Aidan O’Brien reveals how he can spot when a horse is ready to race
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Aidan O’Brien reveals how he can spot when a horse is ready to race

August 25, 2019

You spoke about the horses, right How can you tell that a
really good horse
is ready? Can you tell just by looking at it or is there
more that you should be looking for? Yeah, no, I suppose, they’re all different,
obviously, like human beings, some need to be kind of light,
some need to be a little bit heavy, some need to have a relaxed mind,
some need to have a sharp mind, some need to be edgy,
some need to be relaxed. They’re all different, it’s the same as a
human being getting ready for, I suppose, any big athletics game or a match or anything. Like athletes, they’re all different, and
it’s trying to get the key of what way a horse performs at their best, really. If we can find that out, then that’s the way
we try and have them, really. So, they’re all different really, Dave. That’s incredible that you mention that because,
looking at sporting comparisons, what sport would you compare horse racing
to, or athletes, in essence. Yeah, I think they’re all… we consider all
the horses athletes and we consider their races like their games or their matches or
their tournaments, when they’re racing. So, that’s what they all are and it’s trying
to get them in the frame of mind, mentally, and into shape, physically, that works best
for them. That’s what they do and, I suppose, it’s like
a team of people, it’s whatever way the team performs best, and all the horses are different. That’s the way we look at them all. They all treated as individual athletes. It’s to get the key to them of what works
and what doesn’t work for them, what annoys them or what they like or what upsets them
or what makes them better, so, it’s really like human beings, Dave, really.

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