Adopted! Morgan Hill Southern Belle, outdoor work
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Adopted! Morgan Hill Southern Belle, outdoor work

August 22, 2019

This is Morgan Hill Southern Belle. She
is a registered Morgan mare available through Forever Morgans. Belle is a
former Amish buggy horse and a former lesson horse.
She was the champion futurity weanling at the Alberta Morgan Horse Club. You see Belle working here in less than ideal circumstances. We had planned to take her to our riding ring and really show her off, but half of our farm is under water
right now so you see Belle working on a slope and in footing that is deep and cuppy and slippery and muddy and rocky. But
sometimes life is is ideal and sometimes it isn’t; this is how Belle handles herself in less than ideal situations. She has the best whoa, stop
and stand that I’ve ever seen on a horse. She stands quietly for mounting and
dismounting. She’ll let you adjust the stirrups from her back. She’s just a
really nice mare. Her rider says that she is very comfortable to ride; she is
smooth, she’s balanced, she handles herself well in transitions and changes
of rein in close quarters. None of it really bothers her. We’re riding her in a
five-inch French Link snaffle, a loose caveson, and a 30-centimeter Stubben
saddle; she has done well with all of these things. We might try to get a
smaller diameter bit for her because we would like her to be a little more
relaxed through her jaw than she is, but every time we ride her she’s just a hundred
percent better than the time before. She is a 1998 mare with the legs of a
five-year-old. She gets no special care: no joint supplement, no calming supplement, we’ve never given her Bute. She is just a very easy low-maintenance horse.
Here you see her out, again working in truly terrible footing. This was her
first ride outside, all her friends were in the barn, there were cars and trucks
going along the road because this is just a little area where we turn out
horses, there was a plane flying overhead, so these were not ideal circumstances.
But sometimes that’s how life is, so we wanted to show how Belle handles those,
and we’re really pleased with how she’s doing. She is an independent horse but
she really thrives on praise from her rider; she tries to please her rider. We
do think that she would intimidate a young or timid rider, so she would do
best with someone who has some experience. Thanks for considering Morgan Hill Southern Belle. You can learn more about her and the other horses at
Forever Morgans dot org.

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