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ALL OF MY HORSES 2019! // Versatile Horsemanship

November 19, 2019

in today’s video I’m gonna introduce you
to my entire herd of horses if you’re new here my name is brandi and this
channel is all about horses and my journey with horsemanship so if you want
to learn more about horses and follow my journey you can start by hitting that
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video okay let’s go meet everybody Petra is a quarter horse mare and I’ve had her
since she was four and she was my personal horse until this year she
started doing lessons back in June so she is now a lesson horse petrus eight
years old what oh my goodness and she she really is a love she’s very very
sweet and everybody just loves her Petra has what’s called PS sm it stands for
polysaccharide storage myopathy and it’s a genetic muscle disease okay and this
little sweetheart here this is muffin and pretty much everybody knows muffin
muffin is 19 and I’ve had her for I think 10 years but she is one of my most
popular lesson horses pretty much anybody and everybody rides her muffin
is super athletic she can jump three foot – she barrel races she you name it
this pony does it and she’s just plain awesome the thing I like about her is
she’s big enough so I can ride her – muffin is her mom was a Welsh pony and
her dad was a quarter horse he was actually a Rainer and muffin was
definitely an oops the stallion got out got in with the mayor and you know
there’s muffin so but we absolutely adore her and muffin has quite the story
behind her – most of my horses have a story I can’t say that I have ever just
gone out and picked out horses for myself all of my horse is kind of fine
to me so a muffin was a client’s horse that just kind of came along and I’ll
have to do a story about her too because it’s actually pretty interesting
everybody always says is that Nocona stabi no that is dayz and dayz is my
miniature horse this is Nocona this is Nicola
Nocona is one of my personal horses she’s in a lot of my videos and she is
one of my favorites to ride Nocona is pretty darn awesome she’s an Appaloosa
and if you know who Danny the horse girl is Nocona was bred and raised on her
farm and I’ve had her since she was 2 this little cutie pie this is Daisy and
she adorable Daisy rides and drives and I’ve had her
since 2011 so and I think she was 3 when I got her
Daisy adds a lot of attitude and fast to the herd right Ava treat in my pocket
they all know it this is Nelly Nelly is my rescue mayor and she just came down
and I just kind of ended up with her that’s just kind of how it happens
so Nelly has been a lot of fun to work with and she is now one of the favorite
lesson horses that I have and she’s come a long way I have a lot of stories to
tell about Nelly she was pretty naughty when I first got her so Nelly is
probably right around 15 we think she’s a quarter horse and we don’t have papers
or anything for her so I’d love to know about her her breeding and such I’d love
to know what she actually is I’m guessing there’s a little thoroughbred
in there somewhere she just kind of has that look to me this is Annabelle and
Annabelle is Annabelle’s one that just kind of fell into my lap as well
basically a friend of mine called me and said I have this horse that’s been
abandoned at my place and I think that she’d be great for your lesson program
so I went and looked at her and ended up bringing her home so and she’s really
been a great she’s really been a great addition to my lesson program
Annabelle’s super fun she’s probably one of my favorite horses to ride she’s
really sensitive she’s really kind of quirky and she’s sorta she’s just a
weird horse but I really like her and she’s really fun I would love to know
more about her history we’re really not sure on how old she is or anything we’re
guessing probably around 12 I think but she’s she’s definitely
a great great teacher so I adore her now this one here this is my personal
horse this is the awesome miss blossom I have a couple of my lessons that I’ve
filmed and there’s another one coming up soon but blossom is great she’s a really
really fun horse to ride and she’s another one that just kind of ended up
here she was boarded here and came up for
sale and I just liked her so she got to stay bear is my daughter’s pony and I
have a really fun quick story about beer I started him as a three year old and I
had no idea actually how big he was when he came to me for training until I went
out to see him so he just kind of came to the barn that I was working at and so
I’m like he’s all of 450 pounds how am I gonna ride him so I started him bareback
I had had him for 30 days and I got him going bareback and I got him to the
point where a couple of my students could ride him and he was just such a
who’s such a good little guy I liked him so much so I told the owners said if you
ever decide to sell him please let me know because I would absolutely love to
have him so several years later they contacted me and I was in the hospital
toefl was just born the day before my daughter was just born and they said
we’ve decided to sell Bear and would really love for you to buy him because
he’d be great for your program and so I told him I said you know I have so much
going on my older horse poco was not doing well and I just had a baby and
it’s so much happening that I couldn’t take him at the time and they said you
know what we will hold on to him as long as you need to to take him even if it’s
even if it’s a year we’ll hold on to him and so that’s what I did a year later
and went picked him up towba was a year old and her pony came home and it was
just kind of meant to be so it’s two boys we’re gonna fight so yeah it’s just
that’s just kind of how it works sometimes and I love that
absolutely love that my horses have all found me in some way shape or form
now this little guy this is lucky and lucky isn’t very lucky because he only
has one eye you see this missin and I so and that happened years ago in a pasture
accident so lucky has been part of my program for I think I’ve had him for two
