American Girl Mega Bloks Nicki’s Horse Stables BUILD – LEGO LIKE!  NEW American Girl 2016 TOYS
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American Girl Mega Bloks Nicki’s Horse Stables BUILD – LEGO LIKE! NEW American Girl 2016 TOYS

August 14, 2019

Kid Friendly TV Hey guys, it’s Whitney from Kid Friendly TV, and today we are playing with this American Girl Mega Bloks set called Nicki’s Horse Stables
and it looks super cute There is Nicki and here is the horse stable It looks like so much fun, and I can’t wait
to put this together with you guys today It also says that this play set has a story
inside, and it looks so cute Let’s go ahead and open up the box so we can
start putting it together Alright let’s see what it has inside the box Oh look, Nicki’s Horse Stables And this shows us how to put it together So these are the instructions That is really cool Let’s see what else we have We have some Mega Bloks I love the colors of these Mega Bloks, they
are so cute Oh look, awesome Oh look, there’s Nicki Here’s a closer look at Nicki, and she looks
so pretty Nicki has curly hair And she has on a super cute outfit She has a long sleeve dress on with a horse
on it And she has on some pink leggings And these really cute boots Those are awesome I really love these figures, because they have great movement, look how we can move Nicki’s legs That is super cool And we can move her arms And here’s Sprocket, he is so adorable too He is black and white, and we can move his
head back and forth He has his tongue sticking out, that is super
silly That is so cool And check this out, Nicki can even stand up
all by herself That is really awesome too Oh look, here is Jackson, this is Nicki’s
horse We can move his legs back and forth That is awesome Here is the American Girl Mega Bloks Nicki’s Horse Stables all put together and it is really awesome I love all the detail and all the stuff that
it comes with It is really cute So here is Nicki, and let’s look at everything
a little bit She is so sweet Ok, up here we have our hay up in the loft And over here is Jackson He is so cool too And let’s look over here and see what we can find Over here is really neat too, we have a small
garden, with some carrots growing And over here is a place where we can wash
our vegetables that we grow, so we can have some water, and here’s a little bucket of
water, it’s real cute And there is a fence back here, so when Jackson isn’t in the stables and running around he doesn’t get loose And over here is Sprocket, he is in his little
dog house And I love these flowers, they are really cute, and I think they look like real flowers which is awesome Sprocket has a little water bowl, or food
bowl, and it has this cute little bone That is really neat I really hope you guys enjoyed this American
Girl video and thanks so much for watching we really, really appreciate it Please don’t forget to subscribe to Kid Friendly
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channel so make sure you click on subscribe down below, so you don’t miss out on our next
new video I’ll see you guys soon Bye

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