About Sculpture: Equine Anatomy
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About Sculpture: Equine Anatomy

October 20, 2019

sculpture equine anatomy is a
complementary tool to any training program for equestrian to refine the
understanding of the musculoskeletal structure of the horse sculpting will
help you develop greater sensitivity to help achieve higher elegance in the
saddle we will learn about biomechanics in sport in nature as it applies to
equine we’ll look at how some practices have adverse effects on the
musculoskeletal development of the horse’s body and how they can be avoided
the study of anatomy and three-dimensional form can help you make
important decisions about your horses health and safety we’ll look at how to
build these structures in play using basic and advanced methods you will
learn how to sculpt from a living model and how to build three-dimensional
muscle and bone we’ll look at how to build basic reusable armatures and how
to set up and on-the-go sculpting studio then we’ll take you through some
advanced sculpting that exploits equine injury and some signs of the horse’s
mental state as it relates to physical development we’ll walk you through how
to use sculpting tools and how to apply the UH Nardo da Vinci’s cannon of
proportions using both live and scale models sculpture equine anatomy courses
will train your eye to see what lays beneath the surface and empower you to
be a more effective rider and trainer please join us in our pursuit to
building a more meaningful training method based on the thorough understanding of
the horse’s body structure. Start learning today by registering online

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