An Exceptional Horse Trailer – Featherlite Model 9607 Tour
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An Exceptional Horse Trailer – Featherlite Model 9607 Tour

October 27, 2019

The convenience of a gooseneck hitch,
the ease of a straight load stall… Hi I’m Justin
Queensland, national sales manager at Featherlite trailers and in this
video I’m gonna show you what sets the 9607 apart from all other straight load trailers
on the market you’ll get a chance to see the 9607
standout features and at the end, you’ll have a better idea
this is the right trailer for you. The 9607 as several outstanding features
you’ll notice the first time you see it. Let’s take a look. The first thing you
notice about the 9607 is that it’s a gooseneck trailer. In general gooseneck trailers are easier
to maneuver so you’ll find going around corners, backing up and parking is easier. The streamlined
aerodyne nose decreases wind resistance which helps keep you better
fuel economy. The 9607 has a standard width of six
foot seven inches and can be bought in lengths of 15, 19 or 28 feet. The inside height is seven
feet 6 inches, which give your horse plenty of headroom. The Featherlite
wiring harness on the 9607 wraps the wires in a protective sheath that guards them from weather and all
sorts road hazards when you get up close you can see that
the 9607 construction is second to none. Take a look at these
exterior .040 aluminum sheets They’re stronger and they don’t buckle
like the lightweight material used by some of our competitors. The 9607 features all-aluminum
construction. Which means it’s lighter comparable to
steel trailers, easier to tow and it resists corrosion. This trailer will
look great long after other trailers have rusted
out. Underneath the trailer you can see the four inch aluminum cross members on
12 inch centers. This construction was designed to stand
up against the wear and tear that animals and heavy loads can have on the
trailer. The 9607 was designed to give horses the smoothest most comfortable
ride possible. Let’s take a look inside and see what
features give you that ride. The straight load stalls and the 9607
are a comfortable 38 inches wide to give your horses the comfort they need.
Larger 46 by 20-inch Windows let’s more natural
light in which helps keep your horses calm. The three quarter inch rubber mats in
the horse area help protect your horse’s legs from shocks while traveling. You can pull them out
too, which makes cleaning your trailer a lot easier. You can enter the straight
wall dressing room through a sturdy 36 inch deluxe camper door. You’ll find a
brush tray, and tackle hook, as well as a removable
saddle rack post. One of the best aspects of the
Featherlite Model 9607 is that it offers a lot of options to
fit your specific needs. Let’s take a quick look at a few of them. A rear ramp make loading and unloading your horses easier. So does a side ramp. Adding mangers makes sure your horses will be well fed and watered while you’re on the road. A window between the horse area and dressing room lets you check on your horses. Or you can
select a walk through door to visit them in person. The new thicker turf in the dressing
room is more durable and resists water, mold and mildew. Aluminum wheels give an extra dash of style They resist rust and corrosion too. An LED
load light makes loading and unloading easier in the evening or at night. A
telescoping ladder makes climb in your trailer easy. Instead of hooking and unhooking it,
just attach it to the trailers side when you’re finished. keep your horse’s well fed on those long
trips with a raised hay rack. Padding on the butt or chest bars
provides more comfort for horses. A feed bag keeps horses from getting
hungry on those long trips. White lining on the ceiling of the horse area
create a brighter interior for horses. Which keeps them calm Reliable LED strip
lighting makes the horse area brighter and gives a stylish look. Wow mats
provide a superior cushioning and shock absorption for your horses. Select from multiple side sheet colors and
graphic options, including dual or tri-colored sheets to
really make your trailer standout! We’re confident we build the best trailers on
the road, so we given the 9607 our great 10-year limited
warranty. You’re also covered with the full
three-year bumper to bumper limited warranty. You can transfer your warranty when you
trade in on a new featherlite. That’s a lot of extra value. When you
buy a Featherlite trailer, you get the advantage of dealing with the company
that has over 40 years experience in making satisfied, happy customers. We have a nationwide
network of trusted dealers who are dedicated to making your buying
experience an enjoyable one. Call one today and ask
about the Model 9607.

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