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ALL NEW BREED! 😱😱😍 | Star Stable News

October 26, 2019

Hello StarFam and welcome to Star Stable News! After an autumn filled with #AwesomeArabians
and Pintabians, it’s finally time to welcome a newcomer to Jorvik! This is a breed that has never put their hooves
on Jorvegian soil before, but now they’re finally here! They’re small, they’re adorable, they’re the
connemara! These strong friends come in three different
variations, the first variation can be found in Fort Pinta, and the second and third variation
can both be found on Paddock Island! The connemara might be a small breed, but
they are actually very fast and they make a great race horse, as they can easily keep
up with the horses on Jorvik! Because of their speed, they are not allowed
to participate in the pony race or the pony championship. There are no specific reputation requirements
to purchase these horses and for four weeks there will also be no level requirements for
the dapple grey connemara in Fort Pinta! After the four weeks are up, you’ll need to
reach level 12 to get one of the connemaras! Over here in Christmas village, Santa has
reported a suspected sabotage! We think it’s for the best that you catch
a sleigh and set out on a mission to find the saboteur before Christmas is RUINED! Have you ever wondered what it’s like to ride
one of Santa’s reindeers? Well, today you can find out, as one of the
shops in the Christmas village will sell a magical Christmas powder, that turns your
horse into a reindeer! The powder is available to purchase as one
use at the time, or in bundles of 5, 10, and 15! You activate it by standing in front of your
horse, click your powder in your backpack and drag it to your horse, release the powder
and your horse will turn into a reindeer! If you’ve bought a lot of reindeer powder,
don’t worry! This powder can be used even after the Christmas
celebrations have ended, and don’t forget that you can save them in your wardrobe if
you need extra space in your backpack! In the ice cave you can swap your Christmas
wishes for a fourth variation of the reindeer! The ice cave reindeer powder can be used as
many times as you’d like, but unlike the other powders, it can’t be used after the Christmas
celebrations on Jorvik have ended. This week we’ve added some new visual effects
in the game! They’re called Antialiasing and Anisotropic
filtering, and what they do is they make the game graphics look sharper and smoother! Post effects in our options have also gotten
a new name, and will from now on be called “Bloom”! What do you guys think? Try them out and tell us in the comments! This week the horse market is under construction
in Fort Pinta! That was all for today you guys, thank you
so much for watching! Don’t forget to comment, like and subscribe,
and visit all of our social media channels the links are in the description box below! And check back with us next week for
the latest Game News! *breathes in* Byeeee! Matilda: HELLO StarFam! GM Ylva: And welcome! Matilda: To Star St… Matilda: CONNEMARA GM Ylva: Do you like it? Try them out… GM Ylva: WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?! Matilda: Mustache! Matilda: Go for the latest game news! GM Ylva: … and visit al owl… owl… GM Ylva: Why are we such weirdos?! Matilda: I don’t know!

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  2. Omg I love them!!! Any chance you can add and albino one next?! 💕💕( like albino coat, blue eyes and pink nose!!) just in case some people didn’t know 😂😂

  3. id you know the Connemara is known as "the horse of the emerald isle" and I think it was because of their strong hooves

  4. I love the new Connemaras! Not only are all of them adorable with the new in depth animations, but the colorations are all so gorgeous! You guys are really getting better with making your horses not only look more realistic, but also move and act like real inquisitive equines. Please keep up the amazing work you guys, all the recent updates have been amazing. Oh and in case you were wondering, I got the buckskin Connemara, but personally I really want all three haha!

  5. Hallo ihr kommen oder könnt ihr drei Farben von Connemaras in Star stabile Horses bringen bitte ich liebe connemaras

  6. I absolutely LOVE the new Connemara, I went and got the buckskin one. They are so beautifully detailed from forelock to hoof, and they're one of my favorite horse/ponies in SSO yet! Great job! ♥ I also sow the Mistfall teaser, I'm so excited! What are the requirements to get in? (Once it's released)

  7. First of all, compared to the jovik pony this horse is so big. The Welsh Pony has the word "pony" in it and its sized for a pony so it should be able to race in the pony race and championship!! Same goes for the Icelandic!! Fix this!!!! 🛠

  8. I'm really not happy with the way our character looks like the hair going so back, the run, and the walk. Over all AWSOME GAMEEEEEEEEEEE ❤️💕😆😜🦌🐴

  9. Love it! When you add a new horse color can you please add a white connamara? I would be so happy! My pony is a Grey/white connamara 🐴🐴 you did an amazing job!