years now and he’s been a really good addition to my program he’s a Welsh pony
oh lucky is a Welsh pony and he is I don’t know he’s in his upper teens maybe
18 or so he is such a stinker man if anybody’s gonna cause any problems in
the pasture it’s Daisy so and I think I forgot to mention that blossom is a
quarter horse she registered quarter horse Annabelle
we really don’t know what she is um I’m assuming there’s paint in there but
she’s pretty little she’s only maybe 14 hands even so lucky is a lesson pony
he’s really good he’s a really good teacher for kids so he’s um he doesn’t
put up with anything and he he dishes out a lot so nice so now this is Little
Miss Rosie Rosie had some pretty major issues back in January so I’ll I’ll post
her link above to her playlist cuz it’s really interesting very educational all
the things that Rosie had to go through and I’m really hoping that by sharing
her story it can help kind of it can help educate others on what symptoms to
look for for certain things so check that out
I know Kona hello this is ona ona is a three-year-old quarter horse she’s a
buckskin and she came from the Fralick ranch in North Dakota so ona is I need
to get working on her and I have so much to share about this horse and she just
really really really needs a lot of my time that I don’t really have but I’ve
got some fun videos coming up soon of her and some of the things that we did
over the summer to share with you so stay tuned and you’ll see
about this lovely little mayor this is cinnamon and cinnamon is a 10 year old
paint mare I bought her from one of my students it’s kind of the same sort of
thing as like blossom she was just here I really liked her and she’s a really
great lesson horse really nice mare she’s been a great addition to my
program so she is definitely a favorite among a lot of my students and she’s
just a fun fun horse to have have at the farm let’s see if we can go see Sally
she’s afraid so I want you to I want to show you kind of what Sally’s like now
since I have I have a selfie stick my phone is attached to a selfie stick and
so Sally’s afraid of that but that’s how she is thing so this is Sally and
Sally’s not actually mine but I’m pretty sure that Sally has decided that I have
her human I don’t have much experience with mules but the thing that I have
found with them is oh my gosh they are so incredibly loyal so she is just kind
of like super attached to me and a year ago I could not I could not even touch
this animal so she’s kind of quirky but I love that about her mini horse
shenanigans going on here see that little one she likes to tell the others
she likes to give them the what for man she is stinker if you want to learn a little bit more
about Sally for right now though I’ll post a link above that’ll take you to
take you to one of her videos okay who else do we need to meet let’s see I have now if you’ve been following my channel
for any length of time there’s a good chance that you’ve met this little guy
this is Mainzer and i’m sure i don’t have to tell a lot of you that but
Mainzer is now out with the herd and he is six months old today is November 17th
so he just turned six months last week and he loves being with all the other
horses he’s very social and him and bear play and play and play now if you want
to know more about him I will post a link to his journey above really really
awesome awesome videos to watch about from the daily bread nikka this is his
mom all the way to current so if you want to follow his journey make sure to
click on that link it’s like but he’s had such an interesting life so far it’s
really fun for me even to go back and watch those videos because it’s just
been it’s just been such a learning experience for me
Mainzer is our first foal he is just a little delight now you know he’s out
with the herd and doing well and I’ll be sure to share the rest of his journey
with you so stay tuned because there’s a lot more videos coming about Mainzer to
lead up to this point oh my goodness if you’ve been following man’s journey you
also know a lot about Nika and know that she is just an absolutely amazing
amazing horse okay so Nika is 19 and we’ve had her
since she was a yearling and she was actually born on this farm before we
owned it so that’s kind of a fun fact I’m going to take you over and
show you the final member of the herd who has for some reason decided that she
needs to just go and hang out by herself and tell me what your favorite horse is
out of my entire herd and tell me what you want to know about them I will post
videos about each horse my goal is to eventually have a playlist for every
horse so you can kind of see more about them and really get to know that last
horse for today and if you’ve watched my videos recently you have seen that Miss
Kitty had a choking incident she has her own playlist so you can see some things
that have been going on with her recently
but this gal is 26 years old and let me see I don’t think I hit I might have a
little treat crumb in my pocket she’s 26 years old and we have had her she was
born at my parents farm I’m actually the very first person that ever got to see
her Miss Kitty is actually the very last
animal from my childhood so it’s kind of a hard hard thing to think about it’s
really hard to say goodbye to those animals that have been there like your
whole life so Miss Kitty’s one of them I was 13 when she was born so it’s kind of
crazy to think about how long she’s been with me so but she’s a good girl she’s a
really good girl she still does lessons and she’s um it’s good for her to keep
active you know there’s kind of saying you use it or you lose it so you got to
use those muscles you got to use those joints keep him moving as long as
possible because you know they don’t work so good if you quit using him so
she’s she’s a great lesson horse and we try to keep just little ones on her now
but Kitty okay it’s getting dark so that’s it for today I hope you enjoyed
this video thanks so much for watching see you in the next one bye

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