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  1. cutting buffalo! crazy! youd think it woudl just run threw or soemthing…i thought they were pretty agressive, cool i lov it

  2. Why not? If you can cut buffalo, you can cut anything. Shane does the same thing, and his horses are amazing.

  3. That is incredible. How do you teach a horse to learn that? I'm sure it is in their blood line (I'm not asking to attempt it), I was just wondering becuase the horse is working almost without the rider, I've never seen this before. 🙂

  4. practicing with Buffalo now that just down right weird, buffalo are way bigger and stronger than cattle and can so crush the horse and rider, i would be terrified if I had to practice cutting buffalo I would much rather practice cutting cattle

  5. Western horses are so awesome. So fast and brave. My horse would never ever even stay next to a cow or a buffalo.

  6. @lemonbery in my opinion jumping is safer then this cuz ur not in front of a buffalo lol 😛 but jumping can be dangerous cuz ive fallen alot from jumping 🙂 anything u do with horse like dressage,jumping,barrel racing,cutting, etc is dangerous.

  7. Great clip, I would have thought the Buffalo might get peed off and just charge into that horse. Why didn't it? That would obviously solve his problem.

  8. awww buffalos are so cute(: nothin like fuzzy lill cows haha xD Ike looks like the Appy I use to ride. Ike certainly is magnificent!! 😀

  9. @Freedom1man That's one of my pet peeves! BISON are in the US! NOT buffalo! Everyone always calls them buffalo!

  10. AMAZING SKILLS this horse has…who cares about the "Bison" or w/e you wanna call them, this horse can cut anything bovine with perfection and ON HIS OWN. I'd love to sit on him for a day 🙂

  11. I'm surprised the buffalo is even tollerating this. They DO NOT like being separated from the group. Their herd instincts are much stronger than cattle's, and they get very stressed when they are handled individually.

  12. It is fascinating, watching these horses who can do this. They move in such bizarre ways. It is my dream to get back to the States and ride a cutter for a few minutes while he or she works. I taught my French spouse to ride and never got to any kind of a high level. It is bred in the bone, the French may be natural horse people, I dunno. Best to you via Ohio and NYC!


    I love cutting and its simply bueaitful to watch like a dance, plus this is from my prospective as an equestrian artist!

    Not stress, just a way of dominance and horse are just amazing to show their warrior spirit as an animal of history to carrying man through turmoil and battle.
    Its respect. By far I see no stress unless the baffalo was in a rodeo.

    Go cutting!!!

  14. i love cutting!!!!!! i've always wanted 2 ride true cutting horse!!! i wud train my horse 2 cut bt she broke her leg wen she was 3 it healed perfectly bt i dnt thnk her back leg cud stand tht pressure evn tho she can do a sliding stop and whip around barrels like thers no tomorrow

  15. look at that horse sink his butt down! amazing. the rider barely touches the reins. that's how good the horse is. 😀

  16. I still find this amazing. The way the horse reacts instantly, he knows where his rider wants him with almost no signal, incredible! It even looks like the horse and the buffalo are dancing at one point. Thanks for posting!

  17. @EMJohnson97 Everyone calls bison buffalo. Bison is the scientific name. People don't walk around calling wolves Canis Lupus!

  18. @EMJohnson97 Get the fuck over it, only idiots who think they know what they are talking about say that. Everyone calls them buffalo, big fuckin deal.

  19. correction DOMESTIC WATER BUFFALO are not American BISON of which is in this video. Bubalis Bubalis is the genus of the Water buffalo.. BISON are not BUFFALO.. they are BISON.. go look it up.

  20. @Jessers4Ever That horse is gorgeous and talented. If just shows your ignorance if that is the only comment you can make on this video.

  21. Why would you watch a video with "cutting" in the title if you didn't want to see western? You may be "strictly english riding", but you're also strictly stupid.

  22. I can't believe little Ike didn't freak out cuz that buffalo was bigger than him- and that buffalo sneezing in the back door! Ike just ignored him- good boy!

  23. We will be coming home with a son of his next weekend. We met Mr. Robert, Mr. Mike, and of course Earthquake himself (been a fan of his 8-9 years). He was so layed back, got in the pen with him and took pictures. We very much so enjoyed our visit!!!

  24. @Sunnydaysredjay if u do "strictly English riding" then why are u watching a cutting video. If u don't like western then don't watch it dumbass

  25. You're the kind that give English riders a bad name. You're why people think we're snooty and all uptight. I ride both English and Western, and I don't think either one is better. I run barrels and jump, and both disciplines are equally great.

  26. Gorgeous horse cute name my five year old filly was sired by smart little lena he was a world champion cutter stallion like this

  27. The place I ride at in the winter used to have a herd of cows for cutting and penning, but they sold them and got some buffalo. I was riding a horse in the arena and he could smell the buffalo and got so scared! I just wanted to give him a hug! He's an appy too, do seeing this is kinda funny because all I can think about is poor little freckles! Btw, the horse in this vid has some epic skills!

  28. wow, that has to be the most athletic, cowy Appaloosa I've ever seen! Does he have a lot of quarter horse in him? Virtually all champion cutting horses are, or are mixed with quarter horses. I'm very impressed to see another breed that can even cut!

  29. Hi Joseph Carter – thanks for your comment. This stallion is actually 50% Quarter Horse blood, both his parents are registered Appaloosa, but they are both half AQHA. There are a few App bloodlines that excel in cutting, cow horse, reining.

  30. I love love love appaloosas! I dont know why people say they cant cut, because they obviously can cut, and cut well. Is he available for stud?

  31. I know this is an old video but I had to comment! Cutting is one of the best disciplines that shows one of the things a stock horse was not only bred to do but also loves doing it. You gotta know Ike is one brave horse to go up against an unpredictable buffalo who could charge & horn him at any given time – they're nothing like cattle.

  32. it is truly refreshing just see a horse being ridden the way it's supposed to be not being abused as I have seen so many videos a little ponies being abused by huge Riders

  33. Roger I doing a good job despite his "lack of exposure". But Ike really shows some stones. Good idea to not get too close to those shaggy beasts.

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