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Adaptive Horse Riding : Adaptive Horse Riding: Neoprene Saddles

October 23, 2019

A, my name is Raeshell Sorensen, I’m the equestrian
program manager here at the National Ability Center. This saddle we call or neoprene saddle,
it’s an adaptive saddle that we use for a lot of riders who need a little, who have,
have a little less mobility maybe. So a rider who’s in a wheelchair who has Cerebral Palsy,
who has stiff muscles in their legs. This is a good place to start because they can
utilize the support of side walkers easier as well as their legs don’t have to be in
the down position to be able to ride. Their legs can be a little higher up because their
legs are tighter. It’s also comfortable; it’s going to help with any type of skin, skin
breakdown or anything like that because it’s more of a comfortable saddle. It also allows
the rider to feel the horse more because it’s closer to the horse. The heat of the horse
can come up through the saddle to help relax muscles that are tight. There’s a handle here
to help again for safety, the rider can hole on. There are stirrups that can be attached
to this or that, or it can be ridden without stirrups and this generally fits most of the
horses because it doesn’t have a solid tree underneath.

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