Are We Ready For A Horse? – Vlogmas | Day 10
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Are We Ready For A Horse? – Vlogmas | Day 10

August 17, 2019

What’s up guys! it is a new day and today we are going to have lots of fun It is going to be, the best day. This is the day that we’ve been looking forward to we are going to ride, Tater. Yeah, the horsey. Tayer! Tater! What’s Tater say? *Neigh* *Neigh* That’s right. Alright, let’s go. There you go. Sit on it. Good. Okay, let’s put your feet in here now. Now, I may have to take your boots off, I don’t know. We’ll soon find out. Hold on. This is so cute. Tere Tayer rahy. *Chuckle* Tater? Rahy? Rahy? Ride All right. Phaedra’s gonna ride the horse, get the horse warmed up. How long have you been riding for Phaedra? Three or two years. Nice, let’s watch the pro do it. *Chuckle* Alrighty. Righty Teehee *Chuckle* She is so excited. Alright, we’re gonna sit down for a little bit. We’re gonna watch them, ‘kay? See how she’s doing that? She moves with the horse. And there goes Tater. Someone’s not happy they’re not getting ridden. I know, she’s very unhappy. Haha, she’s like “Come on” Okay, you ready to ride the horsey? Awe, that’s much better than bareback, isn’t? wah, whoa, wah, wah, whoa, ah, oh, yeh What’s a horsey say? *Neigh* Heh eh heh I used to not like riding horses when I was younger and now it’s kind of like I grew into a little bit I do wish we had horses Look at grandma. *gasp* Look at Nana Dina. Watch us lope, huh? *Neigh* Hee hee See, she’s a professional at this. She knows what she’s doing. Give a horsey kissy? Awe Hi How are you doing Tater? We’ve been talking about you for a while You’re popular in our house like a, you’re a star. That’s right How you doin’ Tater? Hi Tater *this really cute. Basically, Cory and Tater are snorting at each other, this is the way horses ask if they’re friends!* Actually, that’s a cute picture of him *Laugh* You say hi to tater? Tater, I get enough kisses from you all the time. No *Laugh* *Cory and Tater continue to snort at each other, they became friends!* Ah Cory, he’s awfully interested in you *Chuckle* *Energetic Country Music* So now I’m going to meet with my other side of family, the Williamses, I haven’t seen them in a little while and it’s gonna be really really good and, uh Ah cah! Yeah cars, lots of cars around here. She has this thing right now about cars a lot of cars, huh? yea waw cah There are a lot of cars She has been telling me that ever since he’s been sitting up here with me Every time she sees cars on the highway or whatever. She’s all “a lot of cars. Yeah. Yeah, yeah a lot of cars yeah” There’s my family. So this is my cousin, Danny. Danny’s awes- I haven’t seen her in forever Uncle Art and Barb and Grandma Williams. Look, she’s got the most beautiful smile. I love when you smile You just, that big bright, just makes me so happy to see that smile. So my cousin Danny’s a tattoo artist And I just got done telling her and the family that I said I want to get a tattoo of a little girl on a swing set like Right there under my muscle so like when I’m really old, she could just swing if you do that Like “Whee!” And they’re like the older you get she’ll just, the farther it goes and eventually one day I’m gonna get so old it goes all the way around. It’s like it’s like a childhood dream like right and then another one I’m, It’s maybe a little bit too late for me But I was think about getting like a like a plum On one of my butt cheeks so that when I’m older like it you know wrinkles up and becomes a prune. It’s kinda like a, uh, uh It’s like a watch, but for your butt and it takes Really long time to tell the time. You know as long as I shave all the time that’s the only time you’ll be able to see it because I have a TMI, wait wait no no no no no no not TMI you guys watch me on “Naked and Afraid” You’ve seen it. I have a hairy butt You didn’t think he had a hairy butt Grandma said that- You didn’t have no hairy butt Okay, okay well It goes, is it weird watching your nephew, naked on television? No, I’ve seen him naked before. I’ve changed his diaper Okay. Oh, I will, okay. I’ll be honest I did shave up. I forgot about that I shaved my butt, that was fun. I forgot about that. You know how- You should’ve waxed it No, no I’ve done waxing before and so I actually did a face wax one time. Ow! And I bled everywhere. Don’t do that. It’s not horrible idea, but yea, yeah Poor life decision Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah And all of a sudden it is the next morning. I forgot to give you guys a proper goodbye And also I forgot to tell you that today Like actual today, the day that this video has been posted, Kristen is gonna be going to NASA and she is posting on social media in real time So you guys could see all the cool stuff that she’s seeing so down below in the video description There is a link to all of her stuff that you can follow And I suggest you do it because it’s like a bucket list item for most people and it’s just I can’t wait to see what She gets to see so anyways guys Chell, and I are going to fly home today. We’re not vlogging tomorrow, tomorrow it’s all about Kristen She’s got a camera too, and it should be fun to see what what she experiences, so thanks for watching guys We’ll see you in the next one. Goodbye

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  1. I’m not saying we’re thinking about buying a horse tomorrow. I’m just saying sometime in the future when Chell is old enough to have one. When that age is, I don’t know.

