APD horses train for Balloon Fiesta environment
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APD horses train for Balloon Fiesta environment

August 12, 2019

A-P-D IS GETTING READY. THAT INCLUDES THE POLICE DEPARTMENT’S MOUNTED UNIT… AND THESE HORSES HAVE TO TRAIN LIKE NO OTHER HORSES IN THE WORLD. TONIGHT… A SPECIAL BEHIND- THE-SCENES LOOK AT THE HORSE POWER. NATS IT SOUNDS LIKE THE DAYS OF THE OLD WEST… wheel BUT THESE HORSES ARE TAKING STEPS TO GET READY FOR MASSES IN THE MODERN-DAY. Smyth: “There’s nothing in the world like the Balloon Fiesta.” NATS THIS IS TRAINING …. IF A MOUNTED UNIT HAD TO CLEAR THE FIELD AT BALLOON FIESTA PARK… AND THAT’S JUST ONE USE. Smyth: “We have a bird’s eye view up here. We’re taller than anybody else out there, so we can see across the missing kids. Kids love horses. They tend to come up to us.” Aaron Drawhorn/KRQE News 13: “The horses right now are in their natural environment, but at Balloon Fiesta Park, they are surrounded by a sea of people who like to get up close and personal and touch them. Not to mention, all sorts of loud noises they’re not used to.” Balloon Burner Sound TODAY AT APD’S STABLES IN NORTHWEST ALBUQUERQUE… THE HORSES GOT ACCLIMATED TO SIGHTS AND SOUNDS NOT FOUND IN NATURE. Burners NOT ONLY BURNERS … BUT GROUND TARPS THAT MAY FLAP IN THE WIND. SAMSON PASSES THE TEST. “He notices it a little bit, but it doesn’t really bother him at all.” THE HORSES HAVE TO MOVE EASILY AMONG THOUSANDS… Smyth: “We have to be able to turn just the front end.” PLUS… KNOW AND TRUST… “They have confidence in us.” THE OFFICERS WHO RIDE THEM. Smyth: “We try to expose them to every possible thing that we can.” BALLOONS RISING ALL AROUND THEM IS SOMETHING MOST HORSES’ INSTINCT WOULD HATE… NOT THESE ANIMALS, WHO PROTECT AND SERVE. Smyth: “Public relations are huge. Everybody loves the horses.” . THE DEPARTMENT PLANS TO HAVE SIX HORSES AT BALLOON FIESTA EACH DAY. LIVE EVENT CLOSED CAPTIONING MAY NOT BE

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