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Agent 24 Full Movie | Hindi Dubbed Movies 2019 Full Movie | Surya Movies | Action Movies

August 10, 2019

Come on here we go. Do you want to know? Fasten your seat belts
and let’s take off now. Oh supernova,
now come in full swing. Voltage is full. Now fly and switch off the light. Hey Raja you come. If it is in your destiny
then who can stop you. You have to become the king. Hey, let me tell you something.
Wanna know. Hey Raja you come. If it is in your destiny
then who can stop you. You have to become the king. ‘Rap song’ ‘Rap song’ Cut through the storm You have so much strength
and do not be scared of anyone. You are the king, oh dear. Hey Raja you come. If it is in your destiny
then who can stop you. You have to become the king. Hey Raja you come. If it is in your destiny
then who can stop you. You have to become the king. ‘Rap song’ ‘Rap song’ Make yourself so strong
that you can win the entire world. Remove all the obstacles
that come in front of you. Don’t stop me. Hey, why don’t you send
me your resume? This is my card. Thanks but no thanks. I don’t want to be a
mastermind of your company. What do you mean? You co-operate us.
You keep your employees on task. There is no freedom and growth. Cool man we had a nice
chat at the flight. – Thank you. Thanks for the company. Madam, do you need some help? I can help you. – Yes. Mother is going to get her bag. What do you want?
Do you want a chocolate? Thank you. – That was nothing. Hello, please come here. There is nothing.
There is nothing inside, sir. It is windows vista.
Original software, sir. Software has such a look.
Your underwear is seen. ‘Bhagwan Ka Kanta’.
Is this a stolen CD? – No, sir. This movie is going
to be released tomorrow. Do you Know how much money
has been invested in this? Hey, we invest crores
of rupees and make a movie.. ..and you get a pirated
CD and destroy our profits. What’s going on there, sir? CD problem. Oh shit. Why can’t
people enjoy in theatres? I don’t know. Sir, you can go. – Okay fine. Okay. – Next. Yes Deva, is everything fine? There is some problem inside. The man of the master
has been caught inside. He is screaming like mad. I
don’t know what is going to happen. But we will get the CD.
You don’t worry. Come, come sit in the car. Hey.. Madam, may I help you? Come, come.. Okay sweetie, bye.
Give a kiss to uncle. Kamlesh sir,
our man has been caught. The original copy has come out. Hey, stop the car.
The festival is going on. Whom are you showing that hand? I shall just tell you. Look, he is getting everything out of the car. Hey, heroes do not celebrate happiness
like this but show it this way. Look. Come on. Coming, brother coming. Okay, brothers I shall leave. Hey brother.. Look the way they are celebrating. They will give their
lives for the hero. Yes, if they would have got
the CD then today we were dead. Hey, keep it inside. Give. Hurry up and give me. Okay. I shall copy in half
an hour and give it to you. He has got it. My work is done. Hello, Kamlesh sir.
CD is being copied here. Hail to CD.
May I get business soon, God? Let it get copied soon and a nice
album comes out. And let is sell soon. Hey, the producer of the movie must
have not offered so many prayers. Hurry up and give me the CD. The prayer has not finished yet.
Why are you making so much hurry? First, put the machine in the ear. Idiot. Hail to CD.
May I get business soon, God? Brother, it is not getting on. Get a side. You have kept all the old
movies collected so it will hang. Cache memory.. I am Shiva calling
from Kanya Kumari. When will you give the
CD and when will I copy. Give the CD to me
as soon as possible. No, no I will not give the CD.
You want to do business before me. Just like last time
you released the movie.. ..earlier in Pondicherry
and earned more money. This time it is time release. Yes brother. Deva.. Police is coming. Come on run away. Hey, police is coming. Police.. They cannot let us
release a movie in peace. Get a side.
You also get away from here. Come on get out quickly.
Come on. Come. Quickly make a search. Quickly. Sir, everyone ran away. Mr. Murali, seize everything. This is breaking news.. Brother.. Deva, police is asking
to get someone for bail. Semu and Salim have gone to Bangkok. Pandey has already gone to village
and nothing is known about Vishnu. No one comes for help at this time. This is very easy. I will just
surrender myself. – Deva, Deva.. Hello sir. – One minute, Deva. He has got relation
with this case, sir. He runs a computer
center and I work there. I had copied the CD for money, sir. We invest crores
of rupees and make CD.. ..and you make loss
for us by doing piracy. Hit him. Stop. Leave him. I am asking you to leave him. I am doing investigation so you
please remain quiet for some time. We all will not leave him. Hey. – We do duty for 24 hours
and that also without sleeping. We read this kind
of news in the newspaper. I will not leave them. He took the entire responsibility.
Who is he? He came to me twice
or thrice to ask for work. But I cannot understand that
why is he getting beaten up for us. I’ll leave. – Agree to me.. Look at my luck, sir. There is no honest
man in this world. They keep camera in the
corner of the theatre and shoot. Come on. Sir, don’t leave him. Hey, what is your name? Chiti Babu. Sir, come inside
and give in writing.. ..that you do not have relation
with her. Rest I will take care. Okay, fine. – Fine. Hello..yes I am coming. Listen.. Now you are going to say that
after few days I shall get you out. And will keep you on
work and thanks for that. Yes, he has come. Here, take it. I have given the CD.
I have taken the risk for you. And as I had told you please arrange
a trip for Malaysia and Singapore. Okay, I shall get it done. There are 21 CD’s in it.
Keep them inside and seal them. 21. There should be 22 CD’s in it. Hey, you know the counting
then it means you are a part of it. I shall put you inside.
– One minute, officer. You keep quiet. Take this statement. Sign and give me. Brother, come on.
You are getting the CD cheaper. Sir, give me.. Hey Das. – Greetings. Come, come.. Who is he? He is the son of my friend. Does he work with you? He has don his M.Sc. ..I told him not to come
in business but he does not listen. Tell me Das. Nirvichand sir,
I have learnt this work from you. Now you do your
work and I do my work. What is the matter? He got us caught in police
and released our CD everywhere. Who are you, rascal? When elders are talking
then why are you interfering? Kamlesh, this is wrong. If we get each other trapped then
we will not be able to do business. Listen accountant. How much loss have
you suffered, Das? No sir, it is not
the matter of money. That is not the matter.
I do my work and we both are tied. But I do not know that
why does he interfere in my work. My father was no.
1 in this business. You let him down and have come up. He did not let me down and came up. He did business properly.. ..and kept intelligent people
with him. So he became no.1 Let it be sir. He does not know
about our friendship. I will leave. How are you, Das? Greetings, sister-in-law. Take the offering. Yes, yes..I shall take the offering. Son, you also take.
– Hey, take the offering. I shall leave, sister-in-law.
– Okay. Accountant,
book him a ticket of Rajasthan. He is neither paying attention
in studies nor in business. Without asking me he
did business of crabs and.. ..when he was caught I had to pay
25lakh rupees to get him released. He will go there
and do marble business. You have got retired
so quietly eat food. I shall touch your feet and go. I very well know on whom
to have trust and how to become no.1 If you do not like and then a ticket
of Rajasthan booked for yourself. careful. What small crackers
are you bursting? But big crackers
from my shop and burst. Will you give free crackers to me? This cracker will
burst in your pant. Today is Diwali. You are not shamed that
today also you are coming at 12. Please do not insult me.
Let’s go inside. Crackers are bursting outside. Now I have come. I shall break your legs and give
it to you in your hands. Get a side. I shall hit you with broom.
Even dogs have had bath till now. Mother, here take Diwali bonus. Are you doing a job of a collector
that you have got Diwali bonus. Leave it, mother.
I am feeling very hungry. Will you eat without having a bath? What? You have still not had food. What type of mother are you?
Come on sit. My son will come only
then I will have food. Sit and eat food. – What
condition have you made of yourself? Leave, mother. Mother.. Hey girl, are you very excited? I shall burn wood
and put it in your eyes. Is disco going on here that you
are watching? Run away from here. Massage me. You do not take a head
bath after applying oil on.. ..Wednesday and Saturday that
is why your hair are like brush. Your hair is also like that person. You are talking about father. You had done love marriage. While studying in college did
you run with him or he ran with you. Leave all this and tell me
whether you have studied or not. You keep on talking
and do not study. I was studying in the flight also. I know everything. Mother, why did you buy
orange color clothes for me? Are you Govinda’s fan? You always wear strange
clothes so I don’t like it. This is super color,
mother and suits me well. Have you made mutton? Put more. If you had come early
then you would have eaten hot. Enough, mother. You need strength to roam about. Listen, I have filled up the
application so sign after eating. Don’t forget. You only sign on it. Your brain is also like your father. What did you do? You are just like a dog’s tail. How much I try to straighten
it will not get straightened. You just wait.
