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October 20, 2019

– [Announcer] Dogumentary TV,
(ethereal music) producing the best breed
documentaries on YouTube. (barking) (mystic music) – I’m Darshann Wienick, and
my husband, Andrew Wienick. – Hi. (peaceful guitar music) – Well, the salukis
pretty much run the house. If you try to get a saluki and think that you’re gonna keep
that saluki off the sofa, good luck with that. (laughing) – [Andrew] Right. – So, in our household, it’s
Andrew and myself, of course, and then we have three children, a son, Nathan, who’s 12, a
daughter, Sophie, who’s nine, and a son, Samuel, who is seven. Then we have the five salukis, the one 13 year old
chihuahua, and two cats. For me, salukis are beautiful, graceful, mischievous, fun-loving, loving, cuddling. They are, it’s a privilege
to live with them. It’s like living with royalty. So yeah, we’ve had salukis
since about April of 2014. They are one of the oldest dog breeds. They trace ’em back
approximately 7,000 years ago in the Egypt Fertile Crescent area, used to hunt game and put
food on the table for people. And they were considered,
in the Muslim religion, the only clean dog that could
actually be kept in the tents with the people, because
they provided food. – There are two kinds of salukis. You have the feathered, which we have, and then there is the smooth, which look like the feathered but no long hair or fur on their legs and on their ears, and typically, not on
their tail, although– – Typically, they just have a brush trail, with just a little bit of hair. So, greyhounds are thought of
to be the fastest dog breed, but salukis have the most endurance. So a greyhound is gonna be
faster on a straightaway. But if you’re going longer distances, salukis pretty much will
be able to be faster. – And they’re good with cornering too. They’re really good, depending
on the size of their feet and the terrain that
they’re used to running on. I believe that the top speed is probably about 38 miles an hour,
anywhere between 35 and 40. – Okay, so the saluki bunk beds. So, we have two very large crates. I believe these are 36 by 48 inch. And then we just put, we bought
these table tops on Amazon. They’re like restaurant table tops. And then we just put these
up here, and they love. That’s typically Dawn’s spot. Asande goes wherever. – [Andrew] Yeah. – [Darshann] Usually on the bed with Mama. – [Andrew] She hasn’t
learned to jump up there yet. – He’ll be.
– But Aria and Khaleesi will just jump right over on the bed. – They’re great pets because
they love their family. They tend to follow us
around from room to room. They are very loyal, and
very loving and affectionate, and I would say amazing with children. We have three children, and
they are very good with kids. You have to socialize them
at an early age, though. – Like all dogs. – Like all dogs, but you need to make sure that you actively work to socialize them. – [Darshann] With salukis,
because they’re sight hounds and they hunt by sight,
pretty much no amount of training can ever break the instinct. If they are off-leash
and they see a squirrel, or a rabbit, or a cat across
the street, they will run. So you must always keep
them on-leash, unless they are in a gated enclosed
environment, for their own safety. – And the fences or the
gates must be, probably, higher than five feet, I would say, closer to six.
– I would say six feet tall. – ‘Cause they are known to climb. (peaceful guitar music) – One of our breeders, on
her website, made clear that the function of the
saluki is not to be beautiful; the saluki is beautiful
because of its function. And that function is to run and hunt. We take our salukis up
in Reno, up in BLM land, and let them go free
coursing to hunt for hare. None of ours have ever
actually caught any, but they’re getting trained
by the older generation of salukis that live up in Reno. We also do lure coursing close by, usually out in Chino, California, where the dogs get to
simulate chasing live hare. And it’s great fun for the dogs, and it’s a competition, so
they can win championships. So that’s really what we do to ensure that they get to do what
they were born to do. There are no real health
concerns that I am aware of. The breeders are very responsible. These breeders we know, in
terms of doing lots of DNA and genetic testing to ensure that there are no problems,
(murmuring) and reductions, and, you
know, congenital issues. But, to my knowledge, I mean, the breed usually can live 14, 15
years, and, to my knowledge, there’s no known serious health condition. – We free feed them. They have food out all the time. Typically, they let us
know when there’s no food and that they’re hungry, but we just keep kibble out
for them all the time. – [Darshann] And salukis, unlike other breeds, will never overeat. None of ours do. They eat what they need to
eat and they stay skinny. Too bad that doesn’t work
(murmuring) for people, but they can
eat whatever they want. I can’t tell you how
many people have asked me “Why don’t you feed your dog?!” And it’s like
(murmuring) “Trust me, they eat whatever they want!” – The best pet owner for
a saluki can be anybody. Any age could benefit from having a saluki in their household. I would say that in most
circumstances, having one hound by itself would require
a more active lifestyle. Having two hounds, surprisingly enough, would probably lessen that, because they keep themselves active. You need to be able to
move around with your dogs, take them out, walk them. You can live in a condo situation or an apartment and still have a saluki as long as you exercise them regularly. But if you live in an area
where there’s more space for them to run around, you’re
