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About Horse Saddles : Picking a Horse Saddle

October 29, 2019

Choosing a saddle can be not only a difficult
decision, but one that requires a lot of time and patience in shopping. It helps if we start
out understanding what we’re buying and what we might expect to pay. I usually coach my
clients in trying to find the very best used saddle possible. If they are in fact in a
bit of a budgeted plan. If we buy a brand new saddle, one we have to break it in, and
sometimes it’s fun to have that happen before we get it. But it’s also going to be very
pricey, and it may become even more pricey as we look at the time that we have to spend
shopping. We want to start out with thinking about a synthetic saddle, although not my
very favorite, it does fall in the more budgeted category. We’ll talk about the merits of the
synthetic versus leather down the road. But these saddles can be found even brand new
for as low as two hundred fifty to three hundred dollars. As I move into my youth saddles,
a brand new saddle of this type might be about three hundred and fifty dollars to four hundred
dollars. We move on up to a nice barrel saddle of a name brand, that’s going to be better
probably upwards of eight hundred dollars. This saddle in its original show condition
could bring it up to near a thousand. As we move on forward, some of these more showy
saddles as well as a really good functional cutting saddle, you can go with name brands
that will take you as high as three thousand and upward, I’ve seen them as high as six
thousand. So you can see you’ve got a wide variety of choices, and you’re going to have
to decide within your budget what’s your best option.

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  1. I am looking into getting a extreamly expensive English Hunter/Jumper saddle. But sadly this video would only help a western person. Half of the time, I had no clue what you where talking about.

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