Addy Gets Rollerblades!
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Addy Gets Rollerblades!

October 28, 2019

Today is our Addy-Roo’s ninth birthday! We can’t believe it. [Laughs] She’s pretty excited, she
just got home from school and the first thing she
went to do was hit the park because the thing she wanted
for her birthday more than anything else was a new
pair of roller blades, actually, her only pair of roller blades. So she’s trying them on and
we’re gonna see how she does! – I wanted it so, so,
so, badly when I realized I got it for my birthday I was so excited. – I don’t think you have
ever done roller blades, have you? – I’ve only done roller skates. – How do you think you’ll do? – I don’t know maybe good maybe bad. But I’m gonna be safe
cause I have a helmet, wrist guards, knee
guards and elbow guards. – Jason and I knew that if we’re
gonna get her roller blades for her birthday, she was
getting all the protective gear, because roller blading kind of scares me! – When I was like younger at
Grandma and Grandpa’s house, remember I got these like
Lightning McQueen roller skates and I was so scared on them. [Lucy laughs] – But now I’m better at roller skates. – When I had roller blades I
was never very good at them. I think I didn’t get them until
I was like in fifth grade, I was a lot older, and
now you’re in second grade getting roller blades! I’m a little bit nervous
but I am just hoping that we do not leave the
park in tears, or with broken bones or sprains, or even
little cuts and bruises. We’re gonna leave with
smiles on our faces. – Only smiles here. [Lucy Laughs] – All right Addy, are you ready? Daddy stand next to her. I’m nervous. – Oh we need a helmet. – Oh! Where’s the helmet? Thank goodness Daddy caught
that the helmet wasn’t on! – If I fell on my head that would be bad. – That would be very bad. We don’t want that to happen today. – No, no ouchies today! – Take two! Take off! – Oh gosh we’re going downhill! – Yeah, this is the best part! [Shrieks] Stop! – Okay do you know how to brake
in these things even, Addy? Do you know where the
brakes are on roller blades? – No! – That’s probably something we
need to figure out before we start roller blading. – Just like that, – Yeah, you like lean back on them? – I guess you like, kind of like, – What was that? – Kind of just like put a foot – Lean back? – They’re backers. You probably just drag it,
to the side if you need them – Addy was very into skating,
we just had her birthday party with friends three
days ago and it was a, it was an ice skating party,
so now we’re moving on from ice skating to roller skating,
I guess roller blading. – Wow, Addy! – Kind of like ice skating, huh? You’re going fast huh! All right I’m taking over
the Addy hand holding and I’ve got a camera in the other hand, so. I don’t know if I’d trust me, Addy! How do you feel?
– Whoa! Okay! – Okay? Whoa! – I’m so used to roller skates
where the brakes are in the front and I’m like not
getting used to roller blades I’m gonna have to get
used to both of them. [cheerful guitar strumming] – Aright break time!
– Yeah! – You’re doing really good! How do you feel?
– Good! – How does it feel compared
to roller skating and ice skating? – It feels different.
– How so? – I mean it feels like kind
of similar on ice skating, but the brake’s like at the back. – Is that throwing you,
the brake in the back? – Mhm. And it’s just like,
its kind of like ice skates but, on land. – I feel like the wheels
are just like in a line. – Yup. [Upbeat Music] – You got it girl! Do you want to try some
without me holding on to you? – Yeah!
– Yeah? All right I’m gonna
step aside, you got it? Okay here she goes! Good job girl! Look at you go! I’m so proud of you you
are a quick learner! Wow she’s doing really well. Addy you are our rock
climber, our ice skater, our roller skater and
now our roller blader. – Yep! – Now we need to get Maya
off of her training wheels! – I got this decoder wheel from my favorite YouTuber – Another cool birthday
present, what’s your favorite YouTube channel to watch? – Chad and V – We can decode secret messages with it. – So you guys gonna go
look for secret messages around the park now? – That’s what we’re gonna do. – That sounds like fun. – I did pretty good on my
first day of roller blading. – You did! Now you go
hunt down secret messages. – All right! [Funky Beat] – Are there secret messages
on the monkey bars? – I don’t think so I’m
just doing them for fun – Ever since we did our toy
Spy series, the girls have been very into playing like
spies, they’re always looking for the toy master, the
game master, the hacker, and now all their neighbors
are doing it with them too, so. I think they’re going to be