gonna have to worry less about getting outside with them. – And I would agree with that, that it’s almost always better to have at least two salukis, because they really do better. They are pack animals. They love to be with other salukis. They’re happier with other salukis. The best type of living space for a saluki can be anything from an
apartment to a ranch. As long as you exercise them frequently, if you live in an apartment
or a condo, no problem at all. Just make sure that you
always keep ’em on-leash if they’re not in an enclosed area. Well, salukis are surprisingly clean. – [Andrew] We call them
(murmuring) the amazing self-drying saluki. – They are. They actually don’t
need to be bathed often, and they don’t have that doggy
smell, which I appreciate. Living with salukis is wonderful. They are also very mischievous, and they will counter-surf,
which means that they will steal food when you’re not looking. And sometimes they work
together to outsmart you and try to get you distracted
and steal your food, as our children have learned many a time. In terms of design of our house, it’s very important to have tall tables. So we’ve replaced all of our dining tables with bar height pub tables. – [Andrew] Or a high top. – And by virtue of having the pub table, by no means does it preclude the saluki from stealing your food. But, however, it does
deter to a certain extent. – I work from home, and Darshann does her coursework from
home, distance learning. So we have dog beds spread
throughout the working areas that we have so that the
dogs can spend time with us. They’ll follow us around, and we wanna be able to
make them comfortable. So we’ve got a couch, but we also have, you know, dog pads that they can lie on and be comfortable around the house. We jokingly refer to them
as the house cheetahs, because they are like big cats. They will play for like, I don’t know, half hour here and there. But for the most part, they
sleep a lot during the day. Obviously– – I would, sorry to interrupt, but I would say that in general, salukis will have a couple,
maybe two to three bouts of 20 to 30 minutes where
they’re running around the house. We call ’em zoomies. And the rest of the time, they sleep. Yeah, in terms of furnishing a house, if you have salukis, I highly recommend going through, you know, a used site. Because we don’t buy
new furniture because– – Recycled furniture is always good. – Recycled furniture is
a good idea, secondhand. Because they will chew,
especially as puppies. They will chew on your furniture. They very well may just
decide to, you know, if they’re doing zoomies,
they may rip the furniture with their nails, they– – I would recommend that if
you can go with pleather, or leather, or some sort of, like a vinyl surface, not really a cloth. If you can avoid cloth,
(growling) just for, really? Avoid cloth if you can. – You know, in terms of being
a good guard or watchdog, the saluki is surprisingly
a good watchdog. They will alert you to
something that isn’t right. For example, Khaleesi,
our queen of the house, will alert us with a very distinctive bark if she sees a coyote outside. And if I hear that bark, I know exactly, there’s a coyote outside. But when it comes to people visiting, they’re very used to it. We live in an urban area, so we don’t really worry so much about people. But definitely, wildlife,
she will let us know. – [Andrew] And one of
the things I love most about the salukis is that they are– – [Darshann] They’re just, they get it. – [Andrew] They’re just super smart. They can take– – [Darshann] You talk to
them, and they’re thinking. – Right, and they can
take compound commands. Like, we can say Khaleesi, go outside, go to the bathroom,
and then come upstairs. And she’ll retain that, and she’ll do it. I mean, she’s special. But there is that capacity– – It’s amazing, the thinking. You can see it. It’s amazing.
– Yeah. – [Darshann] Typically, with Salukis, you don’t have to worry
about dog aggression. Although they tend to like
to be around other salukis. – [Andrew] And other sight hounds. – And other sight hounds. However, Khaleesi will go after small dogs at a dog park, because, I
believe it’s a prey drive thing. So we typically keep her
away from that dog park now. In terms of grooming, the breed is actually really easy to groom. Even the feathereds are. Just make sure that
there’s no knots and mats in their ear hair, which tends to happen. But other than that, they
are extremely easy to groom. Just trim their nails, and brush ’em, and bathe ’em, and that’s it. So, I would say the most we would leave them alone
for is about six hours. You could probably go up to eight and they would probably be fine. But our dogs are more
used to us being around, so I wouldn’t recommend that. But I know people who have salukis who do leave them home alone, you know, for a full work day, and that’s okay. So, in terms of rules of the house, everybody, no growly-growling
is my big rule. Anybody starts
growly-growling at each other in terms of food, or a toy, or whatever, you know, I put a stop to that right away using our spray bottle,
which works wonders. They don’t like it. So it’s all, it’s really about training. But they are our family, and they it’s similar to rules for children. So, our house is full of salukis. – [Andrew] It is. – [Darshann] I believe
that your Twitter bio says that you are entirely inundated with salukis.
– [Andrew] Yeah, I am. And I can’t, the thing
is, we’ve only had them since 2014, and I can’t imagine a time, and I can’t think of a time,
where I didn’t have them. Life with salukis: it’s great. They’ve been amazing for our kids. They help, I mean– – [Darshann] They help build empathy. – [Andrew] Yeah. – [Darshann] They’re funny. They do the silliest thing. It’s just a fun household. – Yeah. – I cannot imagine life
without this breed, and I will always have salukis.