I shall teach you a lesson. I will not leave you. Wait here. I shall break your
leg by hitting you so much. Come here. Get out from here. What are you doing? Come. Come on let’s have fun. My heart beats fast. It is city of fun so let’s have fun. Come on let’s have fun. My heart beats fast. It is city of fun so let’s have fun. We are not scared of hard work
and are not satisfied after eating. We have that which
the world does not have. We fight for our rights
and do not get back.. ..even if anyone may
put so much pressure. I want to top the
world and have fun. I want cash and I will surely win. What is morning and evening.
All are my servants. So you also agree
to what I say, buddy. Come on let’s have fun. My heart beats fast. It is city of fun so let’s have fun. Come on let’s have fun. My heart beats fast. It is city of fun so let’s have fun. There is no end to happiness. My heart wants to go ahead. How would I stop myself as
my heart is not under my control? I think everything
is rotating anti clockwise. How to tell you the
condition of my heart.. it is getting
excited without asking? Exciting story I shall
tell with my heart. How will it come under control? And is doing yes and no. Come on let’s have fun. My heart beats fast. It is city of fun so let’s have fun. Come on let’s have fun. My heart beats fast. It is city of fun so let’s have fun. The world is because of us
and we are not because of the world. Let’s all stay together and
no one should get separated from us. Till there is youth
enjoy as much as you can. Even if someone cheats
us still we will love them. We shall always sing songs of love. I am not bothered about
anyone as I am everyone’s friend. Come on let’s have fun. My heart beats fast. It is city of fun so let’s have fun. Come on let’s have fun. My heart beats fast. It is city of fun so let’s have fun. We are not scared of chilies. Even after eating
we are not satisfied. We have that which
the world does not have. We fight for our rights
and never get back. Even if anyone tries hard. I want to top the
world and have fun. I want to cash and
I shall surely win. What is morning and evening.
All are my servants. You also agree to what I say, buddy. Come on let’s have fun. My heart beats fast. It is city of fun so let’s have fun. Come on let’s have fun. My heart beats fast. It is city of fun so let’s have fun. Come on let’s have fun. My heart beats fast. It is city of fun so let’s have fun. Come on let’s have fun. My heart beats fast. It is city of fun so let’s have fun. Hello. Buddy, you were talking about
foreign but this city looks like waste. Look, how is he running?
What type of city is this? What did you think
before coming here? What do you want here?
Diamond, platinum and gold. RDX, aids, AK47.. what do you want? Deva, you are becoming a child with
children. Are you doing cheating? The dirt of our country a
this country is the same. Isn’t it? Deva, they kill people like birds.
Let’s go back. Hey, it happens every day here. In 10 years 50lakh
people have been killed. You are saved so do not think
anything except this. Come on. Listen, this is the point. – Oh no. Come. Hey Yaki, how are you? I am fine. Is the boss there?
– Right over there. No. Hey Moses, what’s up?
How’s life man? Money Inform Bombo, I am waiting there. Yes. Hey they told some name
mango or orange. Did you meet him? Bombo. Even if we
want we cannot meet him. He should be willing. Till
we get the signal we will wait here. It should be like you give
the money and take the thing. What is this, entire buddy? Hey, is this a betel leaf
shop that you buy and eat. Do you think it is
as easy as drinking coffee? Do you know anything
about the criminal process? There is so much of danger in drugs. Hey buddy, tell me clearly. Now I shall tell you everything
clearly. So listen carefully. There is a conspiracy going
on against people of Congo. To fight it out many
groups have been made. One of those groups is Bombo. Is fighting with them easy? You need money and weapon both. They sell diamond by escaping from
government passing through a tunnel. This business is done illegally. That is why this security
and signals are necessary. You said it is enough. Someone gives and someone
takes but leave me, buddy. Deva, the signal has come. These type of signals you
will get in the entire city. Drink alcohol later but
for now let’s go from here. Come on let’s go. There it is. Come on get inside. What? They are taking
us just like James Bond movie. Don’t talk more otherwise
they will shoot you. Wait, let me check. Hey.. Go. Can’t you understand?
What i am telling to you. Tell me, tell me. Tell me. How are you going
to do this job? Tell me What? Bombo, someone has come to met you. Hey, Bombo.. Hey buddy, long time no see.
– I missed you. Long time. How are you? – I am fine. He is fine. This is Chiti my friend. Hey, how are you? Come on, sit down. Will he give this after
giving that torn note? Brother has already
given money for the diamond. It has already been transferred
and its proof is half torn note. They will join both
the torn notes and see.. ..and then they will
give the diamond to them. They have got their money but what
if they do not give us diamonds. There is no cheating
in this business. They have customers
all over the world. After thorough investigation
they let people come near them. Because of such contacts
brother Das is going to be no.1 Your friend is asking
too many questions. All diamonds for Das. Wow! Each one carat. That
is thick colored the one with VVS. Excellent cut. Thank you Dev. See you again. We will have to leave soon.
It is time for the flight. Airport is also far.
Take a bath if you wish to. You just had a bath on Diwali. You are very dirty. Hello my baby.
Want to have some fun. Aids, aids.. No, no I have something for you. –
What are you showing me in a packet? Don’t be scared. Chiti.. Get a side, Chiti. Who is she? What? Hello. You want some fun.
– Don’t touch me. Come on. – Go out, out.. Bye-bye. – Stupid. Don’t you understand that
we have precious thing and you.. Oh God.. Where are the diamonds? I lost my senses on
seeing the girl, buddy. Hey, stop. Where are the diamonds? Hey. Give me the diamonds. Hey sorry sorry. No, no I don’t have diamonds.
Leave me. Deva. Come on. Let’s run. Deva, Bombo gave us diamonds.. ..and then sent hooligans
to snatch us away from us. I know Bombo. This is not his work. I think someone
else is following us. I think we will have to
run away from the city soon. No Bombo but diamonds. I do for you. Shut up, useless fellows. Get out. You know Bombo. I don’t know Bombo. I want to do big
diamond deal with him. Get out. Look Mr. – I said get out. I have lots of money. – No. Hey.. Hey don’t touch me. Hey, okay okay.. Hey Deva, give me a chewing gum. Here take.. Okay, – okay.. Next.. Passengers are requested to.. I think someone has trapped us. Now what should we do. – Let’s see. Passport please. Okay. Come. Where has the heel gone? I put it in the toilet and flushed. Oh God. You do not worry. Our people
will take it out from the waste. Hey that is super. Now let’s move from here.
I will come later. Passport. – Yes sure. Is there any problem? Hey, remove the shoes. Mind your words Mr. Parthiman. Remove your shoes, sir. Much better. Hey, where is the heel? It is the latest tend Mr. Parthiman. Wherever you go heel
less shoes are in the trend. This is fashion. But what the hell you are doing Mr.
Parthiman. Oh God. Mr.
Parthiman I demand an explanation. We have got information
that there are diamonds in it. What? Diamonds. Oh shit. Bring your bag here. Listen.. ..take him inside and remove his
pant and shirt and check him properly. Okay. – Go. I can’t believe this. Come here. You can’t do like this. Even the pant. Did you find anything? Bull shit. I am not a criminal.. ..and is this the way you
treat a business class passenger. I pay my taxes and I know my rights. Don’t treat me like a shit. W got the wrong information.
You can go. How will I go? Like this. I am going to file a complaint. Mr. this is my duty. But how am I supposed
to go like this. Without shoes. So do I need to pay? Yes, I shall give the money. But I cannot leave
without my shoes, sir. Bye sir. Listen. What Deva? Is the matter okay? All other work is done
but I have got lose shoes. There are many unseen
enemies in this business. You were saying that the people
who clean the waste are our people. But Das brother said
that there is no one. All these are old techniques. Now those people
who clean waste have.. ..been given permanent
job by custom people. Come on sit in the car. Deva, where is the material? You brought it. – Me. Do you think I am a fool
that I will put it in the toilet? You did not put in the toilet. Now you understood
what is called brains. Hey, why didn’t you tell me earlier? If I would have told you earlier then
you would have peed in your pants. How did you like Africa, Chiti? It is a very dangerous place.
Every man keeps a gun. Even on a small matter
they take out guns and knives. Girls also hit at the proper place. Isn’t it, Chiti? This is a new story
that I am hearing. Yes brother,
the girls over there are very bold. When we will do hard work
only then we will get commission. No one will give in free. Bombo has said that after 2 ½ months
we will get the second assignment. And this time money
transfer will be in Kuwait. Okay, okay fine. Take this. Hey Billi,
stop the car near the bank. Hey, I asked you to stop the car. What brother? I would have stopped
the car if you would have asked to. What brother? I would have stopped
the car if you would have asked to. Why did you hit? If you will put this in the ear
then only you will be able to hear. Stupid. Deva, party is waiting
so give the delivery. Okay, brother. Go now. She is the heroine of
the latest super hit movie. Yes sir, she is the one. Give her the work.