  10. I can´t buy it they said four weeks not four days it says im going to be lvl 12!?!?!?

  11. Love love LOVE these little guys! Definitely picking one up sometime… I think I might wait until there's more colors to choose from. Gotta love variety! Their animations are so fluid and realistic and I just adore their doe-eyes. Props to you, Star Stable devs! -Emily Moosehearth

  12. So lucky I have 830 sc! But idk if I should buy the dapple grey or the buckskin Rn making a poll about that in Amino! LOL

  13. Hey Star Stable I have an Idea for horse animations!:
    Make it so that we are able to have our horses lay down! It would be the most cute thing ever! I know a lot of people who roleplay on this game would enjoy this ability in Wild mode! Horses laying down are so adorable too! It would be so amazing if us players would be on a bbq/picnic with friend and we see our horses laying down as well!
    Another Idea I have is that you should allow us to lay on our horses while we aren't moving!(Sort of Like AO but we can choose if we want to lay down and not wait a time limit) It would be so adorable and look stunning for pictures!
    I know this is a lot to ask from the SSO team but I can tell you that the SSO community wouldn't be let down by these animations!

  14. Ahh! I have the grey one and he is called Stormsmash!! He is just amazing!!!! I can not take my eye of the gallop! AH! I just want to say well done! I was looking at the older Star Stable videos and could you please do more give aways? As in, like 'post this on your insta and you might win a Star Stable jumper!!!' Something like that! I love you so much Star Stable! Everyone of you!! x

  15. Next weekend can you please do a triple or double star coins for people that buy the bundle please if so you guys are the best!!


  17. I like the new Connemara's! but i am disappointed with the new Christmas quest. The true meaning of Christmas is not presents the true meaning is Christ's birth. Jesus is the reason for the season. I would at least expect this game to say some about the true meaning as being with family or something of the sort because i know not all people have faith. Love the new ponies dislike the meaning of the quest.

  18. Star stable i have a question? Can you give me 20,000 or 5,000 star coins please!!! I'm really low on them My user is Jamie Sparrowdaughter. Just send me them in the mail in the game plz!!!!!!!!!!! You don't have to give me star coins i'm just asking.

  19. We should come out with dogs and cats, that can run beside us, like German Shephereds and many more! and we could get cats a different breeds of cat and dog could run beside us, and when you stop and are not moving, if a cat should jump on the horse behind the saddle and groom itself and if dog maybe lay down! Just some ideas i came up with randomly.

    How cool would that be? Like if you think so sso can see! <3

  20. star stable can you add the same Jorvik wild horses as last year and get the same colors the same everything the Color of the eyes the normal horse colors all that I want them on February 10th to 20th please it will be my dream come true i did not get them last year so please i beg you please StarStableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  21. Hey, I have a new horse you can add to the game ( More than one) I think its called Holsteiner, but I don't know , also the Shetland pony / miniature pony , and also maybe a cross breed like the horses we have got ( Clydie crosses) Thanks, hope you add these in the future 🙂

  22. I love the Connemaras star stable! However, there’s still one breed I’d love to see have a new makeover. The friesians look fabulous, as do the new Jorvik Warmbloods, but I’d love to see my favourites get a new look! The Andalusian! For such a beautiful breed I really think they deserve a new look!

  23. The horses are amazing and i love them. I was wondering if you was going to put realistic animations on the other horses and make more horse hairstyles and maybe add dressage as a skill for a horse to do ^.^

  24. the commemara's walk looks like there sliding across the ground can you make it look better if that's ok and I really love them im planning to get one because they look so cute


  26. u are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring

  27. Hi! Can you help me? I invited my friends and it did not give me star coins for both of my friends. They both approved their accounts and still didn't work. Can u plz help me? Thanks! Also I love the connemaras and your channel is really cool! Cya in your next update!

  28. By the way thanks for fixing they walk. I don't own one my account name is Lauren Eagledragon and my server is raspberry valley ; D

  29. Yay my fav breed in all of Star Stable! For Christmas can you please add a bay paint a black paint both with pinkey on its nose, a nice white mane and grey body with grey dapples on its belly and butt and have pinkey on its nose, black Connemara with a blaze and pink on its nose, a really nice chestnut, and a light bay!!! My Christmas money will go towards getting star coins and buying them! I know I am a year late to this video but ya know!!! STAR STABLE CHRISTMAS WISH LIST!!!!!!!! Yay!

  30. Can you please make A palomino Connemara on starstable horses please I beg you I really need one I’m level 8

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