hunting for clues around the park to solve some unknown mystery. – What did you find? – Just a rock. – No, false alarm? What spy gear do you have in there, Addy? – Three night vision goggles? – Two night vision goggles
– Okay! – And this spy gadget [blows whistle] Okay so it’s a telescope
here, a whistle here, a magnifying glass right there, um, a watch right here but
the watch doesn’t work, there’s a flashlight right here, and the compass right there. So it’s everything in one! Both – Yeah – And the hacker’s favorite
color is orange cause it’s closest to red and red – Yeah, so if we mix orange
and red together, there might be a clue in there! – There’s a orange and
white pole over there – Yeah, we know – Mom, can we go over
there and look at it? – Sure! – Warning, warning. – Wait! Guys, try and find a G and an H. – I love that Colin has no
idea what’s going on, but he sure acts like he does. He follows them around, and shouts out when he found something,
and he just gets really into it and his facial expressions
are super into it and it’s really cute. [upbeat music] – We’re stopping by the
grocery store on the way home to let Addy pick out a birthday
treat for desert tonight. We had a cake made for her
birthday party, we actually ate it all at the party, so, we have to have something
tonight, some little sweet treat, so we’ll see what she picks out. – We could get those! Or those! – I’m rooting for a Carvel ice
cream cake, that’s like one of my favorite desserts. You want an ice cream
cake right, a Carvel one? These ones, these are so so good. If you’ve never tried one,
I highly recommend it. Yum. What did you want? Oh! You want a Carvel cake,
that makes Mummy so happy. What kind? Ice cream cookie cake, I haven’t tried that! – I know I haven’t
either it says it’s new. – It’s new? Ooh! [gentle guitar Song] You girls say thank you! – While Jason is working on
getting the birthday dinner together and while our ice
cream cake is thawing a bit, we’re gonna head down to the
backyard and hang up some bird feeders that we made
together on a previous vlog, if you haven’t seen that vlog
go back and check it out, cause we had a lot of fun
making these cute bird feeders with cookie cutters. – My best is my diamond. – Your diamond was a cool jewel! – My best is the unicorn,
just the horn fell off. But I think this was a bird, I don’t know. – You did lose the horn didn’t you? It looks like a horse now!
– Yeah! – We had some of them hanging
out front and I thought the birds were eating them
until I checked the window one day and what did we see? – We saw squirrels eating them,
so Maya’s was on the floor that the squirrels got them. And then eventually mine was
on the floor and then it was like all the way near our driveway. – Yup, we actually looked out
and saw two squirrels that climbed up nibbling on
it, so we’re gonna try to put them on different trees and
hope that the birds get some though squirrels are cute,
I’m okay if squirrels get ’em. But, we did make them for
birds. We’re gonna see if we can find new trees to put them on and hope the birds get them this time. And I’m thinking this ones
hanging on a limb that’s kind of thin, but it’s too thin for
a squirrel to get across, but hopefully the birds can get to it. I think this is one that
was broken, wasn’t it Maya? Maya – Yeah.
– What was this? Oh, this was part of the
butterfly but part of it broke. Remember that? The poor butterfly? All right I’m gonna hang it up here, oh I’m losing part of it. You gonna climb it? – Climb it, to get to here. I found the perfect
place for my bird feeder, a little stub. – That work Addy? – Yeah cause like every now
and then we can check from the screen and porch. – That’s right, and
see if it’s still here! All right, all of our bird
feeders officially have homes now! We’re gonna have to keep an
eye on them and see if the birds get ’em or the squirrels get ’em. All right birthday girl,
shall we head upstairs? – Yes, have some dinner. – And what else? Addy – Cake! [piano tune Happy Birthday] – Thanks for the birthday girl, yay! Colin, it’s cake time, come here! – If you want a piece Colin
you have to give me your plate! Lucy – [Giggles] – He’ll try and run away
with an empty plate! Colin sit over there. – I couldn’t find any candles,
so you can’t blow anything out, but we at least have to
sing Happy Birthday to Addy. All- ♪ Happy birthday to
you, happy birthday to you ♪ Happy birthday dear Addy,
happy birthday to you. ♪ – You should blow out
your pretend candles now. – Yeah! [Loud Grunting] – Blow out your candles
Colin, blow them out! – Maya!
[Grunting] [Grunting] – Happy birthday girlie. I Can’t believe you’re nine years old. Can you believe it?
– Nuh uh. All right thanks for watching
Addy’s birthday with us, we’ll see you guys next time. [Piano Playing Happy Birthday]

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