The ad is about gold. Even if she wears fewer
clothes it will do. – Okay sir. Decorate her well and
take a shot from top angle. Excuse me sir. – Okay sir. Okay you can go now. Sir, he is new one working with us. Okay. Good. Look at this. Each one carat sir. T1 VVS1. Everything is fine. Okay sir, I shall leave. Hey, where are you going?
Have you forgotten? What is the matter, sir? Our matter. Sorry sir. 100mg super brand. It will work well. Now a new brand has come.
Double power. 150mg. What sir? Do not forget
that this is best for your age. After taking this if at the end
moment you get heart attack then. Forget it. This is not possible.
– It was my duty to tell you. Deva, shall I give him
what we got for younger master.. ..or we shall give him only. Has my son also called for it? Sir that is 24 hours news. What? 24 hours. Impossible. This cannot happen. Sir, nothing is like
that as you understand. What he had called
for is branded watch. You are also amazing.
You are competing with your son. Go now. – Enjoy. Okay, bye-bye sir. Hey Deva this house is
also just like my house. Come on. Come, Chiti. This is my friend, Deva. Come son, come. Neelu, today suddenly you
have started doing household chores. What will she do? Since last half
an hour she is cutting vegetables. What Kamla? Chiti, go and wash
hands and feet. – Go. Take care of him. – Go. Do you need anything, son? Just tea. Kamla, go and get tea for brother. Wash your hands and feet, son. No aunt. Will you eat this raw? No, I don’t want it. You go. Till when will you see the book?
– Oh sorry. Thank you. Are you new? What fell? Nothing. He has come new. Leave me. Do not come near me.
I will hit you with knife. Are you scaring me? Keep away from me. You don’t know me. Hit me here and here.
– Don’t come near. I have seen many big swords. Why are you showing me
so much tantrums? – Chiti.. Chiti.. Don’t leave him. Chiti, Chiti.. What happened? Is your voice not coming out? You have become like a voltage bulb. What are you doing with me?
– Come on. Leave me. Save me. Police has come. They will not
leave you. Run. What will they say? Hey bald man, where are you going? Let me go. Let me go. Where are you running
after breaking everything? I shall break and go. Get a side. Are you scared of me? Look, let me go
out quietly otherwise.. Hey, you have sexy body. Come once. Get a side. Oh God. Chiti, come out. What are you doing inside? Come on. -What happened?
I am pressing my pant. Come out, come out. Let me take my shirt. Leave this and leave that. Wait. Stop here. How can you go without giving money?
– She is Beeting me Give me the money. Take out the money. Come on. Money.. Where have you hidden the money? Where have you kept the money? We all have Family People do not know
that we do business here. The moment he asked tea from me. ..I understood that
he did not know anything. You have come to spoil my business.
Go from here. You don’t know me. What are you standing here for? Get inside. Sir, I am Namechand’s son. I apologize for disturbing
you at lunch time. I have actually come
to talk about business. I have boys better
than those of Das. Bangkok, Africa.. I will manage everything. You give Das 30% but
it is fine if you give me 20% What are you talking?
I cannot understand anything. You just do business once and see. Delivery free.
I will not take service charge also. I do not do business
as you are thinking. I bring things directly
from custom duty. Have you got scared after hearing
that I am a person from department? No Narsimha.. I cannot understand
what you are saying. You just go out.. Yes sir. – Please take sir out. Sir.. You will come.
You will surely come to me. Yes. Greetings.. Namechand’s son came. He was talking about Africa, Bombo.. ..and was also clearly
talking about his percentage. How did our matter leak? What are you saying? I have invested crores
having faith on you, Das. Except for me no one
knows about this matter. The matter has leaked
from your side. Find out who the person is. I have respect in the society. Don’t force me to pick
up waste from somewhere else. Your business is going
on because of this waste. What brother? Has the tea fallen? Shall I get another tea? No. Get down. his is my house. Come on.
Decorated house. There is definitely some problem. There are girls also. Come inside. I don’t want to come inside.
I am receiving calls from mother. I am going. – Come inside. Hey, Chiti give me the keys. Are you Chiti’s friend? Yes mother. He has told many things about you.
– Okay, okay.. Come inside, son. Have
a cup of coffee. – No aunt, no.. I want the keys.-
He is doing work inside. You come and have coffee. – No, no.. Come inside.
Why are you feeling shy? No, no I have to go. – Come
inside and have coffee at least. Is Chiti inside? I want the keys. You want to meet Chiti.
He has gone inside. It will take him some time to come. Till then have some coffee. No, no I don’t want. Hey, open the door. Chiti, open the door. Will you open or not? Chiti, chiti? Where are you, Chiti? Where are you, Chiti? Are you there on the top? Hey, are you under the bed? Chiti.. Shut up. Keep quiet. Chiti, come out quickly. She also needs money. Here take it. Where are you hiding, Chiti? Chiti.. Come out Chiti. Get out from here. What are you doing.
– Get out. Thief.. What is your problem? Get out.. Chiti.. Chiti, Chiti come quickly. Go, catch him. – Hey, Deva. What happened, buddy? What is this? Is this oil massage? You do whatever you want
to do but give the keys first. You are their regular customer.. ..that is why you have
kept their photo also. What is this? Why are you laughing?
Give me the keys. She is my sister. What did you say? And they.. They are her friends. Rascal, I will not leave you. Who is he? I will not spare him. Who is he? He is my friend.
– How dare you enter my room? I shall break his head.
I will not spare him. Keep quiet, keep quiet. – Leave me He is my friend, Deva. He thought I was inside
and he just came in. Listen.. Sorry. I am extremely sorry. I did not know. I am sorry.
– Okay, okay fine. Now return money. What is happening? Why are you
screaming so much? – Greetings aunty. .Please save me.
Don’t tell her anything. There was a cockroach, mother. Oh God. Is anyone scared
of cockroach so much? Mother, it was a big cockroach
that is why she got scared. Otherwise everyday she
sees cockroach. – Get a side. You keep quiet. Have coffee, son. Thanks. Wait, I will get the keys. Sorry. Please take it. I will leave. Hello. Who will remove that? Here, take this. Are you having fun? You only said so. – That. Sorry. Hey Deva, take the keys. Did you forget this? Sorry. Deva, he is my father.
He is a school teacher. – greeting Now you understood that
I have gone on my father. Mother’s milk and
father is tea leaves. What did I do? What did I do? A girl is changing
clothes and I went inside. I am a fool. Hi. Sorry. Hey wait, wait.. Come, come.. Das, my boss. Brother Das this person has come
from Kenya after hearing our bio data. We are no.1 in the city and
so thinking this he has come to us. Oh.. These things need
to be sent to Malaysia. The cost of these things is 8crores. After the work is
done we will get 2crores. Quickly open. Open it. Here I have with
me high grade heroine. These are drugs. Take this and get out. Brother he is a.. I can do all wrong businesses but
do not do business of this poison. Get out from here. Hurry up, hurry up. He does work of smuggling and in
that also he talks of justice and.. What are you talking? Brother, in this business.. are also seeing justice,
honesty and humanity. Go otherwise you
will get beating. Go. Come, man. It is some distance away.
So don’t worry. I will think of an idea.
Come this way. No brother, I do not need all this. Hey, here they are asking
to sell CD in 5-10 rupees. What work we are saying to
do you get one bottle for 300rupees. How much do you get to
change passport size photo? Minimum 11, 000 we get. Did you hear? Whether it is bottle,
powder or photo risk is the same. But money is different. If you keep doing such work
then you will just lick your hands. I don’t want to climb stairs and go
I just want to jump like a rocket. No one can make a change
but 21st century belongs to us man. Hey, your director has come. Director has come. Okay. Greetings, sir. Your movie went on for
100days but you just forgot me. You were supposed
to put my name in title.. ..but you have still
not done it, sir. I will put it.
I will put it. – What sir. Leave this. Now what is the
scene and situation? Tell me that. Bank robbery. Deva, it is the scene
of bank robbery.. ..that is why he is asking
the CD of bank robbery. Nowadays I do not
sell CD and DVD. Go away. Deva, listen tell me
the name of the picture. I shall but from the next shop.
– Let me do my work. He has promised me to give
a chance in the next movie. Okay I shall say and
you note down the name. Spiderman, The Fish.. – What I.. I do not know how
to write Hindi properly.. ..and you are asking
me to write in English. Big Fish,
HC, Matice, Masabi, Scot Fish.. Take this leave.
