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Animal Communicator Finds Out Why The Horse Was Acting Weird | SBS Animal

August 21, 2019

A horse hurtling with excitement while a person is on it Calm Mammy down! Calm! Calm! Calm! Calm Mammy down Still isn’t staying calm Mammy’s like a wild horse right now It’s mandatory for horses for horseback riding to maintain stable breath and steps Mammy used to be calmer than that horse before Calmer.. But Mammy even refuses her owner… Doesn’t even like people touching her What has happened to Mammy? Once I wanted to give Mammy food But there was a colt in our yard I was so shocked Mammy was pregnant but the owner didn’t know However, the colt was stillborn I think she’s really heartbroken and I want to make her feel better Mammy’s new friend “Heidi” Cautiously goes next to Mammy Mammy is seriously depressed now The colt didn’t move at all when it was born Mammy tried to wake the colt up so she kept licking the colt But no one came to help Mammy. So she was so nervous at that time. Now the owner knows what Mammy has gone through.. Mammy feels guilty.. She hopes you can understand her Why is she feeling like that… It’s all my fault.. Mammy didn’t want to disappoint you Mammy used to feel pain in her lower abdomen I think whenever she ran, she felt the pain The muscles probably were tensed up Mammy had to feel the pain every time she ran when she was pregnant The owner feels so guilty because he didn’t recognize that Mammy was pregnant Mammy is in great agony because she thinks that she lost the baby by letting people ride on her back She thinks she won’t lose the baby next time she gets pregnant if she stops letting people ride on her back Mammy doesn’t want to resent you anymore because she knows that you didn’t do it on purpose and she’s telling me how much she loves you Heidi can’t stop crying after listening to Mammy’s story The owner is sincerely apologizing and expressing his love for Mammy I seems like Mammy read her owner’s mind A few days later Mammy comes out all by herself in more than a year and a half Doesn’t refuse to let people ride on her back.. Animals are the same as people We should try to understand that they need time to heal Thanks for opening your heart Mammy~

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  1. As a professional horseman who loves horses and spends his life helping people with emotionally troubled horses I find this type of video disgraceful. It undermines what good horsemanship is all about. To talk about a horse's forgiveness, resentment and their love and is fantasy. No horse understands the concept of pregnancy and about 'next time' she gets pregnant. Just watching how the owner rides and with draw reins that result in the poor body posture will tell you enough why the horse is responding poorly. The video was clearly shot on a single day (everybody is wearing the same clothes, makeup, jewellery, the weather is similar from the start to the end of the video etc), yet the video asserts that there was a recovery time between the consultation and the last riding session – highly doubtful.

    I have come across about a dozen 'animal communicators' in my career and not one of them was ever accurate in their diagnosis and all owned horses that were troubled. At 2:06s you can see how nervous the communicator is when the horse raises its leg – clearly not a person comfortable or familiar with horses.

    Horses are amazing enough without people assigning supernatural and magical abilities to them. Instead of listening to people who claim telepathic communication with horses, learn how they operate, problem solve and their emotional language and you will be far more successful and have a better relationship.

  2. How the owners did not know their horse was not Pregnant, mothers do not put weight on for nothing, these people should not own any animals, this poor mother is suffering so bad. Brings tears to my eyes.

  3. This is crap. The horse was fighting the rider because he was yanking on the reins causing pain. She is "depressed" because she is locked up in a stall with no other horses. They are not meant to be in stalls, they need room to move(not just turn around)

  4. I cried. I thanked the heavens that I reach this era where there are animal communicators seriously, we need more of them in this world.

  5. No wonder she isn't calm. That damn bit sawing at her mouth!! And get her into a pasture with other horses.. dont listen to that whisperers rubbish.. the owner felt guilty after hearing the whisperers guilt trip, so when he rode her after, he used lighter hands..

  6. If the owner was a true horseman, he would have known what happened and how to solve it. Without the "communicator".

  7. Straight up the person riding was a horrible rider, he was giving the aid to move forwards but at the same time ripping her face off, just saying that he didn't handle her being frisky in the correct way.