  2. Yes definitely get a horse for her it will keep her out of all sorts of trouble as a teenager 😉
    Of course it's very important that a horse is not alone and that the parents have some serious horse experience. The other option is boarding which has a lot of advantages too.
    I also wanted to say it's so cool to see her riding a haflinger as her first horse. The breed comes from the Austrian Alps right where we live. I happen to own a Rocky Mountain Horse in the Austrian Alps right between all the hafling horses. I imported her mom from the US.

  3. Did you see the look that horse gave you when you had chell on your sholders lol He looked at you like, " have you seen this idiot, he thinks he's a horse lol "

  4. I would say wait. Maybe your neighbors would let you ride their horses and once chell gets a little older she can help care for them. If she is still interested after putting the work in then it would be good to get some.

  5. She is a natural! Get one now while she has no fear! Teach her young how to properly care for a horse! God bless y'all on your journey home and Kristen on journey of a lifetime!

  6. In a few years when Chell can help out more looking after the horse it would be a wonderful idea. Pets teach responsibility, respect etc. With a new baby on the way I think it will be a bit overwhelming getting a horse now 🙂

  7. It's never to soon to get a horse. The sooner the better. As long as she is supervised whenever she's near the horse.

  8. Chell was so adorable on Tator!! When you first put her on him her expression was priceless and her outfit, I just loved it. You and Kristen definitely will have to get horses now. Yes, she will have to have her very own. I do wish Kristen had been there to see her but I’m so glad she will get to enjoy it on video. So glad you had a wonderful trip visiting with your family. Hope you and Chell have a safe trip home. Oh, I would like to tell you one other thing before I end my comment. Cory, you are honestly the best father I have ever saw. You are amazing with all children.

  9. I might would wait just a little longer, maybe find a place that she can take lessons or start learning more about horses. There's a lot that goes into owning and caring for a horse but I'm sure ya'll know that ^-^

  10. Awe Chell looked so cute on the pony. I used to love riding. In the UK we would hear riding hats. Would you consider one for Chell if she started riding?. I always worry about protecting the head if you have a fall, as I remember I fell a few times. 🙂

  11. As a lifetime horse owner buying a horse is an expensive LIFETIME commitment of 25 or more years.  The average cost of owning a horse is $25 per day +/- and this does not include any expenses due to illness or injury.  Don't do it…this is not a hamster.

  12. Make sure you do a TON of research before you get a horse, and make sure Chell is still interested in it. There are some other YouTubers who have only gotten horses for their kids because they reached a milestone and knew nothing about the animal cough bratayley *cough*. Horses require a lot of time and money, are they are a lot more fragile then they look!

  13. AWWWWWWWWWW!!! Best vlog ever!!! I wish i had horses. I miss just being around them. I hope Chell gets her own horsie later on!!!

  14. It doesn't really matter if you wait or get a horse in the near future just make sure you ALL are really ready and committed for a horse and it's expenses. I would recommend getting a horse from a rescue group or ASPCA or Humane Society, you'll be saving a horse and giving it a second chance at a life it should have had. Don't shop, ADOPT.

  15. I think that you and Kristen will be able to tell when the right age is, but I say that definitely when she's old enough to start taking lessons is when you should start to think about getting a horse. I volunteered for about 2 years at a horse ranch and they ended up owning about 40+ horses by the time I stopped volunteering. It is a LOT of work. Food needs to be bought, have enough water, medicine, vet bills, washing and brushing the horse, keeping the horse well exercised, warm during the winter/cool during the summer, and everything included in hygiene and housing conditions – Cleaning up poop/mucking/disposing of waste in the stable if you have one, and the amount bedding for the stable (like shavings, woodchips, etc.)
    But I think she needs to be old enough to develop a mindset where she'll be able to have fun taking care of the horse, as well as enjoy owning one and being able to ride it. Maybe sign her up for lessons when she's old enough (average age is seven – but it depends on the size of the child), or have her volunteer with you guys to take care of a horse (when she's old enough), like offering to watch over your neighbor's horses while they're away. Or even look into specific lessons or volunteer programs where she's assigned a horse to take care of when she rides it. Just to make sure that she'll understand the work that needs to be put in to own a horse, because I guarantee you and Kristen don't want to be taking care of it yourselves, especially with a new baby on the way.
    But you also don't want to get her a horse too late, because she may move away and you'll be in the same boat. Owning a horse is a huge commitment, but with the right mindset and caretaking, it will be worth it. I think it's a wonderful goal for the future and I definitely believe Chell loves them enough to where you should get her one. Just make sure to plan and be prepared for the work, maybe talk to your neighbors about how to take care of a horse! :)) Love you guys! And have fun Kristen!

