Alcohol And Roller Skates Don’t Mix  – Bar Rescue, Season 5
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Alcohol And Roller Skates Don’t Mix – Bar Rescue, Season 5

October 29, 2019

( thump )
– Oh! Oh, my God.
What the ( bleep )? She fell. – ( groans )
– What happened?
You okay? –Did you hit your head?
– Woman:I lost my footing
and then…
– You’ve had a few drinks
tonight, right?
– Yeah. So they over-serve her and then they put
roller skates on her! So this is adult night. So Jesse is Mr. Community. Meanwhile,
somebody gets drunk
right under his nose,falls on skates,
and almost gets hurt.
She’s lucky
she didn’t crack
her head open. Who else is drunk
that they’re gonna give
roller skates to?! Jesse:
Keven came in with Jon.
We kinda just
discussed a little bit
about the operation.
You know,
I tried the program tonight,
and it didn’t work,and I apologize for that.It’s unbelievable. Is this is the crowd
you’re getting?This is a pretty–
it’s a pretty general…
– Jesse?
– Yes, sir. – Pleasure.
Nice to meet you.
– You, too. Jon:
I was watching you guys
from the SUV,
and I saw a girl
fall down on her skates
from being served
too much alcohol. That’s not only dangerous,
but it’s a huge liability. And you understand that the roller-skating rink
business is in decline. – You know that?
– They’re closing
across the nation. For this bar to succeed,
it’s gotta stand alone. It can’t be dependent
upon a roller-skating rink
to survive, – and you know that.
– Yes, sir. And you’re losing
6,500 a month. And when do you
run out of money? I’m out in six
to eight months. I’ve already closed out
all my retirement. So let me ask you
a question– you have bartenders
working for you who, when they go
to the kitchen area,
pretty much say, “( bleep ) him.
Let him make his own pizza.” – That’s what they
said about you.
– Yeah, I didn’t know that. – That’s an eye-opener.
– Should they be working here
with that attitude? I don’t believe they should,
but at the same time, Jon, I’ll be honest with you,
they grew up here, they’re part of the family. Are you
running a charity
or a business? – Running a business.
– ‘Cause that’s charity. Do you know he tried
to buy food, and they
talked him out of it? How bad do you
need that money? I gotta fill
that wallet, Jon. – Why aren’t you angry?
– Yeah, I was pretty… Well, why wouldn’t
you say something? You’ve gotta have
the courage to defend,
to manage. Do what you have to do,
take control of your business, and I will help you, Jess. But if you don’t act,
I can’t. – So let’s go.
Let’s see what happens.
– See you tomorrow.

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  1. I'm seeing this scene of where a lady hits her head and falls on the floor being messed up while she is roller skating. And to think, this bar is f****d up!

  2. Now- the only reason so many people were there is because there is nothing else to do in Hemet that is interesting or entertaining. more than likely these people came to see why there were huge lights and cameras…

  3. Forgot to add the skate guards should be fired. They should have not be allowed skates…if she's falling drunk on skates, she shouldnt drive

  4. when are people going to understand when you own a business friendships go out the window when your working there

  5. Ever notice when guys fall its hilarious and increases the fun level but when a girl falls it sucks the air out of the room and feels uncomfortable?

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