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Adaptive Horse Riding : Adaptive Horse Riding: Other Equipment

October 7, 2019

My name is Raeshell Sorensen and I am the
Equestrian Manager here at the National Ability Center and we do have multiple programs that
we offer now but would like to offer in addition to hippotherapy and our riding lessons, one
program is vaulting which we don’t have yet but would like to have in the future. This
is a vaulting barrel where kids now can practice vaulting these. Vaulting is typically gymnastics
on top of a horse. A horse is attached to a long lunge line and the horse will ride
around in circles, walk, trot, canter and riders on top of the horse will do different
moves or gymnastics on top of the horse while it is moving. There is a therapeutic vaulting
that comes from NARA, North American Riders for the Handicapped Association that we are
affiliated with and some day we would also like to implement. This barrel is also used
in many other ways. We have a rider who was scared to get on the horse at first and in
order to get them on the horse we actually used the barrel first so that he could get
on the barrel, know how to get on and then take what he learned to be able to get on
the horse.

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