it be smarter to escape
though the window and call the police? There’s nobody there, Simon! I bet it’s one of Dad’s dumb bodyguar And he strangely showed up at
night and locked us in our room… I don’t think so… So, you DO believe me? You were right! Something is wrong! We need to call the police! I told you so! Come on, we escape out of the window! Are you crazy? How are we
supposed to call the police from there? Our phone and Mum’s cell-phone are in the kitchen. I watch your back and you go and call, okay? If somebody comes, I’ll lead him away from you. You would do that? Of course, little brother! But you neeed to be really brave now, okay? For Mum and for Dad Josie… If the power has failed… we might not be able to use the phone We need to use Mum’s cell-phone, then. Yes. I’ve seen it on the kitchen-counter Mum and Dad are not in the living room
but the backyard-door is still open Josie? Do you think ONE horse alone
could defeat Mum and Dad? Dad was a soldier – And he was the veryveryvery best What if there wasn’t only one horse in our hous… Balderdash! Nobody was here! We just call the police And everything will be fine! Mum? Dad, where are you? I’ll just take a look in the garden and close the door You go into the kitchen and call the 911 Ok? That’s the number of the police. I know the number of the police! I’m not a little baby anymore! Huh? Why is the water swashing? Did someone take a swim? Dad? Dad, where are you? Your Daddy won’t help you anymore, little one. No! No ear, little one My dear friend will take good care of our brother… Clyve, the scarface… Just for understanding: THIS is NOT the cell-phone. He didn’t find it and I missed on showing that part correctly.. Ohhh! It was so clear that the line would be dead! In so many movies I’ve seen it already! Usually when the main characters are trapped
in a spooky house the line is dead or the power fails… TYPICAL! Well thought! Ohhh, Josie what is taking you so long? Oh my… In movies horses always disappear when they split up and then the protagonist is alone… But I don’t want to be alone! Josie? JOSIE?! Josie? Josie, where are you? Maybe she just went around the house She’ll show up, soon. Surely! Huh? How did I miss that? The plates are making her slow But she’s got a lot of impact, when she gets in motion. Dad. Dad told us, he killed her That’s a bullet wound, directly into her head and she is alive! How could she possibly have survived that? That’s impossible! That’s it! Simon! You need to run faster than ever before! Your dad was the best soldier of all times! You have that in you, too! You can do it! That’s y fault… I killed that horse She would have killed me, too but… but that does’nt make it any better!!! Mum? Dad? Josie? I shouldn’t have let her go. Why didn’t I warn her? I knew something was wrong! You and your parents are very similar! You’ve drowned Angelica, you little brat! Clyve Higgins! Well recognized. Clever boy! You stole my mother’s smile! I only know her beautiful laugh from photos! It’s your fault she never brought me to school And never played soccer or racing with us! And it was YOU who took my father’s ability to feel any emotions! Still correct. *He’s afraid* *Why is he afraid?* *He is so full of hate* You! You just killed her. Just killed her. My angel. My best piece of work. She was so perfect. She got what she deserved And if you don’t tell me immediately where my family ist I will repeat that for you, too! Don’t worry, boy. I’ll take you to them.

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  1. Warum? Waruuuuuuummm muuuussss eeeeessss soooooo sssvhhhweeerrr seeeeeinnnn uunddd sooo laaangggeee dauueeernnn uuum sooowas zuuu maaacheeeen dasss issst deeerrr aaabbdsdsolluuutteeeoobberrrhaaammmeerrrr😰💝💝💝💝💝💝😍

  2. Also. Gestern als ich den Film (so wie jeden Tag seit er draußen ist) geschaut habe hatte er 0 dislikes. Und heute, hat er ZWEI!!!!! ZWWEIIIIIIIIII DISLIKES?! WIE ZUR HÖLLE KANN MAN SO EIN MEISTERWERK AUS 4 WOCHEN ARBEIT EINFAVH DISLIKEN ;C
    Ah ich glaube ich habe eine Erklärung;
    Also der 1 disliker hat bestimmt einfach sein Handy falsch rum gehalten und der andere hatte halt einfach seine Brille nicht auf 😀 😂💝😰