– Brother, just give me 40 CD’s. Look at that. That I very nice. Hey.. What are you doing here? Sorry.. You have still not forgotten. Touch screen, extra memory card.. ..and show me if you
have some other new phone. Sure. One second. I had given you a phone earlier
so what did you do about it. It does not have camera and GPRS. Then say it does not
have mixer and grinder. Listen, give me this phone. What is this? You keep this phone. Hey, do you give this type
of a phone for a college going girl. Look all these are new models. All these are for 12,000-15000
and I shall be destroyed. Look, which one you like. Listen to me. Look here. Is there any phone 1000-2000? This one is for 2000 only. This is for 12,000. It is new that is why he
does not know about the rate. Even if you give 100rupees
a month it will be done. Just give me your phone number.. that I can check
whether it works or not. It rang.. Wait, wait.. It is ringing. Pick up the phone. Hi dear, how are you? I just came to the market. And you.. I am also in the market. Are you speaking the truth? – Yes Your dress is very beautiful. Thanks and how is
your business doing? It is going on well
and your studies. Absolutely boring. Do you like Aishwarya
Rai or Katrina Kaif. I do not especially like anyone.
I like all. And you.. Hey, is the live show going on TV?
– In which college do you study? Yes.. You want to know
about her and that’s it. She is doing B.Com
final in MGR college. She has failed in two subjects. Car no.33 picks
her up in the morning. You can reach on that
time and pick her up. At least my bus fare will be saved. Now you want to know about him. He is studying M.Sc computers. He is first class in studies. He is the only son f his mother. His family is very good. Parcel will be done. He is a very good boy but.. Deva, I want two romantic
movie CD’s without dialogue. Live telecast is going on here. Tell
him to come here and see. Go now. You are the director of this movie. It will not be a hit. It will not be a hit. Sister, phone has been
given so now go home. Go. Listen, one second. Just one second. Perfume bottle is
free with the mobile. Is it free? This is too much happening. Is perfume bottle free with mobile? Just keep quiet. – Bye. Why are you going empty handed? You opened your hair and
came so I give you lipstick. Go. Thank you. Hey, is the matter done? Hey, being a brother
you are talking this way. Oh, you just now came
to know that I am her brother. When you were romancing that time.. did not know
that I was her brother. My sister is very lucky
to have a guy like you. She is your sister.
I did all the drama of calling her. Leave it. No, listen.
She will surely turn back and see. Police should come after the climax. Show me the CD of any such movie. No one asks for CD of this.
Pictures of last 45 years say so. Come on let’s go quickly. Get a side. Now that you came
Bili so let’s smoke. Of course we will
smoke with your money. What kind of man are you? Hello, hi. Hi. I think I have left something there. Where? Here.. There is nothing
left behind in the shop. When did I say that
it is left in the shop? Okay, but there is
nothing outside also. Nothing is left behind outside also. Listen,
are you playing a joke on me? What have you left behind? Hand bag, purse, napkin or lipstick. Hey stupid, I am not
talking of all those things. Okay. What I have left
behind is very special. The thing I am talking
about is very delicate. It beats. The one that does
tick tock and beats. He is so stupid just
like a tube light. Do one thing.
Your parrot has flown away.. ..and when you will catch
him then give me a call. I have caught it. Why are you scolding me
by saying tube light, tube light? My parrot is going in the bus. I miss you and cannot
bear this distance. You.. Sorry. I miss you and cannot
bear this distance. You come in dreams
and my heart is at peace. My heart can know the
slightest of your presence. What should I do?
What should I do? My heart is lost. Only her effect is present
everywhere and on heart. I miss you and cannot
bear this distance. You come in dreams
and my heart is at peace. My heart can know the
slightest of your presence. What should I do?
What should I do? My heart is lost. Only her effect is present
everywhere and on heart. Some tell me what I should do
as my heart is not under my control. It is true that I
see her face everywhere. Every time everywhere I see and
still I cannot keep my eyes away. I can sacrifice myself for
her if she says. My heart is yours. The whole world knows about it. Now you only tell me buddy
what will happen of this heart. I miss you and cannot
bear this distance. You come in dreams
and my heart is at peace. My heart can know the
slightest of your presence. What should I do?
What should I do? My heart is lost. Only her effect is present
everywhere and on heart. What should I do?
What should I do? My heart is lost. Only her effect is present
everywhere and on heart. I am yours then why don’t you laugh. I am totally entrapped
by you just like Ranjha on Heer. My body and heart flows
and flies as if in air. You and I and I and
you are connected by heart. If you have faith then this
heart will not go out of control. My heart can know the
slightest of your presence. I miss you and cannot
bear this distance. You come in dreams
and my heart is at peace. My heart can know the
slightest of your presence. Can’t you ask properly? Are your daughter’s
studies going on well? Yes sir. Who kept it here? Kamlesh, Kamlesh.. What work he does and what.. ..all things he keeps
at home I cannot understand? I shall just throw it away now. Hey, have you gone mad? I have not gone mad but
it’s you who has gone mad. How did all this come in our house? I will slap you. Do you know its value? You put the thing worth
1crore in the flush. Get out. Get out. You raised your hand on me. To hit me you raised your hand. You have become so
daring that you hit me. I shall break all your bones. You raised your hand on me. You have become so
daring that you hit me. I shall break all your bones. Kamlesh, Kamlesh save me. Kamlesh save me. I will die. Kamlesh, Kamlesh save me. Look, look someone has fallen. Look.. He has died after falling. How did he fall? Who hit him?
What has happened? Let’s take him to the hospital. Your father was a nice
man so keep respect of his name. We have never done anything wrong. So you also leave these
bad habits, Kamlesh. Did I ask a suggestion from you? Only your father is not
there to make you understand? So who are you to tell me? You raised a hand on our boss. Do you on whom have
you raised your hand? I will not spare you. Leave each other. Leave. Go, go away from here. Go. Look Kamlesh I respected your
father that I why I said all this. Leave it. Deva, the man who died you hit
his son and hung him on the wall. Just because he raised a
hand on brother Das or he hit me. What? If someone raises a hand on me
then will you stand and see quietly. You talk English like foreigners and
sticks to the computer and plays. Being so talented
why you go after Das. I never saw the face of my father. That is why for me
everything is brother Das. All this.. I do this for thrill and time pass. Do these works or
that but just earn money? After 40-45 years
there is a stop on money. When you walk on the road
then four people should salute you. Deva, we can live the
way we want to but at death.. ..we should die as a good man. You talk all this
after drinking this. Hey, sister.. What are you hiding? Show me what you are hiding. You are already spoilt and
now you are spoiling him also. Is he a baby who will not touch
anything except the milk bottle? This is advice party, good bye. Such a bad odor is coming.
How are you able to drink this? No. you may abuse me but
do not say anything to alcohol. What do you know about it? What is she doing? You are spitting on me and going.
I will not spare you. You are running after spitting. Hurry up and load the things. We
have to look at the other ship also. No, no I don’t have time.
I have to see the other ship also. Here take this. – Thank you. Hurry up.
The port officer is shouting. Where is the captain? It is stinking so much? Why did brother Das take the
responsibility of picking up this waste? Captain.. Everything is okay. Yes almost.
Just waiting for your clearance. Check it sir. Just look at it. Captain sir, Deva birthday.. Go. Please go away. Drunkard,
your habit will never change. Those bags are there. Has anyone thrown
the waste after eating? Why is it so heavy? The main thing is in this. Now I have come to know that brother
Das puts his hands where money is. Is there electronics in it? Come on move. Deva, captain gave the alcohol
but did not give any snacks with it. Keep quiet.
Keep your mouth shut for some time. Did you eat anything hot at night
that is why your head is still hot? What happened, buddy? Calm down. There will be tension
till we go out. You cheated so many people
and got those diamonds.. ..and now you are talking tension
for these small computer parts. Keep the bottle down and
sit quietly. The gate has come. Stop, stop.. This is foreigners waste.
So close your nose and check. Hey.. Sir, one minute sir. What happened? Sir, captain gave me a gift. Half bottle is over
so can I take this out. Go, go.. Leave it. Everything is okay. Did you see what I did? By showing
him the bottle I distracted him. Brother das has earned profit
worth lakhs just because of me. What did you say stupid?
Lakhs of rupees.. Not lakhs, not 2 crores but there
are goods worth 15crores inside. Now I am relaxed. Hey, what are you saying? The ship from where we picked up
these goods its engine has spoilt. It will take 6 months to repair. That is why its captain is secretly
smuggling the goods and selling. If these goods are caught
then you will go straight inside. But brother Das talked
with this captain.. ..and finalized the
deal at half the rate. Hey, this is such a big thing.
Why didn’t you tell me? If I would have told
you earlier then you.. ..would not have taken
the bottle from captain.. ..and after drinking too
much you would have said everything. You always make a fool of me. Get the lorry inside. Come on.. Put the shutter down. Deva, I hope there
was no problem on the way. No brother,
we did not have any problem. Manohar Shinde was
there at the custom gate. For a minute I had tension
but.. – What are you saying? Is everything fine? Everything is okay, brother. There are 300 more
blades like this, brother. I am having a talk about the deal
with both brother Narsimha and Rahul. Matter has not been finalized but
within two hours it will be done. Till then you both have snacks. Here, take this. Deva, keep this. – What is this? Brother, do you know
that today is Deva’s birthday. Happy Birthday dear Deva.. It is your birthday today.