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  1. Well, what you said about salkis being clean in Islam, was actually wrong.
    Any dog is clean if it's used for helping humans wether it could be used for providing food or guarding.
    The whole idea of Islam behind dogs being unclean, means that dogs should not enter and live in humans' houses because dogs have parasites and worms that they can pass onto humans, also in Islam keeping an animal in a house is not morally right and it is an act of slavery. But that's just the case if keeping the dog has no purpose behind it.
    Islam doesn't hate dogs, though, it even encourages humans to learn from dogs' loyalty and other personality traits of dogs. Even if a dog is thirsty or hungry you have to share your food and water with the dog.

  2. It's bs that they always must be kept on a leach, all my salukis have run free in the forest several times a week without problems. It's a myth that they can't run for free…
    And of course they shew on things just like all puppies do…

  3. I just noticed you talked about attacks from Saluki's. In my experience these attacks are pack driven and they like to tell young dogs how to behave!

  4. You need a more informed owner. There are those who have kept Salukis for over 40yrs. Then you might have a more insightful documentary.

  5. I have a beautiful girl who was supposed to be a Labrador x cocker spaniel but as she grew up we started to realise that while her mother was a Labrador her dad was most likely a Saluki. She looks like a short stockier saluki and has all the characteristics of a Saluki with a bit of Labrador thrown in.

  6. Actually Salukis are way much older than what is mentioned in the video, these majestic animals have been hunting with humans for AT LEAST 9000 years.
    In southwestern Saudi Arabia, there exists an ancient Paleolithic settlement (Al-Maghar”) that dates back to 9000 years ago, in that settlement, stone statutes of Saluki dogs, Canaan dogs, Arabian horse and many more animals. Most of these animals show signs of early domestication (as some of these animals were sculpted with ropes around their necks).

    Salukis are real treasures that we humans lucky still have since 9000 years ago or possibly even more! Every time I see a Saluki, I think of ancient humans from the Paleolithic times.

