ăn kẹo pony , pony nhả kẹo , đồ chơi ăn kẹo của chú ngựa pony , video toy for kids
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ăn kẹo pony , pony nhả kẹo , đồ chơi ăn kẹo của chú ngựa pony , video toy for kids

January 8, 2020

You bite my finger, right? What’s that, mom, Duong?
-Where?, What’s that, Ruby?- Let me see. Here, is it right? Ahh, you guys, Ruby pointed this Wow What’s this? A little more, i’ll open this, ok ok, let’s go on Mommy, pony candy there Wow one more
so high…I’ll carry Vani in my arms to take it All right, I carry Vani in my arms let take it, Vani It’s so high, right? Wow we have 2 things, you guys there are 2 pony eggs and now, let’s open them, ok
-Yeah- you sit here Ruby, you sit here Vani, you sit next to her
climb up to sit you guys, I will… open a pink pony egg first mommy has a beautiful pink egg I don’t know what is it let me see all right, i’ll open it Wow wow, it has candies inside
OMG let me open candies for you let do it by yourself we’ll put candies here let sit down, Vani you guys i put all candies in this box now, i’ll put on the lid we’ll twist in the direction of the box all right, i’ve done and now, pressing the button and candy appears! let see, you guys wow, a candy wow all right, each one has one piece
we’ll try it give me one candy please this is a hard candy it’s not a soft candy if we wanna eat candy, let’s press the button here you are Ruby, give me this. I’ll open for you, okay
-No- let me help you put candy in this box and then press there are also candies inside colorful candies you guys, when we eat all candies, we can buy other candies circle like this and put them in the box so that we can eat and play I have finished this blue pony candy box i’ll try to take it Press the button Wow, one candy two three this candy’s like vitamin C that we usually buy in the drugstore you bite my finger, right? all right, each one has one candy Give Ruby one candy
Give me one candy give me one candy here, It’s yours, Ruby Press the button I ordered this candy from America It is a product of Little Mylittlepony.com candy is very delicious, it’s sour it has vitamin C we can put other candies in when we eat all of them we can play this box we shouldn’t throw out this box you press it press here it’s red so yummy, Ruby knows how to do She knows how to press it good girl, Ruby let me press it, okay Vani is so naughty let me do you don’t let me help you Ruby, you should sit close to Vani , or you will fall down that’s right Vani’s hair is so smell let’s goodbye to everyone Vani, Ruby and I, goodbye everyone and see you in the next video Phuong Phuong channel bye bye is it yummy? sour, sour it’s sour vitamin C candy, it must be sour what colour? orange orange, that’s right it has fallen i said “orange” and she answered exactly orange, orange good girl what colour is it? Purple no, it’s green what is green colour? it’s orange, orange one has fallen it’s green

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  1. Chị ơi làm video mới là ăn thử rong biển hàn quốc đi chị em yêu chị kênh chị hay lắm mông chị đồng ý

  2. Greetings from Greece, i have subscribed on your Channel and liked this video! I would appreciate your presence!

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