AMAZING Box of Ponies! HUGE My Little Pony eBay HAUL Unboxing! TONS of G4 Ponies! by Bin’s Toy Bin
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AMAZING Box of Ponies! HUGE My Little Pony eBay HAUL Unboxing! TONS of G4 Ponies! by Bin’s Toy Bin

December 2, 2019

>>Jon: Hi everybody it’s Jon>>Bin: And Bin [Knock on the door]>>Jon: Who could that be?>>Bin: We have a delivery>>Jon: Well that’s good because we didn’t
have anything to review in this video>>Bin: (Laughs)>>Jon: That would be a very short video. Luckily
the deliveryman just came with a special package addressed to us.>>Bin: To Bin’s Toy Bin. Let’s see what it is It’s pony stuff! Holy Smokes!>>Jon: We got a big box of pony stuff off
of Ebay. Look at all that stuff in there. We don’t even know everything that’s in it.
We are going to pull it out for you in this video. Just a big unboxing. First thing out of the box. “A free guitar with friendship lasts forever”
Where did this thing originate from? It is a My Little Pony magazine with a toy
guitar in it. Anybody know where this came from?>>Bin: Let us know. We’ve got comic books.>>Jon: These are all issue one. All different
variant covers. Well five out of the six.>>Bin: We have this already. No this is a
different one. This is a paper craft from We Love Fine. This is a different one than what we’ve done before.>>Jon: We’ve had the royal wedding one.>>Bin: This is the Elements of Harmony one. Nightmare moon. What else does it have? Rainbow,
Fluttershy, Wonderbolts, and our favorite Derpy. The other scene is the Cloudsdale air show.>>Jon: I’ve never seen these before.>>Bin: No. So that’s cool We got the Twilight toothbrush holder cup>>Jon: A Dr. Hooves Funko figure with the
green tie.>>Bin: A bucket of stuff.>>Jon: A bucket of accessories.>>Bin: Here is a My Little Pony Bucket with
a whole bunch of accessories. It looks like from Fluttershy’s cottage. We’ve got a couple of Twilights.>>Jon: I believe these are the Happy Meal
toys.>>Bin: Yes. A couple of Cheerilee’s. Fluttershy Pinkie Pie. Applejack Rarity with a pink tail Celestia>>Jon: I don’t know who that is.>>Bin: I can’t think of it off the top of
my head. Here is the other Rarity.>>Jon: The rest of Fluttershy’s tree house>>Bin: Yes. A My Little Pony tin with a poster, a bunch
of trading cards, tattoos and some wedding foils>>Jon: There are some stickers in there too.>>Bin: Stickers.>>Jon: The big white Toys R Us talking Celestia.>>Celestia: Let’s fly to the castle.>>Bin: Her hair is very unruly (Laughs) What else do we have down here? We have Rarity’s Royal Gem carriage. (Gasps) A design-a-pony Fluttershy!>>Jon: You’ve already designed your pony>>Bin: Yea, I know but I can do another one We have a Hot air balloon for Twilight. It
doesn’t work. It probably needs batteries but that’s okay. We got a fashion style Rarity>>Jon: There’s Celestia’s crown.>>Bin: Ready for more ponies? Look at the box.>>Jon: I’m always ready for Ponies.>>Bin: Luna>>Jon: We got the little Luna and the Big
Luna>>Bin: Applejack>>Jon: Ponies, ponies and more ponies.>>Bin: This is a Wonderbolt>>Jon: A couple of customs. That’s cool.>>Bin: Here are some more customs>>Jon: Those are awesome. I’ll have to take
a closer look at those.>>Bin: And look what we have here. We have
a Minty>>Jon: G-4 Minty>>Bin: That’s pretty cool.>>Jon: These haven’t even been released in
the United States yet or at all. I don’t know. I don’t know what the story is exactly. But
that’s cool. We’ll have to do a separate video on Minty. We have a couple Minty stories to
tell.>>Bin: We do.>>Jon: I want to take a closer look at these
customs. This is quite a pony haul.>>Bin: This is great.>>Jon: That is a great custom>>Bin: This is a Rainbow Dash in the Wonderbolts
suit.>>Jon: You’re not going to let that go.>>Bin: No. I’m sorry but this is mine. This
is pretty awesome. This is so cool Oh wow. Look at that. Look at the hair. She’s
gorgeous. They did a very good job on her. Another really cool one. I don’t know what this is supposed to be.>>Jon: I don’t know. It looks like what’s
on the Care Bear.>>Bin: Yea. It does doesn’t it.>>Jon: And one more custom.>>Bin: Her head is a little bobbly.>>Jon: It’s going to take a while to sort
through all of this pony stuff>>Bin: I know. This is great. Look at all of this stuff>>Jon: If you happen to see anything in this
mess here that you think we should do a longer review on […]>>Bin: Let us know because we will. Sparkly hair.>>Jon: Some of these I don’t even know the
names of. We will have to look them up.>>Bin: This is awesome.>>Jon: If you liked our huge pony haul unboxing
video be sure to subscribe to our channel>>Bin: And like and comment.>>Jon: Be sure to follow us on Twitter>>Bin: And on Facebook. On Facebook we will
start posting pictures of some of the stuff we got.>>Jon: Yes and you can help us ID it.>>Bin: Yes.>>Jon: Thanks for watching everybody>>Bin: Bye.

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  1. 4 past yeas I forgot about bins you bin when I came back I remaber my favorite
    videos when I was three it calls bin toys bins

  2. I like some different Pony like some of them that are not your some bomb that are not my favorite like rainbow Dash is not my favorite and I'm like if I pink one I like pink one is my favorite only one

  3. l want to tell you that there a few rare ponies in there . the pink Pegasus with sparkly hair name is is plommet and she is one of the rarest ponies

  4. Oh heck. I remember this from when I was still in grade school and I loved watching these videos.
    You've progressed guys. Keep doing what you do.

  5. when i way little i watched this and was like omg i need it i wish i could live with you guys i was i really jelly but now im not

  6. I use to have the pony toothbrush holder but when I saw this I was 4 now i only have the toys and im 8 and I rember watching this when I was four

  7. so you can't think of her name. but her name is Lily Blossom not many people know that but Lily Blossom is a pretty name

  8. Rainbow Color light glowing right under Minty light and a bow of every door! that's what I love about Christmas! have A Very Minty Christmas Minty!!!!!!

  9. hey Bin's Toy Bins can you please give me that Princess Celestia toy my mommy said I'm a boy but I can't have my little pony toys but I really want one but she really wants Princess Celestia because Phyllis is my favorite my house number is 145 you can tell the mailman about my house number can you please give me that Princess Celestia doll please pretty please

  10. Omg! The memories of when I was extremely into ponies, I remember watching this a little after it came out. It has been like 5 years but it is still awesome!

  11. I used to watch this since I was 4 :)) gives me gud memos i was watching sing I was 4 so they had made good progress from 2013 to 2018 good progress:)))))))

  12. Oh my gosh! You guys are so lucky! I remember watching this so long ago! And the yellow and purple Pegasus is lilly blossom!

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