  7. Love you channel. And as a videographer and editor for a living I appreciate your hard work getting these videos shot and edited. Not easy

  8. Lovely to see your video! I used to have a Black and Tan female Saluki when my children were small, it was an ideal dog for children. She loved to run on the beaches here in South Africa and was very much befriended to our other dogs. And yes, it is a privilege to own a Saluki! Unfortunately I live on a farm now, there it would be not a good idea to keep a Saluki because their hunting instinct is very strong. My Saluki girl Shirvan will be always in my heart!

  9. Sounds exactly like our Italian Greyhounds, which ours are very big for their breed…16 and 23 pounds. But I love the beauty of the Saluki.

  10. The Wienick's might want to think about feeding their dogs a 30/20 food. When my malinois is active in the summer he turns to skin and bones on 26/16 and if I feed him more 26/16 he just gets bigger poops. 26/16 is good if he's not running all day. Wondering what the numbers are? It's the protein to fat ratio. It will be printed on the bag.
    My neighbors, who's kids were making him run pretty much all day long, thought I wasn't feeding him.

  11. Girl —— your husband hardly got a chance to speak. You interrupted every time. Good video besides how sorry I felt for your man.

  12. For Years, I've always been so fascinated by this breed, the Salukis. They just look so graceful and look like a great dog to have around the house. Hopefully in the near future, I get to own one of these one day. Can you please create a TOP TEN best Dog breeds to have in an Apartment setting ? that would be great! <3

  13. I an avowed terrier person BUT I'd certainly have one of these royal darlings !!! They are breath taking! Love them❤️❤️😘❤️

  14. I wonder if this is what dogs in general are like… My toy poodle (my first dog) only eats when he's hungry (there's a bowl of kibble ready but he won't touch it unless he's hungry) however, he does want to try everything I eat (of course he can't , but asking doesn't hurt. 😀) also he loves to run (runs on the beach or field twice a week)band needs a lot of exercise to keep him happy (two or three walks a day. The early morning walk is one and a half hours on average) Two or three times a day he will demand that we play or he'll get grumpy. The rest of the day, he thinks he is a cat… He sleeps /rests a lot. So a nice mix of active and quiet, just like the Salukis.

  15. We have Caravan hound in india which has a feathered variety same as saluki, actually caravan is descendants of saluki in india .

  16. My family are thinking of getting a saluki, but what I’m nervous about is letting the dog off lead. There’s a large wood/field area but where I live (uk) they hardly have any fenced areas. So do you think they would go really far away from me during a walk ?:)

  17. Several bits of bad advice here. Says dogs will not be trained to not chase animals, which is bullshit. Of course you can train the dog to not run off ffs.. How would anyone ever course the dogs if they'd just run off. Then they show them coursing in an open field without a fence lol.. My dogs don't counter surf or do anything of things they say, train the dogs!

  18. I have a saluki collie cross lurcher … she’s very old now I had two her mum was a rescue see my channel for vid of them …. best dogs I’ve ever owned ….. only thing I would say is hair lol mines smooth but they molt like crazy .


  20. Sorry to say this, but they really should research how to train dogs instead of spreading misinformation. Don't spray ur dog with water!

  21. So I have a gundog (German shorthaired pointer), I also have 2 cats. Do you think a Saluki would be a good dog to add to the family?

  22. Thanks for this video! I have been fascinated with this breed but do not know where to start and was hoping you would be able to recommend some reputable breeders 🙂 You have beautiful dogs and must be a joy waking up to them every morning!

  23. 10:25
    Wait. You named the black dog Khaleesi? I know that it's nothing that game of thrones invented, but it has to have been the naming inspiration, right?
    Must confuse some people meeting the dogs for the first time

  24. Do you think they could tolerate an Australian summers? (40 degree Celsius and above temperatures for at least 4 months)

  25. I love sighthounds and think Salukis are gorgeous
    I will never own one again however and cannot recommend them

    They are clean smart and glorious but their prey drive cannot be unpredictable and it can worsen as they age even if deserved even if trained
    This makes it ver6 difficult to take them out off leash …they can chase other dogs mercilessly and it can turn nasty
    Hunting? I’m aga8nst it so I don’t think Salukis need t8 be bred for that in our modern age
    If u saw wha5 they do to an animal …😭😭😢

    Rip my glorious amazing Wiley hound
    In my heart forever

    Ps they are not all amazing with kids
    Ours was raised with them
    They can be unpredictable
    They are aloof and cat like …independent and work on their own terms and ours dudn5 ever escape or tr6 to jump a fence
    Do no5 believe what breeders say ..each is different
    They die of cancer or get hit by a car

    Salukis can get fat ..