I will hit you. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Here, eat birthday cake. Stop it, he will feel suffocated.
What are you doing? Here take this. What is this? Keep it and enjoy. First let me do the work. You go and enjoy Deva. These people are there
to finish the work. You go. Come on buddy. Brother, I will just go and
leave him. – Hey, birthday boy.. Deva, I will get the cigarette.
You go inside. Okay. Hey, Madhavi.. Happy Birthday to you. What is this? By giving me a broken flower
you are wishing me Happy Birthday. You are fresh, hot and great. Hey, do not come near me. There is no one in the
house so please be away from me. Perfect time for a perfect kiss. Hey, do not come near me. Do not come near me, please. Don’t come near me. Don’t come near me. Hey, what are you doing?
This is a teacher’s house. You are very bad. Look Chiti, what is he doing? What are you saying? You seem to be very simple
but do such kind of deed. Hey, take your birthday gift. Go and roam around in Essel World,
Chowpatty.. ..and you should not be
seen in this area till evening. But I cannot go. Hey go, go. Go now. – Bye. Go now. – I had promised mother
that I will go to temple with her. Go now. You want to go to the
temple and eat offering. – No. You want to come with
me or go with mother. Decide now. I can go to the temple
with mother tomorrow also. I’ll go. Come madam. After getting the girl
you are forgetting mother. Hey, while roaming if he
does some wrong deed then call me. Okay brother. I am telling him to
be cautious and not you. What family man? Your brother is giving me
tickets and sending us together. What times have come? Is this the way you ride a bike? Why? When a girl like me is
sitting behind then anyone.. ..would put the bike in the
hole and suddenly put the brake. So that she sticks to him. But you are riding very carefully. Now watch the magic.. She has come;
she has come who will rule my heart. Now I believe that this is madness. Now heart will make a
mistake of saying so to heart. That I have excitement too much. My eyes tell her
that she is my love. And I will readily accept
whatever punishment she will give. Don’t leave me and go. Don’t mislead me at crossroads. I shall give you my
heart on this condition. Don’t leave me and go. Don’t mislead me at crossroads. I shall give you my
heart on this condition. Here I come;
here I come to rule your world. Now I believe that this is madness. My heart will make
mistakes with your heart. That I love you a lot. Through eyes I have become yours and
will happily accept your mistakes. Your body, your body is lightning.. ..and your attitude,
your attitude is killing. Don’t trouble me like this, dear. My body, my body is very hot. Take my heart and body. Your attitude is different from all. I die for such heart and body. You have come;
you have come to rule my heart. Now I believe that this is madness. My heart will make
mistakes with you. I love you a lot. Through eyes I tell
you that I am yours. I shall happily accept
your punishment. I give, I give my heart to
you and you are my only beloved. You are the dawn of my life. Your body, your body is lightning.. ..and your attitude,
your attitude is killing. Don’t trouble me like this, dear. Take me and give me support. With you only my
life will find its goal. She has come;
she has come to rule my heart. Now I believe,
now I believe that this is madness. My heart will trouble your heart. That she loves me a lot. My heart will trouble your heart. As I love you a lot. Don’t leave me and go. Don’t mislead me at crossroads. I shall give you my
heart on this condition. Don’t leave me and go. Mother is standing ahead.
Get down quickly. Introduce me to your mother. Hello, hello.. – What are you doing?
Keep quiet. What is this Deva? Thank you God for saving me. Today is your birthday and you don’t
come to temple nor offer prayers. I have come to meet you
in the temple, mother. – Come in Deva, suns sign Aquarius..
– Okay Aquarius. Deva, pray that my would
be husband should be very nice. Please. Please pray. Keep quiet. Phone, mother. Ring tone is nice. – Quiet. Yes brother. I had asked Chiti to
come but he has not come yet. His phone is also coming engaged.
Is he with you? No, brother. Shall I come? Are you very far? It will just take me two minutes.
I will reach quickly. Mother, an urgent work has come up.
Brother Das has called. Godown is nearby. I will come back in five minutes. Prayer is about to finish.
– Mother, mother. I shall come back in five minutes. Five minutes.. – Five minutes.. Where are you going? – Five minutes. Chiti, where had you gone? Brother Das was trying
to reach you since long. Deva, go from there immediately. Where are you asking me to go? Mother.. What has happened to mother? Mother met with an accident. Accident.
– Tell me what has happened? How did it happen? Tell me. Come quickly.
He is Nanavati hospital in ICU. Chiti, tell me clearly.
Your mother or mine. Your mother. She is in ICU. What are you saying? I am also unable to understand
what you are saying. You cannot wait for five minutes. It
was your birthday so I called you. Sorry mother.
You go home and I shall follow you. How did mother come here? Oh shit. You go. Chiti, what are you saying? Deva, agree to me
and do not wait there. Where are you? You will get trapped so leave
from there as soon as possible. Leave. Brother Das.. I have separated all the goods. Bili, pack up all the goods. What happened?
– A raid is going to take place. What? Raid. – Yes, brother. Leave him. We cannot go from front.
They are about to come. Deva, here. Not here, brother. Bili, come on hurry up. Quickly bring it out. Be careful. Deva.. Bring it quickly. Quick, Quick, Deva.. Brother,
those people have come. You go. Who are you all? What is the matter? We are from customs.
Give me your cell phone. Give. You just take him away. Getside. Hey, come on. Oh shit.. What are you doing there? – Hey.. Jump in the water and see. What will you get there?
There is just mud there. Catch him. I did not say anything wrong.
What is this? Come on let’s go. Prabhakar,
give his cell phone to him. Okay sir. Sorry sir, we got the wrong
information. – What sorry. Sir, one minute sir there
is something on your cheek. No, no sir I shall clean it. Now it is fine. You may go. At the last moment I came to know.. ..that the raid is
going take place, Deva. You should have called brother
Das then why did you call me. What nonsense were you talking about
mother’s accident? She is in ICU. Phone, Deva. Hey Chiti, nothing was found there. Why did you give
the wrong information? Kamlesh.. Are you calling me with my name? I shall take care of you later. No Deva, no.. You were working for Kamlesh. Why? Kamlesh has sent
me to work with Das. Deva, don’t stop there.
Just go away. Till evening you should be
not seen in this area. Understood. From India I have.. Hey Deva..go, go.. Hey, no, no.. Hey keep it, keep it.. come Get a side. Who is she? One second Deva. Brother
Das has no connection with this. Sir, he runs a computer
center and I work there. For money I only copied the CD sir. You..i will not spare you. Hey, you cheated Das. Let’s talk but why
are you raising your hand. Yes, I only trapped you. There is gold worth
15crores in Das’s godown. If this is caught then
Das will come on the road.. ..and you will become no.1 You are faithful to your master
and I am faithful to my master. If Das asks you to get
information then won’t you go? I only sent to roam around
to save you from raid. But you came back. Don’t lie. I made a false story that
your mother is in the hospital. Dev, I am your friend.
– Do you call yourself friend? Chiti, Deva what are you doing?
What is the problem? While coming back from Africa
you told them about the shoes. Yes, that time we were not friends.
– Chiti.. Yes from when.. From when did you become my friend? ..From the time I got
involved with your sister. What did you say? I am saying right. To keep a watch on me you
did a drama of love with me. Get a side. This is wrong, Deva. Hey, you will not remain alive.
You are a cheater and unfaithful. Take it, Deva. I cannot understand
whom to have faith on. Chiti also ditched us. Leave it buddy. Are we standing at the
border of the country.. ..and selling our
country and cheating it? This business is such. It is a big thing that
you have not cheated me yet. Forget the matter of Chiti. Brother Das,
whom should we have our faith. Chiti, cheated us. I shall kill him.
You just give me order. Hey, what will you do? Keep quiet.
– First put it in your ears. Put this in your ear. Stupid. Did it come out? Hey, look behind. Leave it.
A big cheating has happened with me. I shall leave. Today they will fight and
tomorrow they will be one again. Hey Deva, at least listen
to what she has come to say. No. I think she is crying. At least look at her. She is crying. Hey Deva, she is going. She is going back. Hey, listen. When did I cheat you? Did I come every day
to pick you up on a bike? Did I kiss you by pressing
you against the wall? How could you say such a thing? I cannot sleep the whole night. You used to talk like this. Was all that lies? Now I have understood. I have not cheated you
but you have cheated me. – Okay. Forgive me. Hey.. Leave my hand. Listen to me. What are you doing?
