Adaptive Horse Riding : Adaptive Horse Riding: Communication Activity
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Adaptive Horse Riding : Adaptive Horse Riding: Communication Activity

September 2, 2019

My name is Raeshell Sorensen and I am the
Equestrian Program Manager of The National Ability Center and behind us we have a group
riding lesson happening now. These two adult riders have developmental disabilities. They
are in a group home right now where they learn to develop life skills and right now they
are working on socialization skills and riding skills put together. So they’re working as
a team right now to achieve a goal in this relay race with cones and poles. Right now
these two adult riders are learning to ride their horses. They are learning to steer,
stop, and go, learning how to communicate with the animals as well as having an activity
that makes the job fun but also learning how to socialize better with each other and the
way that they learn these socialization skills is working together to achieve a common goal
in their team work so it looks like they’re going to be playing a game of red light green
light actually right now. So our third participant here who is not able to get on the horse at
this time he is still participating in the lesson by being the red light green light
and he is telling the other riders what to do and they are communicating to their horses
to stop or go and the two lead walkers that we have helping also assist in learning social
skills in that the riders have to communicate with these lead walkers to understand what
they need help with or what they need to be doing. The third rider that is holding a red
light green light also has a developmental disability. Currently he is not able to get
on the horse due to our weight limit but he is still able to participate in the lesson
and be involved. He is able to learn to communicate through using these lights as well as verbally
with the instructor so there are benefits even though he is not able to be mounted on
the horse.

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