Anabolic Horse – Válka Skladů #1
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Anabolic Horse – Válka Skladů #1

August 14, 2019

So welcome to new video how you can see, I arrived with my new car for best suplements to the Kulturistika So we´re in the warehouse of on reception again nobody cause you´re ordering like furious, so everyone here packs dude so I´m first time in such a warehouse here you have everything from crea… dude creatin is shit from proteins dude to rollers and herbs, everything…so let´s go to look at it what we have here here we have some good drink so now I pick a basket and it´s like in Tesco so what are we going to look at? so, today we start by showing you for what are suplements, which are big shits I´ll show you how total use them Definitely we´ll find some creatins oh fuck, look! dude like a right Czech dude I´ll overwrap it, I´ll make Suprex from it fuck where are that creatins? I don´t know where to look first dude 100 % creatin monohydrate, so c´mon c´mon so this is 3 times we musn´t forget to crasher I must buy crasher fuck you really have it guys so gloves pink undershirt by Nebbia bra damn where is that crusher? I have totally bad grip crusher also next month I take all Dish sponges is never enough dude here is so many things that I have no time so I have everything it´s some beginner pack creatin gainer gloves Nebbia, without Nebbia you can´t go to the gym dude you have to look good and now I´ll show you real training so you´ll make 4×10 mass gainer and in the end you´ll make creatin 20 seconds for good pumping dude until now I thought, that creatin not work but I only used it badly on a biceps is top and creatin by FA is the best and to make the whole top body we must train triceps too so we´ll take this Core Mass Core and let´s go here you´ll make 8 cores 4 series and go home full of blood that was only some quick split, but cause I´ve creatin I don´t have to overdo it…
I’m a little sweaty for that is the Nebbia and we´re going further here are things which I use which you musn´t underrate a this is I´m at Czechvirus now I like Czechvirus Is great so certainly ZMA basis Vitamin C, basis Vitamin D3 Here we have green tea extract Here we have joint, it´s some substitute of Alavis, but we horses take Alavis CLA something for women certainly what worth mentioning Supergreens pro by virus, very good for body cleansing I certainly recommend and this multivitamin and mainly they have butters on Proteinela, Caramela, Coffenela, Coconela so Horse5 don´t forget take it by kilos so now we are looking for some protein Promin is good, Czechvirus and Extrifit too ah bar these bars from Czechvirus are tops too! so I eat it and we are going further so this is a great shelf Promin, Hydro from Promin, great flavors great raw materials super quality, I certainly recommend and what is top are these OatMash and RiceMash boxes it´s OatMash is a porridge great for a snack it´s grinded to mash, so just add hot water you can add protein and you´ve top snack which doesn´t burd your digestion this I eat twice daily and it´s good I recommend it so I showed you the basis which I take, vitamins, minerals, protein kicker but if you take BCAA okay take it, buy it by kilos HORSE5…I don´t take it but you buy it and now the important thing something for horses I took here huge palettes of suplements next I took these two proteins…probably you saw with I arrived but Michal was sorry and borrowed me this van and finally we go home so it´s morning, I went to stretch I wrote on Instagram that I have torn hamstring so I´m trying to strech him normally training of back I´ll do in the afternoon bodybuilding training but now it´s only stretching I go to give 100 kg dude I was doing deadlifts after a month and a half and I´m destroyed from it dude it doesn´t matter and now I´ll try run out this thing on that I ripped hamstring I have fear come again I´m happy I´m happy that they encourage me cause I have fear about my leg and I didn´t break up it´s beautiful that was some morning stretching in the afternoon we´ll have strong training so now we go home for protein cause I forgot take him with supposedly light stretching here he can´t do anything so he have to go to the gym, on machines I’m going to hide in the rubber again Anabolic horse can´t do everything I need Kuba to press me but he is shit so I rather press myself so we are after training I forgot protein at home so I drink it now I have some novelty from today you saw only some quick cutting from it…I wanted to show you mainly a warehouse of dude where is that measuring cup? Do you hate it too, when you can´t find a measuring cup? fuck oh fuck, proficard For what I need proficard dude!? I want a measuring cup to take protein. fuck good dildo surely it´ll be useful but I want to take protein dude…I don´t want to be catabolic horse, but anabolic dude it seems that today we´ll not find the measuring cup so we try another protein guys have a nice day I’ll see you in a next video dude Pavlis, if that measuring cup will not be neither here I´ll be angry dude proficard next proficard next proficard next proficards and measuring cup nowhere Where do you want to go? guys I bought a new car I have a new seats, I didn´t get used to it yet but I’ll get a belt and let´s go! Alavis is great in that it has super flavor therefore horses love it cause it´s great and the penis grows after that Have you ever train so much that you were powdering? fuck man you have grey beard I was going gray from the profiscene here Alavis is the most effective joint nutrition but you must eat it, not bathe in it

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  1. Pokud se tam ještě válí ten Alavis, tak to přijedu vyšňupnout. 😀 Každopádně bylo vidět, že ti šmakoval, jak se ti dostal do pusy. 😀

  2. Mám otázku Honzo opravdu je ten kreatin taková blbost nebo to říkáš jenom protože to říkal tvůj guru a učitel pan Grznár?

  3. tohle je asi můj nejoblíbenější naturál! a rozenej komik! jenom pěkně sešel. žer něco pořádnýho a ne protein! bez syrových vajec formu neuděláš! v příštím díle chci vidět šejk ze syrových vajec a dám odběr 🙂

  4. Creahold nebo press je život😂😂😂 anaboli horse bude jednou víc používaný slovo, než anabolic chicken nebo anabolic window😎😅

  5. 15:55 umírám dopiči 😂😂 toho chlapa jsem neměl rád už od pohledu, hroznej pozér. Kráso ty si zabiják 😂😂

  6. Díky Honzo za super video, člověk se alespoň pořádně zabaví, když už jsem na tom buzer kardiu 😀😂 Rozhodně to chce další díl s tuning károu 👌 lidi, tuto stojí za shlídnutí 😀

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