Alternator Voltage Boost Modification +15V With Diodes Part 2 ENG Subtitles
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Alternator Voltage Boost Modification +15V With Diodes Part 2 ENG Subtitles

August 11, 2019

Hello Playing with alternators again Now We make a new modification Maybe upgrade, we will see I remowed these Diodes And extended the grounding cables 2,5mm2 Should be enough So I will Ground the regulators to same place So there will be no voltage differences There was about 0,1V Difference for some reason Maybe Slightly different diodes So now I will ground these to same place With diodes Same style So there shouldn’t be Voltage difference And I will add A switch Normal switch To Boost the voltage So the options are Original About 14V And this time +15V Because of Maxwell capacitors I will get much more power out of them I can charge them much more full Than I have now For better SPL score With 14V the caps are Half full Far from full Now when I had 14.7V It was much better No I will go over 15V Just for competitions 14V is enough For normal use Easy to go higher with a switch So for SPL I do this No point charging +15V All the time I will continue We will see will it work or not Okay, some progress Alternators Are installed Here’s Regulators ground cables They are connected together here And split to two again And then There’s ring terminal on other end Here’s switch For cutting the ground And diodes go here Here’s.. I use different diodes this time 10A10 Had 6A10 last time I changed To better ones There’s one diode extra But I wanted it to look nice This should boost the voltage about 1.2-1.4V We will see What happens I can make it original with this switch It’s 30A switch, a bit overkill I will fit this next And this goes directly to battery Let’s continue Okay We have Diodes in place Switch fitted On Off On Let’s try it The charge voltage Switch is on so charge voltage should be About 14V, let’s test it About 14V Okay, 14.0V Now we turn off the switch Let’s see what it does now 15.5V, that’s high Okay Nice That’s it High enough Okay Now it should go down Okay it works

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  1. En ymmärää näist mitää mut katon koska oot mun lempi tubettaja 😀 <3 🔥🔥🔥🔥Edit: Kiitti korostetusta kommentista!

  2. eikö ois ollu mukavampi asentaa toi kytkin johki ohjaamoon vai asensitko jälkeenpäin ohjaamoon ton kytkimen😀

  3. I would like to know where to do this on my isuzu rodeo alternator. I know it's possible but I'm not sure where to do it

  4. Good video.. i know this too but be careful in the car with that.. must fuse it , diods can burn.. and think about the Airbag system.. watch this i think thats an idea for a video with your Audio system 😂👍 greetings from Germany your a good guy..

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