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Angel Of Darkness Compilation Story | Cartoons about Animation

February 29, 2020

Wow, a beautiful butterfly! Come play with me. Mari? Where are you my princess? I think I’m lost. She hurt a lot and needs treatment. Thank you. I’m Adrien. Where is your house? I can’t remember except my name. Would you like this? I’m Luka. Good people came to adopt you. I’m from a knight’s house. I hope you come to my house. Luka. I’m from the magician’s house. Will you come to my house, Adrien? My maid is coming. You’re a maid from today. Chat blanc has appeared again. Thank you! Do you want delicious fish? ‘I saw her somewhere…’ Blah blah…. I will take the most beautiful thing in this house. – Chat blanc. What is the most beautiful thing in this house? Or is it me? Mari. Yes, lady. Mari, hire a knight to protect my house. Where is the guild? ‘Uh? That lady is …’ Hello. I’m Lady Lila’s maid. I’m looking for a knight to protect her house. Chat blanc is coming tonight. If you don’t mind me asking.. Do you know the orphanage? Are you the knight? Yes. It is an honor to meet you. Lady. Mari, you clean the kitchen. Clean the wagon, too. Blah blah.. You grew so beautiful. It’s hard. But I did it all. The moon is pretty today. The cat I saw in the morning. Cute. Do you want this? Hello, lady. Don’t be scared. Do you remember me? I saw you before… Are you Adrien? I’m glad to see you again. No. I have so many things to do. Well, then. I’ll give robots as a gift to Lila. Is it Chat Blanc? Uh? Is Chat Blanc Adrien? Luka, he’s not an enemy. Mari!! Mari!! Where are you! There’s nothing missing at home. What is the most beautiful thing? That robot? The name is Mari. Hi Mari. Do you have time? This is Miss Césaire, your dance teacher. I have a schedule. What room is this? What’s up? She is my daughter. I lost her when she was young. There’s a royal sign on her wrist. Oh. The masquerade ball will be held tomorrow. We found your parents. Oh really? You are a princess. Mari. Thank you. Where is Wizard Adrien? Oh there he is. Who is that girl? Hello, lady. Is there anyone you don’t like? Dropping this magic potion turns someone face into an animal. Shall we dance? Your majesty. Knight Luka and I found the princess you lost. She is dancing with him. My princess is back. Gentlemen, I revived a dying flower. Wow, you are the best! I think it’s time for the heroes to need it again. Look at this map. It’s a place where no one can go without the map. It is said that Kwami Sass lives on the island in the map. And he keeps a great sword. Luka and Adrien go to the island. It’s a secret to my daughter. What are you guys doing now? Adrien just hid the map. I think we got to the island. That island is right. Who dared to scratch my precious thing? I love the sword fight! Tikki? Sorry for breaking the sword. You found me and I leave this sword to you. This is the sword of Sass. Long time no see. How are you. Sir. Sass. Perhaps Sass is older than we thought. Where are the other Kwamis? Well… Plagg is in the woods near your castle. There is Trixx. And I can find Longg. I found some and I don’t know the others. Well, this time you are the target. I made perfume with an Akuma. Good bye. What happened? Where am I? I can’t cure him with my power. Wake up, Adrien. Wake up! Hmm?? Alright lads. In order to fight the Akuma, we must enter into Adrien’s subconscious. How do we get in? Plagg has that ability. I’ll bring Plagg. Once upon a time there was a guardian protecting the Miracle Box. He was a warm man. His wife was a wizard. She loved his husband and son Adrien a lot. But greed began to spring up in his heart. His mind became more and more wicked. Finally he decided to experiment with three Miraculouses. He even experimented with his son. Honey, What are you doing? I was just taking care of Adrien. There must be something evil in his heart. I don’t wanna go!! Hawk Moth is scared! Where is it? Sass, You! Did you wake up? You have to do it now. Hello. You’re Mr. Plagg. Hey. Tikki? Help us. Plagg. Okay… I’ll do it. Me and Mari enter the Adrien’s spirit world together. Sass and Luka keep the outside. Luka, What’s up? I’m worried about you. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. That looks like an entrance. One night, the evil guardian went out. He asked the Kwamis where the Miraculouses of Creation and Destruction were. But they didn’t know where they were. Adrien, who had Akuma in his heart, continued to get sick. His mother examined her son with her magical powers. She tried to get rid of Akuma, but it’s stronger. She had no choice but to seal Akuma in her son’s heart. Fortunately, Adrien is healthy again. She ran away with Adrien and the rest of the Miraculouses. Catch them! Adrien was sent to a safe place. But no one knows what happened to his parents since then.

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  1. 🎧Song titles😍

    09:01 Kids _by Christopher Young

    14:48 Don’t Stand a Chance _by Ofrin

    19:44 Music for the Soul _by Ben Goldstein

    24:46 Lovely Piece _by DayFox

    30:00 Lioness _by DayFox

    🎶 Music by Artlist (🎵

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