Adaptive Horse Riding : Sourcing Adaptive Horses
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Adaptive Horse Riding : Sourcing Adaptive Horses

August 29, 2019

My name is Raeshell Sorensen and I’m the Equestrian
Program Manager here at the National Ability Center. Horses come from various different
places. We get horses donated from the community. We have purchased just a few. We also lease
horses where people will donate the horse for a time and then when it is ready to retire
we will send it back home. We do take care of them and take care of all their costs when
they are leased to us. We do prefer that because then we know that they’re going to a nice
home after they are finished here. The life of a therapy horse isn’t very long by way
of more like a career of a therapy horse isn’t very long because they have so many different
riders on them that do so many different things but we have had horses here over eight years,
nine years and they’ll still going strong. With having so many different horses and so
many different people on our horses we have to take very good care of them. We have a
schooling program where they get ridden and exercised regularly and they also get updates
in their training regularly. We also have two farriers who put shoes on and trim their
hooves and take care of their feet as well as veterinarians that come and take care of
our horses. We also have a special vet who does a little chiropractic work on the horses
who adjust their backs and give acupuncture injections to help to ease their muscles and
keep them going over the long term.

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