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Altered Mechanical Horse | Mixed Media Mania Youtube Hop

August 18, 2019

hi everyone its Keren here and welcome
back to my channel today I have a brand new tutorial as a part of the mixed
medium mania YouTube hop a few of us have gathered to create a video and have
everyone hop along through the videos and you can watch amazing inspiration
and also win some fabulous prizes we have some amazing sponsors and logo
below in the description area so you can see what each sponsor is giving away so
stay tuned until the end of the video so you can see how you would be eligible to
win all these amazing prizes for this YouTube hop I created an altered horse
using our mechanicals and rusted mediums the links to all the products are listed
below in the description area and I will try to lift as many as I can
some of them medals I might not find for listing because they might be old but
you can use any type of elements to embellish any type of project so I just
wanted to find embellishment that won’t make it look as realistic as possible to
begin with I started with a paper mache horse that I actually got at Target it’s
actually a unicorn and I did cut the horn off because my daughter really
wanted me to make her a horse she’s been asking for me to make her a course for a
long long time and I was going to alter one of her horses she has a lot of toy
horses and some of them she doesn’t care for anymore so I thought I would alter
one of hers however when I saw this unicorn in the store I thought this
would be the perfect one that way she doesn’t have to give up on any of her
horses all I did is took some Prima Finnabair heavy white gesso and gave the
horse a coat all over I only gave it one coat as I knew I was putting other
mediums and I knew it wouldn’t be necessary to put more than one coat as
everything will be covered I heat set the gesso really really well and then I
took some Prima Finnabair paper paste to create some texture all I did is take
the paper paste and using a knife I just rubbed it on top of the
horse in different places to create a horse hair and make it look more
authentic so all I did is just add the actual paste all around the horse just
so it would create a lot of that really nice rich texture and my daughter really
wanted it to look authentic I wanted to show you all the details on this horse
this altered horse I really wanted to make it mechanical but also a little bit
realistic because my daughter really asked me to have a realistic type of
horse but because it’s a 3d and it’s because it’s an odd shape I couldn’t
show you how I’m gluing all the metals so what I wanted to do is I wanted to go
through what I glued so I can show you all the details before I actually paint
in that way you can really see what I used so I really thought these were cool
these these are the wings from Tim Holtz and also the buckles the belt buckles I
thought that was perfect to kind of make it look like a saddle I took one of the
wood plaque metal embellishments from Prima and that kind of maker’s it kind
of has like a horse shape but it made it look like a saddle and I did the same
thing on both sides so they’re two wings are here and the saddle is coming down
from it I used lots of different gears some of them are from Prima some of them
are prima finna bear some of them are I’ve gone off of ebay or amazon
different places are list those below and as you can see I put them in
different places and I also glued I thought this was cute two little zippers
hanging off both sides if you can see they’re hanging on one side and in the
other I also decorated the bottom of the feet oh I think I lost one of them I
have to put one on I’ve decorated the bottom of the feet with some gears so
they would be looking like horseshoes but instead of horseshoes gears and I
added lots of cute elements the leaves I wrapped around the leg I wrapped leaves
around the tail to make it look more realistic and the cool thing I thought
was the hair itself the main so I grabbed two these
are flourishes their metal finna be R therefore the prima Prima Finnabair metal
flourishes I had two left over from two different packages so I basically
glue them one on one side and then I glue the other one the opposite way
because I had to flip it around and I glued some gears on it as well I then
took some other elements here to glue on the head I put a gear here in the center
and two for the eyes and finally I thought it was really good to make the
reins I took some of the Tim Holtz I don’t know chains I’m not sure what
they’re called let me see the name of it Tim Holtz swivel clasps they’re called
these ones the clasps and what I did is I attached some chains to it and I
attached an actual war this is an old one that I have it says believe in it
and it’s basically just hanging off and I will take this off before I actually
paint the horse I just wanted to show you how I did the reins so I thought
they can come off and that’s really nice I added also some hearts in some places
and basically just embellished it the way I liked it I thought it’s not fully
realistic but it just has lots of really cute elements I love the wings and oh
and here for the saddle at the top I don’t know if you can see it there’s a
little there’s a little like two metal pieces that have like these hoops on