    If u don’t know what a sightho7nd is like then do lots of research
    This vid is very misleading
    This is how our family was mislead into buy8ng a pup and 8 will always wArn people that there are pitfalls

  26. For everyone's information, the Saluki breed originated in Ancient Persia, yes Egypt at one point was under the rule of the Persian Empire, but deeming them as Egyptian is incorrect.

  27. i have just adopted Saluki female dog from Oman/Muscat, she was rescued from the nasty police there, they shot them dead like a piece of cake. she is heaven in my life

  28. i heard that greyhound is more easy breed for new time owner, is that true? Im not looking for a dog to do agility with. Im getting the feeling that they sighthound dogs are more independent in a way that they are just mellow and chill, most likely not pulling on the leash and barking at every single dog they see like some on the small breeds often do

  29. Is trapped nerves a thing with your dogs, my derek has started twitching, vet thinks it a nerve. Eye roll a bit n last from 20 minutes to an hour. Prey its not epilepsy

  30. We adopted a rescue Saluki mix from Qatar, and I'm amazed at how well he corners and runs considering he only has three legs! They're amazing animals and I'd love to adopt more!

  31. I got what I thought was a great Pyrenees but as she grew it was obvious she wasn't purebred. Did a DNA test on her and she's got Saluki in her. Not much but it explains her structure, her bark and whine sound, she's 75% pyrenees but she has almost all the characteristics of a Saluki. It's nice to finally understand why she's the way she is.

  32. How come the salukis in America have hair in their ears and tailed but in Saudi Arabia and Egypt they don’t have and their tail is curly./it’s like they are a different dog breed 🤔

  33. just two commets. the feeding explain why my dog who is 3/4 saluki and 1/4 greyhound i only feed once a day but twice a week i go with him to my friends house where she keeps her small dog food down all the time. he goes straight in and finishes off her dogs food and drinks a whole bowl of food and 3 times he has puked the whole lot up straight away. so now we dont let him do that anymore. think it is just greed on his part and that he doesnt really want it. just cos its there. secondly i disagree with the furniture bit. weve had 3 leather sofas that he has destroyed but i got a chair cheap at a sale made of material ad he didnt touch it. so now weve replaced all the furniture with material ones. i think the leather ones smell too much of the treats we give them. so he chewed them. oh and 3 mattresses, the front room carpet and some wooden furniture. its a good job i love him.

  34. Your comments about Salukis are exactly what I think about them. Had 3of them and fell in love with each one one after the other. I want to be a Saluki in my next life. Lost my last one last year ( brain tumor) and feel my life so empty without him. Hope to get another one in a few months. Beaches are not the same without a saluki.

  35. you should feed it more food .. they're too skinny, almost like anorexic. your poor dogs are starving. im reporting you for animal cruelty. shame on you.

  36. i can recommend to check out heinrich Stahl from Germany, he breed his own dogs over more than 30 years.
    His dogs are amazing runners similar to the Saluki, but with different heritage and slightly different purpose.
    He is one of the best mushers in europe and is breeding his own sleddog, rly a good tip, maybe he creates his own breed, like doberman,
    his dogs are called "German Trailhounds" aka GTH

    Check out his Youtube Channel if u want

  37. Yes! She talked about zoomies and how much Salukis like to sleep. This is sooooo true! Our saluki would spend his life inside on the lounge and be happy with his zoomies round the kangaroo paddock a couple of times every day (yes, we live in Australia on a property (a little farm))

