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All about ears: low frequency hearing loss and tinnitus – Coffee with Mare E7

March 1, 2020

Hey everyone, welcome back for another episode of coffee with mayor Today our subject is going to be all about ears. It’s About low frequency hearing loss, which I have and tinnitus which I also have Um low frequency fairies hearing loss is one of those really weird things Because I have a connective tissue disorder I have hypermobile ehlers-danlos syndrome I’m more likely to develop hearing loss and as It turns out I do have low frequency hearing loss in both ears Which came as a big surprise To me and also my doctor a few years ago I went in to see her and I just mentioned casually I said, you know Is there any way we can do a hearing test? Can we get my ears checked and She asked me why and I said well, I’m noticing Because at that point I was very very ill like a lot sicker than I have been in the last year or two And so I spent almost every day all day Horizontal either awake or sleeping and watching Netflix if I was awake And I had noticed that depending on what side I was lying down on I sometimes Wasn’t hearing as well and one side over the other and and I just thought that that was weird So sure enough went to an audiologist had the Testing done and when I came out of the testing room and she showed me the graph of my results. She said So you have low frequency hearing loss, which is the inverse Hearing loss pattern of what you would normally see for people Typically through aging the kind of hearing loss that you would have is high frequency hearing loss Which is quite funny when my mom and I get together because she can’t hear my sister’s kids and I can’t hear Some of the stuff on TV so we make a good team So anyhow So when when she gave me these results and she told me this is in both ears. It’s and it’s permanent. I kind of went oh Okay At that point there was also a possibility that It could also be related to Meniere’s disease, which thankfully I went and saw An ear nose and throat specialist who who actually his specialty is in this sort of thing Hearing loss and tinnitus and he said you know what? I don’t think it’s Meniere’s. I Don’t think we need to worry about that If that’s something that develops later, we can take a look at that, but he says at this point No, I think it’s more related to the EDS – Your connective tissue disorder than anything else so we can kind of move forward with that knowledge However, he then turned around and said There’s really nothing we can do for you And I went, “really, nothing?” He goes No. He says most hearing aids are designed for typical pattern high frequency hearing loss so for people who have low frequency hearing loss, there’s there’s nothing they can do and I kind of went. Okay. Well, you know that kind of sucks, but whatever just keep the captions on the TV. What happens with What I’m having conversations with people, I still hear quite well It’s just there’s certain ranges that they simply just don’t exist I just don’t hear those tones at all anymore And that happens if people are speaking very softly or if they have a particularly low tone of voice so men in particular and some women I have a really hard time making out what they’re saying and Especially if it’s somewhere that is crowded and busy or there’s a lot of noise I find myself lip-reading quite a lot. And you know, that was the other thing that had kind of led me to suspect that. I Might have some kind of hearing loss because I was I was catching myself lip-reading when I was in social situations where it was Just really loud like if you’re in a restaurant or and you’re you’re in a bar or just Anywhere where there’s a lot going on around you and that the noise volume is quite high. So So I do I do lip read I’m not the best lip reader Like I’m not one of those movie lip readers where you know, they can they can look at someone That’s like across the street and that they can know exactly what conversation people are having No, I I don’t need to lip read to that point because I still can hear quite a lot But it is a valuable skill that I am developing and sometimes just for practice I find that I am looking at people’s lips when they’re speaking so that I can actually You know just start familiarizing myself with their speech patterns and how they form words and I’ve always been fascinated and kind of obsessed with languages and I Love hearing and listening for the different ways that people form their words and with different languages how they’re formed and and I have kind of an ear for Accents I guess And it’s something that started when I was a kid. I didn’t even know I was doing it but anyhow, so I just I just love just Watching people when they’re speaking So that I guess has been sort of a benefit that you know I was already interested in that and then I gradually lose my hearing to the point where it’s noticeable and Now here I am So the other thing is with tinnitus now if you’re not familiar tinnitus it’s Ringing in the ear that just in the ears never goes away. It’s just ever-present and Sometimes it can take the form of like pushing it almost sounds like you have water or you like if you could hear The blood flowing through your ears, like it’s it’s kind of like you hear that sort of sound and it and it’s very weird My tinnitus is more on the ringing side than it is on the whooshing side but there are days where even that is quite bad and if you can imagine so now you pair some hearing loss with some tinnitus and the Ringing in the ears for me varies it’s it’s always there but some days it’s so loud that If I’m already having a hard time hearing somebody speaking because of the tone of their voice or something It’s it’s even worse because sometimes the ring and my ears seems like it’s louder than the person that’s talking in front of me. So It’s a really interesting thing to cope with and that same specialist that I went to for the hearing loss he also has tinnitus and You know, he asked me he’s like, well, what do you usually do for your coping strategies? And I I said well, you know, I do have an app. That’s really really great that has different it has It’s called binaural beats And I don’t even know if you can download it anymore Because I’ve had it for such a long time and it’s not like it’s really I don’t think it’s been updated recently But it still works on my phone, and I’m so thankful. But you have to listen to it with headphones in for both ears it doesn’t work the same way if you don’t have both ears plugged in so and Then there’s different there’s different patterns and you can also add ambient noise and for me my favorite favorite Ambient nature noise in the whole world is listening to ooh waves on the ocean. That’s my favorite. I’m such a Mermaid ocean girl and I’ve been landlocked for a few years now So I’m very very much missing the ocean. So it’s quite soothing for me to listen to Waves crashing gently and then having this rhythm that’s going in the background at whatever volume I choose and There’s different patterns for different kinds of things So there’s meditation and different kinds of meditation and sleeping and relaxation And stress relief. There’s also great ones for migraines