them so these like clasps and I could attach the rein on through this so as I
said you can really remove this you can remove open this up and remove the
actual rain I’ll show you what I mean because my daughter is so into horses
she loves loves horses and she’s been begging me to make her one come on it’s
kind of stuck on sec so this was a good idea to do that way here we go so you
see I can remove this one and attach it back again and that’s the cool thing
about it and has these hoops here so they’re perfect for the further ring
I couldn’t do any like a bit I couldn’t do anything on the mouth I thought I
could find something but I couldn’t but I think it looks pretty realistic with
buckles I thought that was really cool okay once everything was fully dried
then I’ve started adding the rust paste to the background I started with a Prima Finnabair Brown rust paste this is the large jar but it also comes in a set of
three paste of the brown the red and the yellow the first thing I’m doing is I’m
taking the brown paste alone and I’m covering the whole horse with the brown
paste that gives it a very nice base for everything the rust paste is pretty
gritty and it gives a really cool effect to the background it makes it look as
real horsehair and I really like this color because it’s perfect brownish
color that looks exactly like a horse’s mane you can apply these pastes in any
type of combination you don’t have to start with the brown one first but for
this project I wanted to start with the brown one first because I wanted to make
the horse look as brown as possible I knew that I was going to add some of the
red yellow and patina paste but I knew that the base had to be brown so all I
did is I took a paint brush this is the Prima Finnabair paint brush the
thickest one and I just added the brown paste including the body of the horse
and all the embellishments the large brush helps you cover the large areas of
the background however you can take a smaller paint brush to just get into the
nooks and crannies in-between the embellishments to make sure there is no
white area left at the end when you finish painting i painted first one side
and then I went ahead and painted the other side but I will only show you just
the one side that I painted just because it’s unnecessary to show you the whole
process as you just waste a lot of video time I heat set
Brown layer really well before adding the next color because I didn’t want
them to mix too much together as a brown overpowers everything so I took the red
rust which is also one of the colors that come in the set of rust piece and
I’m linking both the single large tabs of eight ounces and also the set with
all the three colors so you can decide if you want to just experiment first
with the smaller tubs until you’re comfortable using and doing this
technique or you can just go ahead and buy the large types of the colors that
you really love I took the red rust and just added adding it in certain areas I
wanted to add it with a dry brush technique on certain embellishments just
to kind of highlight the texture of each embellishment I didn’t want the red to
overpower the background I just wanted to add a little bit of red in certain
areas to make it look as if it’s oxidized that way you still have the
brown underneath which creates the shadow and also remains in the
background so you can have it as the hair of the horse so all I did is just
put some of the red rust paste on my paintbrush and then just dabbing it on
my mat before applying it on the horse will help add that really nice texture
on the body of the horse and not cover the whole Brown area
I didn’t drive the lair with the red rust because I knew that I didn’t add
too much of it and when I added the other colors the next two colors which
is the yellow rust and the blue patina paste that they would combine
beautifully with the red and create that really beautiful oxidized look so I took
first the yellow rust paste which is the third color that combines in the set and
I started adding it in some areas to create yellow highlights then I went
ahead and took the blue patina paste which is part of another set of the
Prima finna bear pastes and when I added this one to the horse and it combined
with the yellow rust it creates that beautiful patina look that I loved so
much and that you want to create in your projects so what I did is I added the
yellow rust with the patina rust at the same time and I went back and forth
between the two colors until I was happy with the look that it gave it’s really
important to combine these two colors together that way you get that beautiful
oxidized look so I knew already had the brown rust in the background and that
created the really nice shadow behind it in the nice horse hair but I wanted
there other colors to kind of create that really nice oxidized look to make
it look as if the horse is actually made out of metal I also wanted to point out
that if you do make any mistakes and you are too much of a certain color you can
definitely not only wipe it off but you can go back with the darker colors
whether it is the brown or the red and add some of it to the background to kind
of hide those mistakes so you can continue combining the different rest
pace until you’re happy with the way they turned out
