Adopted! Morgan Hill Southern Belle, registered Morgan mare available for adoption
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Adopted! Morgan Hill Southern Belle, registered Morgan mare available for adoption

March 1, 2020

This is Morgan Hill Southern Belle. She was the champion weanling in the Alberta Morgan Horse Club futurity, and she’s been a lesson horse and an Amish buggy horse. She did get a trim job from some goats, but her mane and tail are growing back nicely. She does have a scar on one leg which does not bother her at all. She also has some white hair near her withers, probably from wearing a harness, which also does not bother her at all. One vet did say that she might have a very
mild case of shivers, but we’ve seen absolutely no sign of it; we’ll follow up with our own
vet. Belle measures 14.2 hands but looks and moves bigger than that. She’s easy to tack up. We’ve been working her in a five-inch French link snaffle, and she takes a 29- or 30-centimeter saddle. She stands great for the farrier and for the vet, and she is barefoot. However, deworming day is not her favorite. Belle gets along great with geldings and mares, respects fences without the need for a hot wire; she’s happy to go out in the morning
and happy to come in at night. She’s being fostered in northwest Ohio, just south of Toledo. This clip shows her first ride in several
months, probably a year or more. Her rider says Belle is comfortable to ride
and she wanted to let Belle trot, which is what Belle wanted, too. But we’re starting with the basics. Despite her time off, Belle stood for mounting and dismounting – no buck, rear, spook or bolt. On the longe, she has an uphill, scopey, relaxed canter, and our rider says she’s looking forward to riding that, too. Belle is a 1998 registered Morgan mare with the legs and action of a five-year-old. No special care, although we do have a small paddock attached to her stall so she can stretch her legs when she’s not on turnout. Because Belle is a forward mover, we think she’d intimidate a young or small rider. She’d be a better match for a teenaged or
adult rider, who we think would have a ton of fun with her. Belle likes apple treats and rolls in the
mud, but what she’d really like is a permanent home. You can get more information about Belle at Thanks for considering Morgan Hill Southern Belle.

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