  8. It's sick having all these people who don't know any better thinking this is great but it's just so sickening to watch this.😷
    the owner is a shit horse owner. He doesn't know how to ride and was tearing at it's mouth that's why it was reacting that way not because it lost it baby.

  9. Animals can feel everything, just like us! Imagine what they feel like, when they sent to slaughter, even pregnant animals are sent there. That is why I am vegan!

  10. She is loved more than she knows and she loves him more than he knows. You two were meant to be together. You are a great owner because you invested to finding out her problem, that is clearly pure t love and pure t caring.

  11. Wow, I knew animals are very smart, I always have that respect for them and I just love horses. I had a sense about horses, they are very smart and loving. When I went horse back riding, I would have 2 huge stew type carrots for the horse I got to ride and we would be cool on my ride. I love your connection and this video.

  12. Instead of getting a horse communicator he should get some knowledge of how to take care of and ride a horse. This woman is full of shit animals don’t think with that amount of emotion. They live in the moment. It’s her current situation that she isn’t liking. Then they show at the end someone else riding the horse in a completely different manner than the idiot owner…they let the horse have its head and wasn’t yanking at her mouth.

  13. Why would anyone need an "animal communicator" to figure out what's wrong?? Any time there's a problem with a horse, it's the owner's fault. It's always a human problem. He should have known the horse was pregnant. He also shouldn't be keeping his horses locked up in stalls. Horses in captivity have the same drives as wild horses, to roam over huge areas of land, constantly grazing, running, playing, fighting other horses. When you keep them in a stall, they are in a prison from which they can't escape. There is nothing to do, nothing even to look at, no way to exercise or keep the mind occupied. If this woman really had some kind of animal ESP, she would have known that. He's riding her with a huge metal bit in her mouth. She is frothing and straining, trying to get away from the pain, but she can't. Stop the video at 0:13 and you can see how tightly this idiot is pulling on the bit. Now tell me, with a straight face, that you think this doesn't hurt. Of course it hurts, it's MEANT to hurt! That is the only reason people use bits. And when the horse doesn't behave the way the rider thinks she should, he uses an even bigger bit to cause more pain. Anyone can figure out that an animal gets depressed over losing her baby. The bigger problem, one that will be ongoing for the rest of this poor horse's existence, is a lousy rider who thinks he's a good rider because he was trained, by other bad riders, to inflict pain and suffering on his horse. Why doesn't Little Miss Psychic say anything about that?

  14. Get the draw reins off this beautiful horse! Its problems are the humans.
    This horse needs quite soft hands, & a balanced rider….
    The animal communicator is scared of the horse see how quickly she reacted when the horse moved it’s leg?
    What a load of CR..

  15. It made me cry seeing the sadness in this horse's eyes. I can understand losing a child, so I can relate to this horse feeling the same way as I did and mine was not full term like hers was. People think that just because it is an animal it does not feel as we do, that is CRAP! And if you can't see this in their eyes or body language, you shouldn't own an animal of any kind!! If you don't know anything about something that you are going get, then for pete's sake do some research on it first! We wouldn't be having so many deaths, abuse or abandonment issues as we have if you researched the cost of bringing this new family member into your home before you purchased it. And I'm sorry but vets need to damn well do their part too and place their fees on an income bases. Just because you are poor does not mean you won't love a pet as if it were a family member. More animals wouldn't be in shelter's if the vets just did their part too and actually cared about the animals, not their bank accounts!!!

  16. Look at the lips of the horse, they are fuul with scarrtissue she is tortued all the time by people yank8ng on the bit. Poor mare.

  17. Get rid of the bit, Use a bitless bridle or hackamore.  The bit is torture especially with hard reigning. just love "horse people" who are clueless but think they know it all.

  18. If you geld the boys or keep the mares and stallions separate the mares will not get pregnant.  Big surprise!!  No need for more horses in the world with tens of thousands and  thousands still being slaughtered across the world.

  19. If you take that horrible bit of out her mouth along with those tie down she might think you actually care about her!

  20. I won't be rude, but if you believe this "Animal Communicator," I am currently looking to sell the statue of liberty if anyone's interested.

  21. Horses are sentient creatures. The owner should get himself a wooden rocking horse. He is not worth having such a majestic animal.

