Annoying Orange – The Juice: Biggest Fear
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Annoying Orange – The Juice: Biggest Fear

February 29, 2020

Welcome back, Hallo-wieners. [LAUGHING] ‘Tis the season to be spooky. So we have a surprise. Today’s episode of “The Juice” is not taking place in the studio. SFX: [RECORD SCRATCH]
O: Instead, we’re doin’ it IN THE WOODS!
SFX: [HIGH PITCHED BIPPING] LA: Oh man. What was that sound? LA: It was like “bip-bip-bip-bip-bip” All right, gang. Time to SKEWER today’s question. Pear, FIRE away! [LAUGHING] Sure thing, Orange. Chandler Agnew asks: P: “What is your biggest fear?” Great spooky question, Chandler. Hope nobody poops their scaredypants. ‘Cause I wanna know… WHAT’S THE JUICE?!?
SFX: [BIPPING] I can definitely say my biggest fear are those mysterious sounds coming from nearby. Seriously!?! Am I the only one hearing this?!? I hate bats! I think it’s bats! I wouldn’t be worried about little ol’ bats, Midget Apple. Really? Really. I mean, there are dozens of scarier things creeping around THESE woods. Oh, man. PLEASE don’t list them. Snakes. Oh-ho-ho no.
G: [INAUDIBLE] Honey badgers. Spiders. Possibly Bigfoot. Okay. I’d like to change my answer to “all of the above”. Is it okay for me to have such a huge list of fears? What’s your biggest fear, Orange? Probably what’s under there. Huh? What are you talking about?I I’m talking about what’s hiding under THERE. Under where? [RECORD SCRATCH NOISE] Ha! Made you say “underwear”! O: [LAUGHING]
P: [RAGING] Grapefruit. Biggest fear? Ohohohohohoh, I’m gonna have to excuse myself from this particular discussion, fellows. As you may already suspect, I’m afraid of nothing whatsoever. Nothing at all?? Nada, folks. As a matter of fact, my biggest fear is that I’ll never find anything to fear. Wait. Yesterday you told me you were terrified of being alone for the rest of your life. [RECORD SCRATCH] [SAD TROMBONE] Um. Hypothetically, if that had ever happened. Yeah, I remember that. You started crying, and spitballed[?] screennames at me for like two hours. Women. Would never understand the real Grapefruit. The one underneath this peel. No. [CRYING] Whuh oh. Looks like we really opened up a can of worms. Which…coincidentally…is my biggest fear. A can of worms?? [DISGUSTS] I don’t like touchin’ ’em. I don’t like how they live on after being chopped in half. And also: a worm bored into me once. That was the worst Wednesday ever. That’s a pretty BORING fear, Pear. [LAUGHS] Hey. Boring is just how I roll. Marshmallow? You’ve been awfully quiet. What’s your biggest fear? Hmmm. Well, I did have a terrible nightmare once. Wh…what happened? Were there monsters? No. But there was an utter lack of puppies. [RECORD SCRATCH] [BIPPING NOISE] Huh. You guys are hearing this, right? Oh, I hear it. Everybody duck. Bats! [ALL SCREAMING] [HORROR MUSIC] Hey! Those aren’t bats! Those are flying puppies! [ALL AWW-ing] [PUPPIES BARK] And to think, I was scared of these. Aww-aww. Hmm. I’ve never heard of flying puppies before. Makes you wonder what other weird things they got flying around these woods. Flying kittens, perhaps. I’d pay to see that! Oh! Maybe flying bunnies. Yay! Flying bunnies! Flying honey badger. Eh, that wouldn’t be very cute. No! Flying honey badger! [ALL SCREAMING] [HORROR MUSIC] [STATIC] [JAUNTY TUNE] [WHOOSH] [LAUGHTER] Knife! [SLICE]

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  1. Who are you more afraid of Freddy mugger from elm streets, Jason the Halloween Hawnter, or nightmare Freddy from five nights at Freddy’s 4.

  2. Little apple biggest fear bats 🦇 snake 🐍 wolf 🐺 and bigfoot
    Orange nothing
    Grapefruit biggest fear cry alone
    Pear biggest fear can of worms 🐛
    Marshmallow biggest fear nightmare

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! grapefruit is afraid of being alone for the rest of his life! you will find your girl soon, keep looking!

  4. Orange poop but poopy butt t y g b b y d d d d y Krabby Patty SpongeBob Patrick Cord Blood Sammy mr. Krabs Pearl Larry no people allowed no people allowed with brownie sister crying

  5. No offense or anything, Pear, but honey badger are EXTREMELY cute to me. Still, I love you. Also, are you sure you're afraid of a can of worms? Because to me, I think you're ACTUALLY afraid of Orange. Sorry.

  6. My fears:
    1:Being alone sleeping
    2:Mirror(Because i have a nightmare about a ghost girl appering in the mirror)
    3:Knife Making me have a wound
    4:horror movies
    6:Any Hostile Animal
    7:My mean Brother

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