ALL IN REVIEW: Rating Wrestling con Horse
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ALL IN REVIEW: Rating Wrestling con Horse

August 17, 2019

I am here today to talk about the biggest independent wrestling show ever, no other indpendent show has been able to sell out a big arena like this They overpassed 11000 people So yes, it was historic, a PPV produced by 3 people, Cody Rhodes & The Young Bucks ROH and NJPW wrestlers A non-WWE event Which is my favourite event in history I’m not saying is the best, but it’s the one I enjoyed more of all i wanna put that clear before you say “No, Wrestlemania 17 was better” Also I did not watch taht PPV live so I did not enjoyed a lot I enjoyed this PPV a lot Because I’ve been following Being The Elite since… october 2017? I don’t remember October no, I started much before that But yes, I’ve been following BTE, the storylines that have been happening On this show created by The Young Bucks and the rest of the Elite Very good event, let’s talk about All In Zero Hour that was transmitted on WGN America All In Zero Hour started with SCU against the Briscoes, ROH STARS Good match to start the PPV SCU get the victory as expected they brought the Rocky themed clothes, they also made a parody of Rocky’s training on the BTE channel Very good match, obviously not the best team match in history, but entertaining, we had that spot with a Belly to Belly suplex on the air, I loved it SCU won, everything is okay Now I’ll bring my ratings, I wanna start to rate the matches And I’d personally give this match 3 stars I have no limit, but 5 stars is like some kind of limit But you can break it, for example for me Okada vs Omega at this year’s Dominion 6.9 is a 6 stars match for me Then we go to the Over the Budget Battle Royale Some known faces Mr. Ass, Colt Cabana, Bully Ray, Chico Luchador We already saw on BTE him trying to get into the battle And well, we started with Ray powerbombing Chico, in my predictions I said there was going to be a guy with a name similar to Flip, and that it would be Flip But in the momento I saw Chico and I saw him a Little different, and also saw Bully Ray powerbombing him, i thought “This SOB is Flip” I was expecting it, and I enjoyed it So, Flip became the no. 1 contender to challenge Lethal at All In And now we get into All In, transmitted on Fite and honor Club We started with a match between two guys I didn’t knew, I saw MJF in All Us the videos in Cody’s channel A great match to start the PPV, WASN’T THE BEST OPENER, but Matt Cross won A match that i’ll rate as…. 3 STARS WE move on into Stephen Amell, Green Arrow, vs the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels Great match, Amell looked great, but sometimes I saw him like walikng weird, but he looked good Did some spots, good moves The guy is working a lot, so a lot of respect for him There isn’t a lot of celebrities that put so much effort on wrestling, but this guy does Daniels won as expected It was difficult to get Amell beat a veteran experimented guy On his first one on one match but he gave the fight, did a coast to coast, the table spot Obviously Daniels were going to win Also my ratings, I was forgetting them, the battle royale for me is 3 stars, and the same to MJF vs Matt And for this one I say 3.25 stars And we move on into the womens match Tessa Blanchard vs the hot mess, which I think is a great gimmick I saw her on Impact, but on All In she really surprised me There also were MadisonRayne and Brit Baker, Adam Cole’s gf, she even entered to Something for You, awesome theme Great match I don’t know a lot of women from the independent circuit but I really loved the match This already is one of my favourite womens matches I was expecting Blanchard to win and she did So yes, Blanchard won There was nothing on the line, just was a womens exhibition match we couldn’t miss a womens match and for me it delivered And I give it… Maybe 3.75 stars 3 and 3 quarters We move into one of the matches I was expecting the most Maybe the one with more storyline development Cody Rhodes vs Nick Aldis for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title Before the PPV I was hyping myself, I watched interviews, press conferences, but the most I watched was the Ten Pounds of Gold of the NWA’s channel Where they tell the story of Cody, Aldis, Flip, etc. The title history I don’t know if calling it documentary is right, is a video series But yes I was watching the videos and the one i liked the most was the Dream vs Reality chapter Where they talk more about Dusty when he won 3 times champ I think, Cody’s father I loved the series It hyped me a lot, and thanks to that I think I actually enjoyed more tso of the match I’ve been hearing some critics about Cody and the match, for me was one of the best, I don’t care, it’s my opinión and if you have another one, okay But for me it was awesome Very good entrances Like in Box, it really felt like an evnironment of important fight, great and that’s something sometimes wrestling misses today with WWE looks like victories, looses don’t care this really felt like a big match like Omega vs Okada, Omega vs Ibushi, Okada vs Tana In Japan And that’s how it felt, like a big match and important match, relevant title Nick Aldis did a great job as champ Entertaining match I really enjoyed it, the entrances, very emotional The crowd was excellent Great job, even Brandi got involved Very good, I really liked it and Cody won, i predicted Aldis to retain, but it didn’t happen I don’t think it was egoistical Because some people say he is pulling a Jeff Jarret by creating his show and getting the title That isn’t what Cody is doing He’s just honoring his father And I don’t think Nick didn’t have power over that decision I think Nick was okay Because is something very important what a Cody victory represents for the title because of its history, Cody’s father So yes, I really enjoyed the match, I give it 3.5 stars Very good, one of my favourites And well we move into the Street fight Chicago match between the great Hangman Page Against the Bad Boy Joey Janela with the bad girl Penélope Ford Very good match also one of my favourites of the night Tremendous these two beated each other Joey Janela I knew he was someone that takes a lot fo risk But really since this match I want to see more of Joey I want to see him maybe in some years on WWE or at least NJPW The same goes to Ford, she has good atleticism Her participation was great attacking Hangman Page and helping her bf, I don’t know what their relation is tbh Bad Boy and Hangman did a great match, good spots The powerbomb from the stairs to the table of Hangman to Joey, OMG That was brutal, then they brought the boots They did a Donkey Kong reference with the barrell the boots that used to talk to Adam A lot know this history between Joey Ryan and Page They did the resume of the history before the match Because obviously Joey was going to appear And well at the end we saw Hangman using the telephone that he used to kill Ryan to try to kill Joey Janela And then he did an insane ride of passage from the Ladder to the table One of my favourite spots in the last years I loved it, Hangman is truly a guy with great future, I hope he gets a push on NJPW I hope to be able to say in some years that he is one of the best on NJPW, that he already won the IWGP title but that Will depend on him and on creative This guy really has a great future And Joey Janela also has, but he needs to take care of his ass Because he can kill himself one of these days Hangman won as predicted, and ofr me is a match of 4.25 stars, maybe I’m overrating it, but I really loved it, beautiful match At the end, the reason why I added that .25 was the ending Because Joey Ryan returned from dead, and we saw his penis get erected then there’s a parody of Taker’s entrance but with penises Joey Ryan makes his entrance, one of the best returns I’ve ever seen I Will never forget the penises Very funny, very funny A lot of people don’t like him, I understand he’s a comedy wrestler a lot of people like more serious stuff I can understand, but I loved this comedy element this return, the best parody entrance and AWESOME Then the match for the ROH title Jay Lethal Against Flip Gordon who won the OTB BATTLE ROYALE Jay lethal went out as Macho Man An entertaining match, I would say, it was very focused On Jay and the Black Machisimo I didn’t like it at all, was expecting more But yes, there was good parts And as expected, Jay won, Flip obviously was not gonna win, he just had to be on the show But decent match, 3.25 stars for me And we move on int… Oh, I almost forgot, Bully Ray tried to attack both I preditcted PAC was going to attack them, but didn’t happen, was Bully Colt Cabana saved them, Flip, Jay and him triple powerbombed the S Out of Bully Nice, he’s an idiot We move into one of the best matches The Mexican

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