  3. This is amazing! The shots, angles, the light, scenes and EVERYTHING! It looks so much like a real movie so I always forgot that the characters was made out of plastic😂

  4. Ich würde das sooo feiern wen noch ein Part kommt aber das hat ja 3/5 Wochen gedauert da kann ich deine Entscheidung vestehn

  5. Eine Frage ich würde das gerne auch so können deswegen Frage ich: Mit was bearbeitest du deine Videos?😍😱

  6. Das ist echt genial. Die letzte Zeit hatte ich keine Zeit bei dir zu schauen. Jz kann ich mal wd schauen. Lohnt sich auf jeden Fall 😀

  7. OMG wie geil ich bin einfach sprachlos du hättest am besten 1 Millionen Abonnenten verdient oder auch mehr du bist so Cool du bist einfach nur die beste bitte mach mehr von denn Videos.😍 die sind so gut und die die ein disslike geben wissen einfach nicht was gut ist. Bitte mach weiter so. Und die zeit die du für das Video in Anspruch nimmst war stimmt sehr lang für die Mühe
    ist das klar und die das nicht kapieren sie könnte auch was wichtigeres machen als dass aber weil sie uns ein lächeln ins Gesicht zaubern will nimmt sie sich die Zeit .Du bist einfach die beste.😍😍😍😍😍😍😄😄😄😄😄😉😉😉😉😊😊😊😊❤❤❤💖💖💖

  8. Omg wie cool ❤😄😄❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍 bitte mach eine Fortsetzung 😍😢❤❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Oha ich fande diese Folge meeegggaaaaa spannend😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤bitte mach weiter so😍😍😍😍😍es war echt mega cool

  10. Du bist einfach die beste und wie gehts weiter ist das jüngste peilen tot oder wie bin sprach los einfach nur cool mehr als cool

  11. Omg… wieeeeee schön 😍😍😍!!!!!Seit dem ich selber Youtube mache weiß ich wieviel Arbeit doch auch nur ein 10 sekunden mep Part ist. Ich schätze deine Arbeit wirklich sehr 😍. Darf ich fragen mit was du filmst und mit was du bearbeitest?

  12. Geiiiilll 😍 ich liebe deine filme und vorallem diesen 😍😍 das Roboter pferd c73 ist so schön gemacht 😍💕

  13. Hey habe mal ne Frage was wäre passiert wenn jess und Alex gestorben wären also bei der Explosion.Wären Angelica(habs hoffentlich richtig geschrieben)also wären Angelica und Clyve dann zusammen gekommen?

  14. Das ist so spannend und soo creppy ich muss zugeben ich hatte echt schiss das jeden Moment irgendwas passiert😂😍😍

  15. OMG wie geil ich liebe diesen kurz Film du bist mega begabt toll gemacht ich muss ehrlich sein ich hatte auch ein bisschen Angst ein Abo und ein Like hast du von mir 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😉😉😉😉

  16. Ich hab das Modell aus dem C73 ist. Glaube ich. Sieht nämlich ein bisschen so aus wie die Lippizanerstute. Hab zwei Modelle. Sehen beide ähnlich aus

  17. Die Fohlen haben einen tollen Büchergeschmack😄 wie kommt es, dass ich dieses Hammer Video erst jetzt entdeckt habe, das Hörbuch aber schon vor einem Jahr gehört habe??? Das ist sooooo cool!!! Ein Schleichfilm, bei dem man sich in den Kommentaren verstecken muss, Hut ab!!! Super Leistung und vor allem tolle Stimmenbesetzung!😍😄

  18. Alter du machst das sooo gut wow du bist mein grosses vorbild 😍 nur was ich nicht verstehe ist das die filme ab 12 sind also ich bin 9 und finde das eigentlich garnicht so schlimm also ich habe bis jetzt schon slle deine kurtzfilme gesehen und…… SOOO GEILL !!!!😍😍

  19. Wie süß!
    Alex: Die Fohlen müssen in 2 Minuten und 31 Sekunden ins Bett.
    Fohlen: Können wir nicht in 4 Minuten und 29 Sekunden?

    Ich musste so schmunzeln 😊

  20. 2019 jms hier? Also ich weiß nicht was ich sagen soll er ist immer noch Hammer der Film danke das du dir so viel Mühe gibst für ein video

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