A$AP Rocky “A$AP Forever” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified
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A$AP Rocky “A$AP Forever” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

August 14, 2019

When I was younger, it was mad New York niggas
flooding the game. To see this shit now, it’s beautiful. The mentality used to be “New York, nigga,”
you know what I’m saying, like you know so and so from Atlanta but it ain’t like, “Atlanta,
A-T-L shawty,” like nigga, everybody representin’ where they from but it’s more so everything
is directed about craft. It don’t matter like it used to. All you need is a couple face tattoos, man. And a weird ass name and you might be alright. “A$AP Forever” is like the forthcoming
of just something else that was just long awaited. When I heard it, I thought about victory. I thought about glory or empire, something
like that. I think me, just thinking to put the Moby
track on it and feature Moby on it. Shouts out to Moby, man. He resung it and everything and came in the
video and gave us more sounds for it. Shout outs to Moby. Right in the hook at the end, having my
little sis Khloe Anna on it, shout outs to her, sing on that part. I ain’t know that that was called producing. I thought I was just a composer on some Quincy
Jones shit. They sayin’ I only want to do fashion. They sayin’ I only want to fuck bitches. They sayin’ I only want to be pretty and jiggy,
man. That’s true. I only kind of want to do that but I do a
lot of things that are in addition to that. I’m a musical artist first. I think it’s time, man. It’s time to give em what they need, man. Fuck what they want. Sometimes we catch niggas just throwing up
A$AP so you’ll be like, “I ain’t even meet this nigga before man,” but that kind of shit
is inevitable. Not just with A$AP, I’m quite sure Migos got
motherfuckers that claiming that they down with this and they down with that. I’m quite sure it’s people false claiming
in every group. I saw Dave Chappelle when I was younger. “Yo, Dave Chappelle. Yo, you a funny ass nigga, bro.” “All right, B.” He was way across the street. I mean that might’ve been a lot, but at the
same time, come clean is better than being like, “Yo, you know what I’m saying, can I
get a picture,” or stopping somebody what they’re doing, “Oh my God, my nephew la la
la,” all that kind of shit like y’all don’t understand like, not being rude, like
sometimes niggas just be human, so I always felt a need to justify that or have an excuse
like, “Damn yo, I’m a celebrity so I gotta duh duh duh.” Fuck that shit, nigga. If I don’t feel like taking no pictures and
it ain’t coz I’m on my high horse nigga, I’m tired and I’m high. Usually when I get the mood right, one of
the albums I might put on is Frank Ocean. I just be trying to convince my chicks to
do fly shit like so 9 times out of 10 at the time it’s just like, yo rock this. Cut your shit. Rock it blonde. Rock a wig the next day. Rock a weave. I don’t give a fuck. It’s just lit. Yams gave us, gave me the name like, Margiela
Mad Man. In the words of A$AP Yams, “I smack the
shit out of niggas in these skinny pants. Word to ah ah, I’m the Balmain badass”
that’s just was like the mentality when you don’t know no better and you ain’t got shit
to lose and shit. When you start getting into fights and shit
like that early on and shit and then you realize that, “Damn, these cases do take seven years
to weigh out and shit like that,” and you’ve got other bigger shit going on. You’ve moved on in life, you’re not even doing
the same kind of shit. I will tell y’all young niggas and y’all young
artists and entrepreneurs and y’all niggas with a little bit of chicken, that’s how they
… protect your heart, bro. That’s how they get you. You’re gonna have hood niggas acting like
they wanna smoke with you. As soon as you snuff em, lawsuit. Don’t take my word for it. Find out on your own. Come on, Flackito! That’s my name. So I had to hold it down for my oye’s one
time. You feel me? Ferg told y’all like six, seven years ago,
“All my Dominican niggas, got me speaking Spanglish.” That’s uptown. That’s New York. I love my Spanish
food. I love my bacalao. I love my motherfuckin’ tostones, platanos. You don’t call it the Spanish community. It’s the brothers, nigga. Everybody know I’m VLONE thuggin’ til the
casket drop, but I’m talking about the mentality die VLONE, die alone. I could be talking about business, I could
be talking about a fashion brand or I could be talking about emotions. I just lost my sister last year from overdosing
in September right before ‘The Cozy Tapes.’ I lost Yams from overdosing from my last album
before that. I really do pray to God I don’t overdose. Me and my niggas, we livin’ that lifestyle. That’s why I don’t judge little niggas, they
doin’ their little beans and Xans and leans and you know, it’s like to each his own. When we came in, bro, I’m keeping it a hunnid
with you, it wasn’t like it was no A Boogie Young M.A, fucking Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy
Rebel. Niggas wasn’t fucking with New York. When we came out, you remember, voice of Harlem,
you remember. Yeah nigga, it was like some other shit. Niggas didn’t know where we was from because
we look like we got gold teeth, we got braids we got hats, we on that. Now, it’s standard, bro. You can wear braids and be from New York. You can wear braids and be from Cali. It don’t matter no more. Dipset, G-Unit, A$AP, Wu-Tang fucking put
New York on the fucking map, you heard. Straight up and down and shout outs to everybody
carrying on that legacy today. Fire! Bars.

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  1. This man got the mentality I wish to achieve one day. The message is clear b. Always Strive And Prosper. ASAP, BITCH.

  2. I’ve listened to this song so many times that I can tell you genius and I guess him, fucked up. At 4:43, in the song he says adios and then vamonos not vamonos then adios. He is still my favorite musician ever, and this is one of my favorite songs in the world. Okay I’ll shut the fuck up now sorry.

  3. When he was talking about overdosing and praying to God he doesn't do so, I was wondering what the fuck is he doing man? Heroin?

  4. I want to see him with a black girl . He’s only been w Rihanna and she’s a light skin. He needs some chocolate.. these weird ass white girls ain’t it 🥴

  5. Uniquest rapper he got no tatts no grills jus talent WE NEED MORE OF THIS


  6. "Pull up on your set, leave a stain, gang" And now he is crying over the swedish custody cell he got. what a retard.

  7. YOOOOOOOHH,i never ever felt love on trump before he talks about this man.now i realize what he says little bit.MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAINNNN?SHHH DO WHAT YOU SAY BRUH DO WHAT YOU SAYYYYYYYYYYY

  8. The fact that he sampled a great song from an amazing artist, on top of that have them literally featured on the track…respect.

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