What is happening here? – Leave me. She is my girl friend. Do you know him? Yes. Till yesterday it was true. Hey get down. Be careful. Make everyone sit. You both are new. Okay, put your hand forward. Eat this medicine. By eating this hunger will die. There are three hours left
to catch a Malaysia flight. Travel time is three hours. That means for total seven
hours you will not eat anything. Keep this in mind. Okay. Press it properly. Raise your neck and open your mouth. Yes, only then it
will go straight inside. Do not chew. – Sir, if we feel thirsty
on the way can we have water. No. if you vomit then in Malaysia
you will be hanged straight away. Even if you feel
like eating on the way.. ..then forget that
you have to eat anything. If you pass a motion then
everything will come out. Then you will have
to clean it and eat again. After going to Malaysia we
shall give anemia and take it out. Cost of one capsule is 1lakh rupees.
Did you understand? You have to eat what
all is present in this. Brother, I will not be able to eat. Hey, for this you have
been given 50,000. Isn’t it? Press the stomach and
everything will be fine. There is still a lot of space.
4-5 will easily go inside. Come on get up. How many grams have
been put in each capsule.. ..and how many have
you eaten has been noted. Not even a gram should be less. If it gets less then.. Now go and drop them at the airport. Boss, I have eaten 48 capsules.. ..and if you give 10,000
then I shall eat this also. Pick up the bag. Keep the trolley. Deva, deva, deva Deva, I have taken
this seat to sit with you. What? Are you still angry with me? You hit me so badly that
it was paining for two days. You are looking super
in changed get up. Hey, look here. Look here. Smile please. Excuse me. Yes sir. – Can I have
a change of seat, please? I’ll let you know after
the take off. Just sit down. Please switch off your handset. And fasten your seat belts. What kind of people are there? They are travelling in
Lungi as if they are at home. Hey Deva, girls in Malaysia dance in
towel so we will also go in towel. Don’t be scared.
I will not tell my sister. Hello sir. Would you like
to have some tea or coffee? Or would you like to
have something else sir. One whisky for him. Whisky Don’t open this. Later. I too. – One more. I two. Two.. – Yes. Please have some water.
Are you alright? – Alright. Can you think that
I am a millionaire? For passing a motion
in Malaysia I will get 60,000 Passport, please. Here, it is. Hey, what has happened? Deva, I think a capsule
has burst inside. Can I see this? Put your bag for scanning. Put this bag also. What’s wrong with you? I apologize to you sir.
He is totally drunk. It can be treated with fish. No, no thanks. I can take care. He is coming. Catch him. Come on. Emergency.
I am taking him to doctor. Hey, get a side. I will take him. Deva, don’t leave me and go. Deva, don’t leave me and go. Get a side. – Hey.. Where are you taking us?
– Get inside. Come on get in. Come. Get inside. I think my time has come. Hello. – Yes. Is that Dr. Jogen. – Yes, tell me. Dr. I am Deva speaking. An emergency case has come.
You, please see to him. To whom? Who is he? What has happened? He is my friend, doctor.
– Oh, I see. Bring him to my clinic.
Quickly bring him. – Okay. Deva, my name will be
disgraced if it is published.. newspaper or
shown on television. While smuggling drugs
a man was died in Malaysia. I am saying right, Deva.
Isn’t it? – Keep quiet. Hey, Deva have you forgive me? I did not plan my
sister’s affair with you. I have shown different
colors to different people.. ..but have been faithful to you. Deva, you are my friend. Just take care of him. Deva, where are you going? Has he taken drugs? – Yes. Good that his pulse is on. After cleaning his stomach he
will be fine in 6-7 hours. – Okay. Has he taken a heavy dose? There are drugs in
his entire stomach, sir. What? Why do you want to trap me? If the police come to know
then you will be also caught ..and for doing treatment
I shall also get caught. My driver will also be caught. No, no..
– Doctor, if you want then.. No, no.. – Doctor.. No, I am sorry. – Listen to me. No, I can’t. No I can’t. I am sorry.
– Please listen to me doctor. Hurry up and pick him up. Deva, Deva.. Hey! Hey! Hey, stop. Hey. Hey..Deva. Deva. I am Kamlesh speaking. Please leave Chiti
otherwise he will die. Hey, you will go to the doctor
and he will go to the police. There are goods worth 1crore in her
stomach and everything will be lost. Kamlesh, I take the guarantee
that not even 1gram.. ..will become less
but let me save his life. Is your friend’s
life more than 1crore? Hey.. Hey, you idiot. Fast. Hey.. Chiti.. Hey, what are you doing till now? I am telling you to cut his
stomach and remove all the material. If we cut his stomach
then he will die. Let him die. Deva.. Deva.. Get a side. Tell me, tell me that why
did you do like this with him. Tell me. Why did you do like this with him? Chiti.. Deva, Deva.. – Chiti.. Deva.. – Chiti.. Chiti.. Deva.. Deva, you have come. Deva burn me. Deva burn me. My bad
deeds should not be known out. Chiti, Chiti. – No.. Chiti.. Chiti.. Chiti, you did it wrong. Hey. hey. You left me, you left me.. You left me alone. What? Come Deva. Brother Das
has told that how did it happen. Come, sit in the car. No, this cannot happen. Deva cannot kill my brother. Look, he saw everything
with his own eyes. Ask him.
He has newspaper from Malaysia. I cannot understand whether.. ..I should go to police
station to complain or not. Look at our Chiti. You know him well.
You used to roam around with him. You only tell that
what should be done. What happened, what happened?
Don’t hit him. Don’t hit him. Don’t hit him.
– I will not leave him Deva leave him.
Stop. – I will kill him Stop. Why are you hitting him?
Leave him. My son cannot do anything wrong.
Then why did you burn him. No, I didn’t.. Mridula, take father home. Did you burn him? First you go home and
I shall come there and talk. Did you burn him? How should I explain her? Did you burn him? – Yes I burnt
him but do you the reason for it. First listen to me. What harm did my brother do to you? Why did you kill him?
Tell me. – Leave him What are you doing?
– Why did you kill my brother? Mridula, what are you saying? Leave him. Control yourself. Bili, take him. – Okay. Hey Deva come on. Come on. What do you think you can kill him? You left him bleeding. You should
have finished him once for all. You should have killed him. And you will surely do this.
You will kill him. Police will put you in jail and.. ..then you will be left
in the jail for your entire life. And then after 15
years when you come out.. will be standing on the
road with white beard and moustache. Tell me then will
your past life come back. I was also just like you. I have also done a lot
of fighting with your father. The day your father
was killed I left all this. I don’t want all this and thinking
this I have come in this business. Hey, look at me carefully. You give me respect,
you give me respect. Then listen to me that you
will not raise your hands on him.. ..and will not be seen in his area. Did you understand?
Speak, why are you quiet? Okay, I will not kill him. Bili, leave him home. – Okay. Bili, give Chiti’s luggage
in his house. – Okay. You have come so late at night. Deva, are you okay?
What has happened? – Nothing mother. What has happened?
– I banged with a bike. It was a very small accident.
Nothing. Why have the police
come so late at night? Arrest him. Catch him. What is the matter? What happened? Where are
you taking him? – Leave me. Where are you taking my son? Leave him. How dare you do this? He has raised a hand on policeman so take him. What has my son done?
Where are you taking him? We need a man to play cards
so that is why I am taking him. Deva. Your son is a criminal. He killed
his friend and then burned him. Take him.
Take him to the police station. Mother, no. This is a lie. You gave solid evidence. Now he will not be spared. You first rewind it and see. Deva, burn me, burn me. Kamlesh.. Have you taken it in writing? Before dying that man shot
everything in his cell phone. You had asked to cut the stomach. That also has been recorded. We will have to arrest
you also in this case. Do anything to save me. Leave him. Okay sir. Who are you to give
the witness? Go out. Very good. If you would have
shown me earlier.. ..then he would not have
to go through this trouble. What kind of a girl are you? Do you have another copy of this? Yes, she has sent it to us also. It is my duty to ask. Deva.. Why did you hit him like mad? You should have come if I
had called. He is fighting with me. Then will you hit in this way? Leave him. What will he hit? Rascal. Sir, I have a proof against
him and I am filing a complaint. You take an action.
You can see what I am doing? I had a talk with my senior and he
said that if Malaysian police comes.. ..and files a complaint against that
killer then we can take an action. International rules say.. Were these international rules not.. ..applicable when
you were hitting Deva? Leave it, brother. Has inspector forgotten
his friend Das? Quickly file my complaint. You try to understand.