showing you how I’m working with this horse only on one side and then I’m
going to turn the horse around and work on the other side but I might not show
you everything because it’s just redundant to show you the same steps
over and over on all sides since this is a 3d object it’s really hard to have it
shown from all different sides so I just want to show you the technique
specifically and you can go ahead and apply it to any type of project it
doesn’t need to be a horse it doesn’t have to be these specific metals it just
makes it look really good when you combine all these colors together and
sometimes a good idea is to dry things up in between layers so that way you can
add a little bit more of the different colors that you’re adding the blue
patina paste comes with also in a set with two other pastes it comes with a
brass metallic color and also with a mint green which is a little bit lighter
than this turquoise looking color however I love working with these four
colors the most I find that they give the best rusted effect to any project so
the brown the red the yellow and the blue make the best combination that I
love using in all my projects I really love combining these pastes together to
create that really cool oxidized and rusted look to any project and you can
use any type of material no matter what they are they could be plastic they
could be metal wood or even paper and these pastes will give you an amazing
cover on any type of surface and you don’t even need to prime it you see here
that I did add the white gesso I actually didn’t really need to add the
white gesso because as you can see the brown covered everything beautifully
however the reason why I had added white gesso to begin with is because I really
wasn’t sure what I was going to do I didn’t know that I was going to add rust
paste I thought I was going to go in a different
action and then I changed my mind and ended up using the recipe so this is why
I went with the white gesso otherwise I could have put the rest paste directly
on the background because I’ve done that before and they are perfect and give a
great coverage once I was finished doing both sides of the horse
I took some prima FINA very metallic waxes and started adding them as
highlights on the embellishments first I started with the vintage gold and then I
took the aged brass which are two of my favorite colors and all I did is just
add some highlights on that all the embellishment using my index finger I
like using my finger because it’s really an easy way to control where the wax
goes and it adds some beautiful highlights to all the textures and
embellishments on any project and because this project had so many
beautiful textures and different embellishments it really added a
beautiful finish you can definitely add the same waxes with a paintbrush as well
I kept on turning the horse around to just add the wax in all the different
embellishments on the face on the legs and also to highlight that texture from
the rust paste and that greenness that it had on the background that really
highlighted that horse hair really well and it made it look more realistic to
get into those areas where my finger cannot reach I took a small stipple
brush or a blending brush and I dipped it into the wax and then just used it to
add some more highlights in those areas that I couldn’t reach these brushes are
perfect for the waxes and many different companies make them specifically prema
and fin a bear has their own set of brushes as well as Tim Holtz so these
are really great to use for any type of project and they work perfectly with the
waxes to add a few more reddish highlights I took another wax called
rich copper and I added it in some areas and on some embellishments
again these three colors of the waxes are my favorite I tend to use them in
all my projects I love the vintage gold the aged brass in the rich copper as
they make everything look very untaken vintage so by adding this rich copper as
highlights on some of the embellishment it brought in that rusty red look that
you can see in old antique furniture or in something that has been sitting there
on a bookshelf for many many years so all these products combined may this
horse look as if it’s some antique horse toy that has been sitting on a shelf
somewhere for a very long time thank you so much for watching and for joining us
today on the mixed-media mania you tube hop with all my really talented friends
go ahead and hop through all the YouTube channels as I’ve listed them below in
the description area where all the embellishments and supplies are as well
I also have the video for the next channel that you’re hopping to listed at
the end of my video so you all you have to do is just press the link and go to
the next one there’s also so many prizes being given away each person is giving
away one choice of digital images from my studios and a grab bag from Viva Las
Vegas stamps we also have so many amazing sponsors and each one of them is
giving away an amazing price to be eligible to win you have to be a
subscriber of each of the channels and comment on their videos
prizes will be chosen and random from several videos in the hop and will be
announced on May 4th thank you so much now hop onto the next video have an
amazing day bye

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