  22. I'm sitting here bawling my eyes out – such a touching story. The strange part is I'm terrified of horses, but totally appreciate the beautiful soul of this magnificent animal.

  23. He was tugging on the reins to make the video. Idiot. They had to make it look like it was the horse acting up. I don't believe the story.

  24. Heartwrenching I took in a very dangerous mare who almost killed her last trainer. No one took the time to listen to her pain and what was causing it (humans). I listened to her, she wanted no one on her back. She was not here to be ridden. she did let me ride but I soon realized what I was doing every time I was on her and how much she sacrificed letting me on. Cows are built to carry weight not proves this. Humans take and take and take, they exploit the willing and harmonious nature of the horse until they break them. I do hope she helped this man waken. But I am not to sure. There is a huge movement out there where women and men like me are waking to what we do when on their backs..the constant pain we cause even if you think you are the best horseperson in the world…so many have now said no to riding and finding other ways to "connect" to the horse. They are great teachers and healers its time for us to realize this and put away our controlling egos…

  25. Wtheck!!!! How can he not know she was pregnant????? Yeah, shame on you. Go back to classes of how maintance and care for horses. Watching this, 🤬 fool, makes me want to bust a cap on his ass 👊👊👊👊💥💥💥💥and take all his horses to a better place. Big big big time neglect charges too. PPl SERIOUSLY!!!!!!

  26. Did they even think it might be the bit? Look at her. Duh.
    Did they ever check her mouth? When was the last time her teeth were floated or even looked at? SMH.

  27. Seriously people, she wasnt ill behaved due to the bit. Ignorance is bliss I guess. A bit ham handed yes, but horse depression is real and often has impact on their lives.

  28. first of all, the horse wasn't calm because the owner was ripping the horses mouth off and the "Animal Communicator" Seemed very very nervous when touching the mares leg. She clearly can't tell whats wrong with the poor thing

  29. Now people can read horses mind, how ridiculously.
    Anyone can learn to read body language, even the horses.
    People just fall for that nonsense, and having to pay them money for it, too!?

  30. No kidding she was mad, her mouth is being yanked in so hard. She’s fighting the pull of the bit. I can’t believe people.

  31. The foam coming out of that horses mouth pissed me off plus the tightness around its face from the reins……..wtffff no sympathy and the horse was like get the fuck away from me in the stall… she lost her baby and u knew thats what caused her distress yet you ride her like a kungfu sat movie flick…..

  32. Probably if the owner knew how to ride in the first place, she wouldn't be like that. You never rip at a horses mouth. Hell, his feet weren't even positioned in the stirrups right!

  33. what about dairy cows this happens over and over to them i do believe in animal communnication my freind can do it

  34. The rider is yanking the fuck out of her and is stuck in a stall all day not able to socialise and run with other horses.

  35. Regardless of what you think about the animal communicator or the way the owner is riding, you can’t deny the love he feels for this horse. He may be an inexperienced rider (and it does appear that is the case) but he really cares about this animal and the horse understands. I think this man received bad training and/or terrible advice. Not all of us grow up around horses, especially in a densely populated country like Korea so we need good teachers.

  36. This broke my heart….how incredible for an animal and a human to read each other in that way….I'm just speechless. Wow.

  37. "Horse Communicator" communicates that the horse is sad and "speaks" for the horse, saying that she's not mad at her dumb owner.

    People who watched the video: Ya, who wouldn't be sad after losing their baby because their owner was so dumb they never got her vet checked. And thought she had hay belly or whatever.

    Also People who watched the video: Who in their right mind thinks that ripping at the mares mouth was a good thing? Mammy is gonna need to visit the dentist.

    Me: Why are there so many fake "horse communicators" telling people the wrong things? And the fact that Mammy only moved her leg made that lady jump. Ooooo so scary that the horse moved 1 freak'n inch!

  38. Everyone talking about the owner, what about this lady who makes up bullshit AFTER she's already heard the whole story. I can hear her literally making up shit as she goes. This woman is a scam artist who prays on people who don't have a single clue about horses and I'm sure she wants a pretty penny to spew bullshit. She doesn't even know how to act around horses. This is sad and disgusting.

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