– Mridula, wait. This matter should not be leaked
out especially to your parents. Come. Deva is right. I shall not spare you. Rascal. Come on, brother. Come on. Sorry, sorry Deva. Sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry.. Sorry. Hey.. My heart throbs.. heart throbs. Come and hug me. You come near me. You come near me. There is only love
in these arms for you. The whole world knows
so you also know. I do not have any grudge
and complain against you. My heart throbs.. heart throbs. Love and love and only
your love in intoxicating. My heart does not understand and
there is restlessness all the time. My heart and body is restless,
restless all the time. Hug me, hug me. Come and hug me. I cannot live without you, dear. I will snatch you from the world. I am trapped by your love
and you are fearless lover. You are always with
me but still I am worried. Throbs, throbs, my heart throbs. Come hug me. Come hug me. Restless,
restless my heart is restless. Come hug me. Come hug me. Tell me,
tell me that you are just mine. Come secretly and snatch me away. It is a promise; it is a
promise that you are my beloved. My life is in you. Come and make me alive. Heartbeat does not
agree so come dear. You told me that
what faithfulness is. Now what is left to
say that you are my beloved? Throbs, throbs, my heart throbs. My heart throbs. Restless,
restless, my heart is restless. Come hug me. Come hug me. Since when you have kept me in your
heart and taught me how to live. Because of you is my day,
night and every matter. It seems that I am
a small boy and you.. ..are sending me to
school for the first time. By the grace of God you
were saved from going to jail. You have still not learnt a lesson. You are again working with this man. Do you know what you are saying? Listen, Kaveri,
I am not sending for my work. If he stays here then
problems will come up. Both will hit each other
so problems will keep coming up. Brother, are you asking
me to run away being scared. What are you saying? Look, you have work there. First
finish all the work then we will see. Look, how he is jumping
like a fighter cock. – Okay. Hey Munim,
where are you going like a stranger? I had come to drop my children. How are your son’s studies going on?
– My child has come first in college. She is very good.
– Make her study more. Okay. Taxi.. Hey hi – Hi bye Madam, madam are
you going to Singapore? Sir, are you going to Singapore? In Indian Airlines flight. – Yes Will you please help me? My mother has forgotten her
medicines. She is a bypass patient. She must be in the boarding lounge. Will you give her the medicines? Okay, no problem. What is her name? Her name is Deepika Shinde. She is short height and fair complexioned.
She has a mole near her eye. Yes. Sir, what is your name? Deva. Thank you. – Deva. He is wearing a cap. Sir, do not remove your cap. Mother, take care. One minute. Hi, sir any problem. Come, I’ll tell you. Sir, I am going to miss my flight.
– Nothing will be missed. Come. Hey, what joke are you playing? But sir you invited me to your room. And I thought you
want to check my shoes. These jokes will
not be acceptable here. I very well know that who you are. Talk in Hindi. In Hindi. I kept these shoes
on the table thinking.. ..that you will tear thee
shoes and return them to me. These are sports shoes so
you will not be able to tear them. I shall cut it from the middle. What? Your tongue. Sir this is not mine. It belongs to a passenger
named Deepika Shinde.. ..who forgot her medicines and came. Her daughter gave this. There is no one by name
Deepika Shinde in this flight. She told me this name. See properly and tell me. What happened? Is this bitter, sir? Hey, do you know what it is? Yes. Heroin. If I will put you in Narcotic act
then you will be inside for 5 years. Sir, who gave you this information? Did Kamlesh give you? Yes. You are taking them is right
but it is wrong if he has informed. Sir, he is making a fool of you. Hey.. Sorry sir. He has made you. There is an important
work so quickly come inside. Sir, what would be its cost? Its weight would just be 50grams. Just by getting a small quantity
caught he wants to divert your mind And under this pretext he will
take material worth 5-6crores out. Sir, please pay attention. You do not believe me
then please go out and check. Sir, please agree to me. Please, sir. Sir, please just give me a chance. Sir, trust me. Flight from Chennai to Singapore
IA77 will be going a little late. All passengers are requested
to take their snacks. Those who are sitting without eating
get the x-ray of their stomach. You will find heroin
in their stomach. Listen, all those who
have heroin in their stomach.. ..get their anemia
done and remove it. I am telling you the truth sir,
I have never seen them before. Sir, I have never
met these people before. I do not know them. What did you say?
All five of them are caught. He is the same custom officer. Listen Munim,
what has happened about to Nirmal. He has also been put inside. We had not caught so much
material till now. Thanks. Okay sir. I shall book your first
class ticket in the next flight. Will you go? No sir, I still have work here. We both have it. Kamlesh sir. Tell me child, what is the matter? Is Kamlesh sir there? He has gone out. If till tomorrow
I do not pay my fees.. ..then they will throw
me out of the college. Kamlesh sir earned lakhs
of rupees through brother Chiti. And now he is not even bothered
that we are alive or dead. Listen, I shall give college fees. Child.. Water, aunt. Yes, yes drink. Here keep it, child. Thanks aunt. Live a long life. If you need
anything you can ask. – I shall leave. I shall leave. Anything else then say. Tell me. I have sent the Jyotitix parcel. Did you send it at
France’s address? – Yes. Okay go. That parcel is there, sir. Send Franc in Norway. In the materials that have been.. ..caught of smuggled good no
address of to and from is written. We very well know who
all are involved in this. We will surely catch
those criminals with proofs. Who? Is it you?
Is it you? – Not me sir Who trapped me? – It is not me. Then did Munim trap me?
– I don’t know. Tell me that has Munim trapped me? Hey Kamlesh, what is happening man? I want the consignment
within two days. You will get it in two days. Okay, write the account
number Balpha530. Take the parcel details. 50kg. 1918.. ..71591145 And what happened to your promise? Kamlesh, I have already
lost my previous consignment. And you know what
a big loss I am getting. And if you get this job done then it
is sure that you will get a better.. For making horoscope
why are you going to. You can do it in my press also. The page number that
I have told you is right. Okay. How did the noise stop coming? Sir, he must have
gone to the toilet. Sir, Kulfi, take Kulfi.
– Take Kulfi.. Kulfi. Kulfi. Kulfi. Kulfi. Deva. – Go Take Kulfi.. – Deva, look here. These people were
playing games with me. Material is good sir.
Same quality, same price. I have the best quality. There is nothing as second quality. There is a change in program. It is an important
matter so doesn’t forget. Kulfi, Kulfi.. Take Kulfi It is premium quality
sir at the same price. You be assured that it
is premium quality m,aterial. Sir, he has come to know.
I recognized the voice of Kulfi. Come on let’s run quickly, sir. 915.. There is definitely
some secret in this number. 15 9 1 14 5 From this number we come to know.. Let us match it with ABC.. For 18 it is R,
for 7 it is G, for 14 it is N Cocaine, sir. Sir, my experience says that there
cannot be cocaine in this godown. Come on, see. Listen Pratap,
cocaine does not go from Chennai. Someone has given wrong information
and has spoiled our time. My experience says so. Come on all of you go. Hello. – Nothing is found. I have checked everything. Sir, that box. That. It is government parcel. No sir, it is a spelling mistake. After K H comes
and here it A after K. Sir, there can be cocaine in this. You call the narcotics officers. I have read about this on net, sir. What Pratap? When dogs went away after smelling
then why are you getting worried. I am also getting worried. In my 40 years of experience I have
not caught more than 100-200grams. It is very difficult to find 1kg. This is made of plaster of Paris. There is nothing intoxicating in it. No sir. If cocaine is mixed with hydro
chloride then its smell goes away. Then even dogs cannot smell it. What do you mean? Sir, to open this statue
we have to put it in acetone. Then cocaine will be separated. Give me two bottles acetone, sir. This is purest form of cocaine. There is no odor so it means.. has been made
from high pressure voltage. The boy caught it.
It is all technology. Great thanks to technology.
Congratulations. All your Ganpati statues
have been caught. Raid is going to take
place in your house. Okay, let’s go. Hurry up and remove
the material from here. Keep this in your house quickly.
Hurry up. Hurry up. Hurry up and do it. Hey, dogs can smell this.
Ger red chili powder. Constable,
you both keep standing here. Who are you? Who are you? Search warrant. In our press. Check it. Greetings, sir. Hello. – No please. Sit there. What are you doing? – Sit there. Are you tired, sir?
Will you have tea, sir? Ravi, make tea for everyone. With spices. Sorry, wrong information. Why are you troubling? No problem. It is your duty. Anything else. Always, welcome. Gets ready, cargo booking
counter and survey lens tables? Just ask him to zoom. I know this man. He is Rajan. Kamlesh’s Munim. I do not know anything. I give you 5 minutes
of time so think nicely. If you keep answering
our questions in no.. ..then I know the other way also. I told you that I
do not know anything. Hey, I am being lenient
because you are an elderly person. Oh my goodness. Oh yeah.. How will anyone know? How will anyone believe me? How will anyone know? How will anyone believe me? Now it is cold.
The matter has cooled down. There is no effect here
of the movement of my hips. Now it is cold.
The matter has cooled down. There is no effect here.
