An Enchanted ZONY?! 😍🦓🐴 | Star Stable News
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An Enchanted ZONY?! 😍🦓🐴 | Star Stable News

October 26, 2019

Hello StarFam and welcome to Star Stable News! If you’re already a subscriber welcome back! And if you’re new welcome to our channel! Here on Star Stable news we talk about the
weekly updates in the online game Star Stable! Due to some very, very exciting in real life
events here at our head quarters, this episode will be a little bit shorter! Ydris has started a little side business up
by his circus where he now has a pony for sale! He didn’t think that the regular pony was
special enough, so he spiced it up with some Pandoric magic! This pony is really showing its true stripes
from the moment you meet it! It’s available at the circus by Nilmer’s Highland
and you can get yourself one as soon as you finish building the circus! The stripes aren’t the only thing different
with this pony though! A little now and then you’ll see flashes of
Pandoric magic appear in the pony’s forehead! Woooow! I KNOW It’s so cool! This pony may be enchanted but it can still
do everything normal ponies can, like the pony championship and the pony race! Bless you! What? From this week on these two riders and their
fluffy companions will welcome us when we enter the game! In Fort Pinta these two horse breeds have
been moved to the horse market! The Shire horse that used to be in the pasture
outside the stable can now be found inside the Fort Pinta stable! This week the horse market is up and running
by Silverglade Village! Those were all the news that we had for you
guys today, thank you so much for watching, you’re officially up to date! And if you want to make sure that you don’t
miss one single episode make sure that you subscribe to our YouTube channel and that
you press the little notification bell, it will PLING every time we post something! If you want to start your adventure in Star
Stable today you can click the link in the upper right corner! It will take you to our website where you
can sign up and start right now! And make sure that you check back with us
next week for the latest game news! BYYEEEE!

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  1. If my theory is correct because star stable is moving three different houses from there original spot that must mean there is a new horse with three coats from the rumours that I’m hearing and a couple of videos I’ve seen it’s a Clydesdale do you guys agree?

  2. The Zony is expensive and i don't realy like the update and i know that last week come a verry big update but 550 starcoinse is too expensive for a little pony that can cheaper be

  3. 'Here on Star Stable News we talk about theeee…….Feeeerrrr WEEKLY UPDATS! Due to some very very exciting events in real life snorts When you meet….it The stripes aren't tha only thing that's diffrent, with this pony, though! A little now and than .o. You'll see PANDORIC FLASHES! This horse variation Is sk….sk ASMR where else on Jorvik! Bites Mic Judges

  4. I’m sorry, but this update was really useless. I was looking forward to buying the Zony but I realized that I also do not want to ride a pony that everyone will ride. It’ll become overrated quickly. Sorry, SSO, but you can do better.


  6. I HAZ SUGGESTION! Please add houses into the game houses are free! They can be found near stables only you and your pet can enter.
    Like if you will put it!

  7. My Star Stable will not work! When updating it will just stick at 65/64%. It makes me really sad to not be able to play sso 🙁
    Can someone fix or at-least help the cause? Or even know why?

  8. I wish that they add jan 1 on the advent calendar and it u can get 550 sc OR (only or) 1000 so that the new and old players that never expirenced having 2 or 3 horses and the advent calendar codes will be only available up to jan 25 to be fair to those ppl who didnt redeem them yet

  9. when's the chirstmas' update? and also this girl did a video on the new Clydesdale horses' its a spoiler so ps: I love the new Clydesdale's!!!! and the Zony xD

  10. i have a nice idea for christmas that you not only have christmas hats but also have cowboys hats in christmas style and mor like that kinds of hads🤗

  11. Although its says on the notice board next to the pony champ that Zonies can be used, when you click to enter while on a Zony it days you must ride a pony.

  12. Hi!! I got the new Zony… but I’m wondering if I’m level 12 is there anyway to use my sofa that I got a while ago from a quest to make it so that I can put it in a house of some sort

  13. Hey star stable crew!
    Will you be releasing a new story quest because I noticed that you tend to release story quests 3 months after another and it’s been 3 months since the last story quest!
    Thanks for the updates yet again!

  14. sso… i hyave a question… why am i suspended from my account for standing up for a friend and braking up a fight and also i did not get a email from the support team. i am veryyyyyyyyyyyy -.-

  15. I got a warning for saying gucci like AYE WE GUCCI and ive seen a girl call me the A word and shes still playing WHATT???

  16. Hey! I have a question. When comes the Winter Update in Star Stable? I loved2 the Update Last yeahr ! I hope it comes soon!❤😉

  17. nice video! If anyone reading this comment wouldn't mind checking out my channel, I just uploaded an all my horses video… sorry for sounded needy but it really hard to start from 0 subscribers xD I would reallyyy appreciate it ❤

  18. Well I'm thinking off when it's Christmas (Which it's now) You should update the chat for free cause people get stress out with the things.

  19. Hello! I love the game and the update, but there’s one thing I think a lot of us want in the game! Trick riding and Roman riding! I think it would be awesome! Especially with western clubs! Hopefully u guys see this! 😀

  20. Star stable please make it where the snow falls ON JORVIK. It wasn’t that fun just in one area. But that’s just my opinion, but I think we all liked it hen the snow was on Jorvik. Not in one place

  21. Hi Star Stable lovers, I'm a fan too.I would play Star Stable,but i can't beacouse my game can't load and i don't know why.Can u tel me why?I LOVE STAR STABLE AND U!!!

  22. will y’all be updating the quarter horses and american paint horses? they come in such great colors already and i’ve always wanted one, but i just always felt they could use a bit of updating in their look lol

  23. I love star stable, but I have one dislike I hate. Every week as a star rider you get only 100 sc. I dont like that. We have to wait one week and only get 100 sc. I would love if u gave more sc to us each week. That would rly make me happy and maybe other players to. Like if you agree

  24. U prob wont see this comment but please please please please please please please please please please please please please please add breeding in the game for the horses please please😊

  25. Hey, Star Stable…

    Could you please make an update where we can change our names if we want to? Just free once? Please? It'd be great if you'd do that. Thanks, because I dont think Drahoslava Rabbitblanket fits…Please make an update about it? Thanks again! -Summer

  26. Hey guys I downloaded and payed for a lifetime membership, but every time I enter my password and email it always crashes and gives me the option to report to apple, reopen the app, or ignore, I’ve clicked reopen and ignore and neither of them work, do you have suggestions!

  27. Star Stable can you make it where people can just lead their horses when they start star stable because i joined star stable late

  28. Sso i don't know if i was seeing things but near the zony's hooves in a champ it had this blue ish purple fire pattern what is that?

  29. didint know you could speak netherlands cuz i speak netherlands too! altho i always wish i was english i always like to hear if english youtubers can speak other langauges or my langaug ! !!

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