  38. Sweethearts and beautiful Dogs ! Dogs are the best animals in the world but they are overpopulated. Dogs suffer like People – stop breeding Dogs – stop suffering Dogs. All Dog Lovers love all Dogs. Great People love Dogs and help them. * Place human-dog friendship and great love above everything, in first place. STOP KILLING DOGS, CATS. * BAN breeding Dogs, cats. Forbid Dogs, cats euthanasia. BAN poisoning Dogs, cats. STOP HIGH KILL SHELTERS. STOP KILL SHELTERS COMPLETELY. Animals must be with only those, that can provide them with the best care and real love.
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    Dogs that are not wanted should be put down with morphine, if they cannot be put for adoption and taken by very loving persons.
    Ban dog breeding. Dogs should live up to 100 years, like the Dingo's in ecological and clean nature, where soil, water, air and food were pure.
    Almost all shelters should be closed, except a few that are government approved and sponsored to preserve the species, and where the dogs will be bred in very small amounts for the pure love of the species – not through rape that is done by most breeders, or even forcing dogs to mate, or in-vitro which is also forcing to breed. A loving owner does not have to sterilize his pets because his/her care is so good that mating is not allowed. Sterilization is against nature, it's very painful, deprives the body of needed physiology, hormones, deprives the body of a natural way of cleansing itself and accelerated aging, also causes psychological changes that are unnatural. Dogs were since thousands of years humanity's friends around the world, among all the other animals. Within the last decades, in literature, within scientific circles, among artists and also among common folks – dogs are being treated as best friends and loved the most.
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    A doggie toilet can also be a canalized shower tray/shower base.   Dogs should never use a human toilet, because it is dangerous for them, not only difficult.  Respect their abilities.

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    A dog must have drink as much clean water, as it needs.  A dog cannot eat only food that is made specifically for dogs, especially low quality, because it will get very sick.  No irradiated foods.  Avoid artificial preservatives, flavoring, colorants.

    A dog owner eats more than one meal per day, and they are balanced for nutrition and taste.  Everyone needs a balanced diet for health and taste, no one can withstand the same kind of food, all the time, which not only is disgusting, but also causes ailments.  The dog is forced to eat what it is given by its owner, but it should be able to always pick, to always have a choice of variety.

    Love dogs, because they deserve it.  Take care of them very well.  Remember, that dogs are dogs, that they have their specific needs and their ways of being, of their species.  Since hundreds of thousands of years, people all around the world, treated Dogs as their best friends and dearest household members.  Never use dogs for sex, it must be forbidden.

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  39. Hahaha I’m sorry but rewatch the video and look at the dynamic in their relationship I can’t stop fucking laughing everything he says about them she looks annoyed as hell and chimes back and she’s hella focused on the camera while he’s like posturing towards her omg I’m sorry it’s just too fucking funny

  40. I love these, I saw a video about Salukis on Animal Planet I believe, I forgot what the breed was called. I just remember they were so majestic. A minute of Googling brought me here and I'm so glad it did.

  41. love my Saluki. But mine will eat and eat. Used to free feed my German pointer until my Saluki came along. But she is very loyal and very muched loved.

  42. "counter serve"
    Ok, I tell my girl "not a doggy buffet!" I like "counter serve." She will snag food off the counter if you leave her alone with it more than 1 minute.
    Cute dogs! My girl is a shelter adopted mutt. The faces on these dogs in the video look a lot like hers.
    Great episode on Salukis!

  43. I adore salukis! Once in a dog park, my three small dogs were 'hunted' by an Afgan hound and it was pretty cool to see that prey drive kick in. My dogs have an even more intense prey drive and kill any and all things they can, even things larger than themselves. Some think it is awful, only their 'should' be wolves and there are not, so dogs fill in the gaps. My dogs reacting to the Afgan's prey drive was also interesting–like OMG! I adore dogs.

  44. We have a Saluki/Lurcher cross, her Mum is a smooth haired black and tan Saluki and her Dad is a light beige wiry haired Lurcher and she looks exactly like her Mum ♥️ I always say she reminds me of a ballerina because she's so graceful and elegant and just posh looking haha 😂

  45. Seems like if you have 5 dogs you should be able to train them not to steal food or chew on furniture. People with breeds that have a higher predilection to chew, more food drive, and higher energy usually manage to curb these behaviors.

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