This is the secret of the move. This is youth and
a story will be made. Take some restless signal from me. I quickly became young
and became a cheater. I cannot take care of my youth. How will anyone know? How will anyone believe me? How will anyone know? How will anyone believe me? ‘Rap song’ ‘Rap song’ ‘Rap song’ ‘Rap song’ Give me a kiss and then have pepsi. After drinking pepsi I look sexy. You are a king and me.. With eyes you make me drink and trap me. To tell you the truth he is very strange. Turn around, turn around.. She comes alone and gets trapped easily. Fill my heart with exciting colors.. You trap me with your eyes and trap me
in cobweb so tell me how will I escape? How will anyone know? How will anyone believe me? How will anyone know? How will anyone believe me? Yes.. Overloaded. Just chill.. ‘Rap song’ ‘Rap song’ Some call me Madhuri, Madhuri and
some call my attitude of Sue. I do not know myself that
whom do I like. When my heart gets restless it talks
a lot when in peace. I give him peace by filling it in his eyes. Now it is cold.
The matter has cooled down. There is no effect here
of the movement of my hips. This magic is of eyes
and he will trap after drinking. Tell me how will you escape. How will anyone know? How will anyone believe me? How will anyone know? How will anyone believe me? Now it is cold.
The matter has cooled down. There is no effect here
of the movement of my hips. Now it is cold.
The matter has cooled down. There is no effect here
of the movement of my hips. A story will be made of my youth. You take a restless signal from me. I quickly became young
and became a cheater. Now I cannot take care of my youth. Ringa, ringa, ringa ring.. Ringa, ringa, ringa ring.. Look at this photo, sir. I do not know. This one.
Look at them. – I do not know. Look at this also. – I do not know. Look at this also. I do not know. Look at this. This is my daughter, Kavita. Sir, sir.. Look at this also. Are you ready? Say the truth in the
court in front of the judge. I am not scared of that. I am getting tensed.
I am feeling dizzy. Call your doctor immediately.
– Okay sir. We will leave from
here in 10 minutes. Yes, okay. Okay. Sir, you will have
to do a small favor. Get me an order to seal
all the bank accounts of Kamlesh. Yes. Whose BP has increased? Where is he? Oh my God. Without any proof and witness this
court cannot hold anyone a criminal. Kamlesh is a dignified
member of the society. The court releases him. Hey, what do you want? How much is this for? Do you need whisper? – Yes of that. Deva.. Deva.. Deva.. Deva.. What is the boy doing
inside who is so responsible? Deva is no one else but my son. Mr. Deva. Yes. – Hi. Listen, get this down. What is this? They show it on
TV again and again. Is this bread? It is nothing.
Go and do work inside. Give complan. What did you say? Complan.
I will give mother. I will give. 170 and 60. Give 230rupees. Mother, can you
smell the odor of gas. Yes, I can also smell it. I cannot smell it.
I had turned off the gas. No mother, I can smell it.
Go and see inside. Everything is off. How did you come here? Deva, what is this? Who is she? I don’t know her.
She must be roaming on the road. Then what were you doing
by touching each other. That is what I am asking you mother. Sometimes she touches my cheeks,
sometimes waist. Mother, I feel this
girl is a cheater. Hey, do you think
I am a roadside cheater. Look, how much is the bill? I shall tell you. This is free on this. This is free on this. This is free on this. Ask your son who has
given me so many things free. And he is telling
me a roadside cheater. Ask him that who I am. What Deva,
why are you doing like this? Why you are worrying, mother? This
girl is going to come to our house. Yes mother. Till when will you
take care of me, kitchen and shop. Let’s share the work. You take care of shop and
this darling will take care of me. Darling. And slowly,
slowly we will give her the.. of making food
and washing utensils. What? Have I done B.Com to make
food for you and your mother? As I get married
I will divide this shop. On one side will
be a general store.. ..and on the other side
would be my medical store. What is this? You have just met for
5 minutes and this girl.. talking about
the division of the house. No, no not f house but of the shop. Where did you get her from? She is Chiti’s sister. Yamuna. You are Kaveri and
she is Yamuna, mother. In both the names there is river.
What a connection? Mother, can you smell gas? What? You are making
me away from here to have fun. Yes, I can smell gas. I just saw it. Come soon. I will just come. Wait, what are you doing here? Mother, mother.. Mother.. Deva.. Deva, my son. Someone save him. Deva.. Deva, come here. Mother, are you okay?
– I hope you are not hurt. Are you okay? – Don’t worried Are you okay?
– Nothing has happened to you. Take care, mother. Come, brother.
Look what has that fellow done? I would have killed him that day.
You came in between and saved him. Just keep in mind that
is will only kill him. You keep quiet.
Come on let’s go to the hospital. Did you see? You are happy
hearing that he will kill. Are you happy? You took his father. He was fighting for
you and enemies killed him. I became widow.
Are you happy? – Mother. You keep quiet. Day and night
I did hard work and made him study. That he will grow up to
become a government officer. But you took him with you. What are you doing, mother?
You go inside, mother. You want to make him
also just like you. – Mother.. Come with me. Das, did you call for a fight? You are a master and
I am a master so we will talk. But he is a servant. No.. – Hey.. Why did you get him here with you? He and I are not separate. You will repay the loss. What do you want?
You want to be no.1 in the market. You be that and I am going. It is easy to say. Will you leave what you
are doing for Narsimha in Africa? Yes I will leave. What do you think? The trip is for next
week so you take care. Thank you Mr.Das. Brother Das, have you gone mad?
kept it inside. Keep it Das. I don’t take favor. Hey. Hey, let it be. Hey, take this Das. After this we will not
interfere in each other’s matter. Take this. So you are scared that
I might have put poison. You have become old. Till you reach my
age he will kill you. This servant will kill me. I have kept him alive so that
he can burn his mother’s dead body. Now that you have
held him so kill him. Don’t leave him. Your blood is still hot, Das. I accept my defeat. You are big. Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me. From today our competition is ver. Dev, are you annoyed with me? Brother, you got scared of him. I am not scared of him. I am bending and that also for you. Brother.. The poison as not in sweetmeat
Das but this is the magic of bolt. Brother, Das. Deva, not even a bone was found.
Not even a bone. I will throw this
ear machine from today. Now I don’t want to
hear anything. – Hello. You go from here. Don’t trouble the
patient. – I don’t want to hear. Go out. Go. I don’t need this machine now. That torn note is with
you or has gone with Das. That has gone to Kamlesh. He went to South Africa.
He will get all the material. Having faith on Das
I have invested 18crores. Your fights with each other
have made me come on the road. What kind of a man are you?
Don’t you feel ashamed? – Mother.. How selfish you are? He has just
come out of jaws of death. – Mother.. You again ant to send him there.
Selfish man. Because of you I
have come on the road. Das cut my throat. Do not say anything wrong about Das. Your material will surely come. I am Kamlesh. Das has send me. Hey diamonds, take the diamonds. Don’t leave him. Now come. Come. Now come. Come on. Come on. Deva.. Tell leave it. – Deva. Don’t leave. – Hold Give me the diamond otherwise
I will throw you down. Are you giving me or not? No. Give me the diamond. Pull me up. Okay. Next. – Thanks. So Deva, have you done
the work for which you had gone. Did you get it? It is nothing like that sir.
It is just a small settlement. Come on let’s go inside. Kindly be ready for the departure. I have got the information that you
have got diamonds worth 18crores. Where have you kept them? Your name will not come out.
I will manage everything. Tell me where it is? Tell me. Custom ahs raided Narsimha’s house. They have found
diamonds worth 56crores. He has been arrested
and investigation is on. All the places are being raided. After some days you will
be seen on TV with handcuffs. Just because of
this man government.. ..has suffered a loss
of 47crores in this year. There are hundreds of Narsimha
and thousands of Deva to make him. Then how will our
country move ahead. Wow! It is a super dialogue. Have you stolen it
from Shah Rukh’s movie? Hey yesterday your
father did smuggling.. you are doing
and tomorrow your son will do. Sir, you are continuously speaking. I am saying that
I don’t have anything. You must have got wrong information. Is the information wrong? Yes sir. Do you want to meet the person
who has given wrong information? Who? My son also does the wrong
business of gold that Narsimha does. I will tell you everything that.. ..where he has gone
and what is he going to get. I don’t mind if you arrest
him and put him in jail. He should improve. Sir.. Sir, my son should improve and make
a new beginning after coming out. Take this and sign here. You had said that after you
get the hair you will leave me. Now you are asking me to sign. First read it. Consultant officer. Sir I.. We have the powers to recruit
certain professionals directly. You have cheated us so many times.. ..that is why we need people
like you in our department. You can go. Go means, I go out like this. Excuse me, sir.
– What are you talking, sir? Deva, what am I seeing? Look, your son has
become an officer. Thank you. I want to talk to you. I forgot to ask you that
what happened of Kamlesh. About Kamlesh.. He.. So, this was happened with Kamlesh.
– What can I say? Maybe he is finding something
in the mountains of South Africa. Mother, I have just become an
officer. See what happens further. Mother no mother. Mother, I am an officer.
Now don’t hit me.

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