Abusing the Game’s Physics Engine
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Abusing the Game’s Physics Engine

September 3, 2019

This episode is sponsored by Brilliant “Omae wa mou shindeiru” “Nani?” In every competitive game, it’s inevitable that players will eventually discover ways to use the physics engine to their advantage From rocket jumping to wave dashing, dead angles to rocket rides. Emergent gameplay can be the key to taking your effectiveness as a player to the next level and Outside is no different. There are abilities in the game that the devs designed to be used one way But can also be extremely useful in entirely separate situations that the devs did not anticipate In this video, we’ll look at four examples of builds tailored to take advantage of the physics and mechanics of the game first we have the trap-jaw ant This build is min/max to maximize damage and as a result, its jaws are extremely powerful for its size. As you might expect, putting so many evolution points into damage left very little to be used for mobility. In fact, ants in general aren’t exactly known for their speed or agility. In the arthropod guild, burst mobility options, like the grasshoppers jump, require a pretty large investment However, the trap-jaw ant can get the best of both worlds By using the move bite on the ground, it can manipulate the physics of the game to launch itself into the air granting a burst of mobility in crucial moments By doing this, it can maintain its high attack strength without leaving itself open to being trapped. Similar thing can be done by using the move headbutt while playing a beetle class. Beetles can use their heads to launch other players off screen and into the blast zone But the click beetle build uses it for another purpose: by using the move headbutt without a target, the force of their attack can launch their characters trade up into the air This can be great for escaping grab combos or recovering from a stun I hope you see what I’m getting at: using moves for things other than their intent purpose can sometimes be extremely effective Another example of this is the cuttlefish In addition to having solid mobility and high intelligence, the cuttlefish has the highest stealth level of any built in the game Its high stealth allows it to use the move color change and the move shape-shift both of these can be used in combination to achieve an unparalleled level of undetectability. But there are other uses for the color change ability and no chameleon mains, I’m not talking about using it for emote. I’m talking about hypnosis if you use color change and rapidly cycle through colors over and over, you can actually seriously mess with the graphics engine and cause other players games to crash This leads to a free win and a lot of salt from crustacean mains but this doesn’t mean crustaceans don’t have their own secret advanced techniques too. The crustacean builds main strengths include high defense and an excellent grab. However, there are abysmal intelligence level means ranged attacks should be off-limits to them But by putting as many points as possible into their grab move, they can increase the speed of the move to such a high level that it actually starts to mess with the physics of the game. By targeting the water in front of them with their grab attack, they can actually create a shock wave that can deal massive sonic damage to nearby players that might normally be too mobile to get craft by a crustacean This means that players using the pistol shrimp build don’t need to waste evolution points leveling of mobility stealth or intelligence in order to have a viable method of scoring eliminations Maxing out their claws grab move is the only thing they really need The physics of the game does the rest of the work for them. And I said that only before but I thought of another one while making this video So here’s a bonus example: orcas are king of making physics do the work for them They’re easily one of the best builds the game has ever seen: they’ve got extremely high power, HP and most importantly intelligence. They’re so effective in the pinniped matchup that their only real option is just to hide out on land But this doesn’t always work out for them Orcas high intelligence allows them to use one of the nastiest team combos ever: By banding together and quickly swimming in a single direction in unison, their combined power mobility creates a wave that can hit targets above the water knocking them in. Now they aren’t the only build that specializes in knocking prey into the water And in fact, I’m actually pretty hesitant when players from water biomes try to target outsiders since that’s a double-edged sword Birds are a huge risk for players that use that strategy But let’s be honest, orcas are far too tanky to need to be concerned about that Humans are the only non Marine build that can even give them any trouble So they’re free to manipulate the game physics to do their bidding But understanding physics is tough, especially if you don’t know where to start But if you break physics down into individual solvable problems, it becomes a much less daunting task This is the philosophy behind brilliant.org, an enrichment learning website that teaches you to solve fascinating challenging problems by treating them like puzzles To support tierzoo and learn more about brilliant, go to brilliant.org/tierzoo and sign up for free and also the first 200 people that go to that link will get 20% off their annual premium subscription. Thank you for watching and see you next time.

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  1. Here's the full video of the trapjaw ants escaping the ant lion pit: https://youtu.be/XWq-5g_OCjI
    Special thanks to Ant Labs for allowing me to use their footage!

  2. The game seems fun and tho we are playing the game right now its no fun because theres no challenge for us and weve made our game easy for us, so the most fun we can get is to watch over players play.

  3. You add pistol shrimp but no mantis shrimp?
    You chose the one that makes a shockwave, but not the one that creates LIGHT?

  4. Human builds are really good at this. Atomic Bomb is a super OP glitch the devs did not anticipate. So powerful it leads to entire map stalemate(hopefully)

  5. A lot of comments saying that the human build is OP. They were OP for awhile, but during the ice age update they were nerfed a bit. They still acquire xp like it's no one's business – but they have a very hard time with the happiness and contentment side-quests – many of them never even getting to initiate them. The religion patch was supposed to un-nerf them a little to help with those quest lines, but the devs messed that up and many strats actually avoid "religion abilities" and instead choose the wisdom skill branch to aid in times of limited social and physical resources.

  6. Imagine being able to snap and shake the air around you so violently that you kill or stun the person you snapped at, or even caught the air on fire.

  7. So cuttle fish are the smash players that intentionally have bad wifi since they have mastered the art of laggy combat

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  9. You forgot the Hungarian Vizsla – when they catch a rabbit they throw him into the air and in the air the rabbit breaks its scruff and falls on the ground already dead

  10. This planet is inspired by super smash bros melee for the nintendo gamecube? or super smash bros melee for the nintendo gamecube is inspired by this planet?

  11. Bruh – your channel is a mysterious interest of mine for reasons: 1) I've NEVER been into Biology, and 2) RPG/stat building games bore me to death. So the way you combine them AND keep me watching tho! Can't explain it…

  12. Ah the pistol shrimp, a creature that punches so hard it literally creates light (and other bands of electromagnetic radiation) from the collapsing air bubble.

  13. So I put my points intk strength and endurance… having strong defense and attack, but I still need hands… well I think evolutions playing foul with me

  14. When i used to play the rabbit mode, i quicklly learned how to use my teeths to open my enemyes necks in half to protect myself. But then, mods discovered and i was banned…..

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