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About The Right Horse Initiative

October 1, 2019

The goal of the Right Horse Initiative is to massively increase equine adoptions in this country and to make it a preferred method to acquire a new horse. For the first time ever we have stakeholders from all across the equine industry coming together to support this initiative. Everyone agrees that we need to adopt more horses here in the United States and that horses in transition are an at-risk population and it needs to be addressed. The ASPCA is excited to be partnered with the right horse initiative to bring leadership to equine welfare and promote adoptions. The average horse has seven different owners during its life. Any time a horse can no longer meet its owners need it could be at risk, and this initiative is about helping those animals through that transition for their next home. Point of the whole Initiative And I certainly endorse it, is to elevate the status of rescue horses or horses at shelters. Because a lot of people think they had no value. That’s why they ended up there. It’s also the increase adoptions across the country through educating potential horse owners, through retraining and refitting the horses, and through collaboration with the horse industry. New Vocations is one of the oldest race horse adoption programs out there, and maybe even one of the oldest adoption programs. We are super excited to have the right horse initiative there to help us boost our adoption. We bring in 100 to 125 horses a year that have been seized by law enforcement for abuse and neglect. And take them rehabilitate them and train them while they’re here. Through the right horse initiative we’re able to take in an additional 100 to 150 horses from local adoption centers. This year our goal is 200 horses and as a result of the right horse initiative. So the right horse initiative is about marketing adoption horses and making the public aware that there’s really amazing, useful, beautiful trained horses available for adoption at any given day. I think people probably have some misconceptions about a rescue animal and that they believe that they’re either untrained or they’re not good enough, or they were given up for some reason or another. This initiative is going to bring light and educate the equestrian world that all adoption horses are not injured, are not damaged goods , they actually all have something that they can bring to the table and have new careers that they can go into. There’s a lot of really good horses out there that are available for adoption and the right horse initiative allows these horses a second chance to have a purpose, to be useful, and get back in the community and make a difference. In the horse industry in the past, it’s always been sell horses. We’re not trying to sell horses, we’re trying to place horses with the right people. I think people should be adopting horses simply because there are so many to be adopted, so many wonderful, talented, trainable or trained horses that again are transitioning from part of their career or their life and looking for their right person. The most important thing about horse ownership is finding that perfect horse for you, the very right horse. It doesn’t really matter where the horse comes from as long as you have that right horse that fulfills your own personal needs. It’s not based on color. It’s not based on breed. It’s based on the right horse for what they want to use that horse for. I think that that’s one of the good things about this initiative is there’s all kinds of people, and there’s all kinds of horses and we can match them up. It’s time. The time is now for stakeholders to come together and to support the horses that are in transition in this country. It’s time that we as a country come together to protect at-risk horses.

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  1. Thank you so much for helping these horses, I am all for what you are doing, it's so sad when I see adds saying "we have owned this horse for many years and now need to sell so we can make room for a new one." Makes me feel angry,

  2. You are amazing people. I have only owned one horse and I can't imagine ever giving her up. I have seen many horses who have been taken from near death to an amazing partner. Keep up the good work the horses deserve it.

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