I use it quite a bit for my migraines and I do find that it helps to reduce the severity of the pain I’ve been anyhow, so so I’m explaining this app to him and then I say, you know, I also Sleep with the TV on sometimes. I’ll keep it at a low volume And I’ll just fall asleep in front of the TV, which is something I’ve actually done Most of my life because I’ve always been kind of a sleepy sort of you know I get to an evening if I’m really relaxed like I’ll fall asleep in a chair on the couch on the floor doesn’t matter You know my favorite thing to do Was like as a teenager was napping on the couch in front of the TV and you know, it never really left me It’s something that I find relaxing And also I worked as a flight attendant for a couple of years and it was a fabulous experience And also to help me though through changing hotels every night and not being in the same bed Usually two nights in a row I would also do the same thing. I would leave the TV on at a low volume So that that way it would block out whatever air conditioner heating system noise going on in the hallway Or if I was next to an elevator there would be something that would just constantly like a little bit of white noise for me and that I would always Need to have it louder than the ringing in my ears so Yeah, so the specialist was actually quite pleased that I’d already developed some Tactics for coping when it’s really bad because it does prevent me from sleeping on really bad nights So I do have to do something to cancel out that noise and And again with the low frequency hearing loss on the days where the ringing is louder than people talking. It’s very very strange so it took some getting used to and I really hope in the future that they do discover some way of either Correcting that kind of hearing loss which at this point the damage is done. It’s permanent And I don’t know that there’s anything they’ll really be able to do to reverse that But perhaps there might be hearing aids that Can somehow translate those lower frequencies so that people can still hear those tones? you know, I I do find that I Prefer listening to music with earbuds in now because I lose so much of it If it’s on speaker on my phone or you know, or the TV has to be at a considerable volume But with earbuds I find that I can hear it a lot better And if I don’t have my earbuds, I actually take the speaker from my phone So at the bottom of the phone and I’ll hold it against the bones on my skull here so that I can hear it better And that there are a lot of hearing aid devices that do work with contact Conductivity of sound and there’s also another thing that was cool about using earbuds that the specialist and I talked about I believe it’s called the occlusion effect So if you have hearing loss and you put some earbuds in your ear your Your hearing is actually Compensated for by using other parts of your brain. So like using rezident resonance. Oh Sorry, I’m so tongue-tied today, but using resonance against the bones of your head to Transmit those signals to your brain And I had also noticed that from years of wearing earbuds when I had sound sensitivity with migraines that Sometimes I could actually hear better if I had my earbuds in like just turned off like there’s you know Nothing playing on it or anything and I could hear a little bit better So if you know someone who does have low frequency hearing loss or any hearing loss at all And they haven’t quite reached the stage where? They need hearing aids or perhaps they’re just reluctant to do so pop in a Set of earbuds for a day and just walk around like that and and see if it helps them at all if they can hear A little bit better. It’s a very cheap solution for a very annoying problem but anyhow There’s not much more that I can say on This kind of hearing loss without trying to get into some really dry Scientific details that I really don’t have at my fingertips right now Today was very much a restful day after my lovely walk that I posted that on my carnivore update yesterday that I did manage to go for a Beautiful walk with my daughter yesterday we have these lovely walking trails that are right by where we live and we can see the Canadian Rockies because we’re in Calgary. We’re in the foothills, so It was a spectacular day Although it was so windy and If you want to go over to that Carnivore update to have a look I did post some of those pictures in the video to share with you because it was just it was such a stunning great day, and I was so proud that yeah, I had finally been able to go and Have that walk with my daughter. It’s not that we haven’t gone for other walks or done things but you know that one I knew would be particularly tiring and to time the the space or the time to go for that walk with a day that I wasn’t feeling exhausted because it turned out it was about kilometers, so On relatively flat terrain, which is good But that took a lot out of me and we even did some baking last night after we got home so for me that’s quite a full day and I definitely took advantage of the afternoon to rest quite a lot and sort of popped my head up around dinnertime today but it was it was necessary and That walk yesterday just lifted my spirits like you have no idea I have just been looking forward to being able to Be more physically active and to go for long walks, and I I really miss running I know most people hate running But I actually really enjoyed it because it was my time For me to go clear my head and pound the pavement a little bit and you know work out some Frustrations if I had any which of late I don’t have many quite frankly. I’m a really happy person despite all of these illnesses that Accompany every day. I am just I’m happy. I’m grateful. I have a healthy daughter I have a happy family and You know, I’m just so blessed. So things could always be much much worse and they have been much much worse than they are now because I’ve really had kind of this past year has been one of my best years in a long time as far as energy and activity level and getting out and about to do things and meeting people so Overall it’s it’s just you know going for that walk. Yeah, I Think a lot of people take that for granted that when you lose the ability to just go for a beautiful walk out in nature That it is something that I really miss because I I did enjoy spending a lot of time outside when I was younger and Still do and of course I do prefer that I’m actually in the mountains or by the ocean or in the ocean preferably but You know, these are all things that I’m hoping are going to be coming back into my life very soon because I’ve I’ve missed them, you know, and that for me is also part of my self care is rediscovering activities that That just bring me joy and that get me out in the sunshine And you know feeling the wind in my hair and the sunshine on my face even Even though it was really windy yesterday so worth it. It was amazing. So if you have enjoyed today’s video and I really hope you have please give us a big lik thumbs up and Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and hit the notification bell So, you know exactly when those videos are landing on YouTube and so for today, this is sick mom check it out

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