  16. Chell looked so cute riding the horse! I love horses, but living in the city would make owning one impossible and I'm more of a dog/cat person.

  17. All that metal in poor taters face. I tried not to let it bug me and focus on Chell being her usual ray of sunshineness but it still bugged me. Sorry, I just hate bits and co.

  18. Loved seeing Chell with the horse!! I feel almost like that's what I waited for most! Loved this trip, can't wait till your a family of 4!

  19. seriously….one of your best vlogs ever….LOVED seeing Chell with the horses. And the music was awesome too.

  20. Cory believe me time flies and before you know it that swing tattoo would be swinging all the way around, I know this because I blinked and yep that loose skin just needs a slight breeze now and it's off 😂😂

  21. I love Chell…so cute in her little cowgirl outfit!! Tater ROCKS. Cory, you are so good with all animals. Your interaction with tater is wonderful.

  22. Oh my god I cant even handle all this cuteness.. Chell might be the cutest little girl EVER! I would totally have babies if they were half as adorable as she is! <3 you guys!

  23. I loved Chell's little laugh when the horse snorted. Oh, I just love her period!! You have been making some WONDERFUL memories with her. And you are such a great father! Your grandmother is BEAUTIFUL!!! I totally understand why her smile makes you happy. It made me happy too.

  24. Maybe… but getting a horse would tie you down to a location unless you wish to travel said horse around with yah. Unless you plan on getting a horse that lives on someone else's property with their horses. Like an adopt a horse type thing maybe? So they can take care of the horse and you come and visit and fund its care. I think also… maybe it could just be a thing she gets to experience whenever she gets to go visit Grandma… which makes it WAY MORE EXCITING!!! Lol. But I like your goat idea ya'll had before… but maybe one that doesn't headbutt people. Lol. Or some chickens…. not a lot of them… just a few…. /shrugs. thoughts….

  25. As a 32 year old horse obsessed woman who has been obsessed since birth, wait. Unless you have the space and $$ to keep a couple on your land and you know enough, and can adopt older horses that can't really be ridden anymore to have her exposed, there is a LOT that goes in to buying a horse. What horse will be appropriate has to do entirely with skill level, and that skill level changes. Until she is old enough that she has been riding in lessons for at least a few years, there is no point in getting a horse for her to ride. Particularly because if she gets one sooner, no guarantee it will be rideable for her anytime soon, or she might need a horse more skilled at certain things as she progresses in her skills, requiring her best friend to need to be sold. Horses are HUGE cost commitments. I recommend saving up, and waiting, for at least another 4-6 years.

  26. If you do I would suggest having her take lessons for a few months just so she feels confident. But I was say wait till she is older it is your choice but that is just my opinion

  27. Most people start allowing kids to take lessons at 6 years old, mostly for liability reasons. That being said my previous trainer would come back a few weeks after giving birth and let us hold baby on the pony for pictures. Her older daughter was “jumping” the pony at 6-7. If you enjoy riding maybe you should think about getting a trail horse or two for you and Christine to take out for fun and to ride around with Chell, then by the time she’s older and ready to ride on her own you know you have a trustworthy horse. It’s hard finding good ponies for beginner kids when they want it, especially when you don’t have someone who’s small enough and has enough experience to test ride it safely.

    Also just a word of advice if/when she’s ready for a horse: be skeptical about small ponies, most people think they’re the perfect kids horse because their low to the ground but since they’re so small trainers can’t really get on them and so they learn they can manipulate small riders and be stubborn, not saying all ponies are bad just be wary when looking at them.

  28. I would call this the "awww" episode because I must've said it 30 times, Chell is soooo adorable, the second part made me laugh a lot, well done Cory, nice job:)

  29. I find myself hitting like even before watching your videos. Loved watching Chell riding a horse and kissing it's nose. Cory, you have a beautiful family. Not use to seeing you without Kristen.
    Sending hugs.

  30. you should think about waiting until the peanut on his way is old enough to ride too. Then both you and kristen can watch them and it can be a family event.

  31. that looks so fun, i loved horses, all little girls do i think. even in high school was thinking about it. they are a lot of work and responsibility too but worth it.

  32. Rather than buy one, just have Chell take riding lessons at a local riding school/club (obviously when shes older) until you're all ready to own one. Doing things like you did with tater in your local area is the best way to get her used to horses, just lessons or weekend rides/rentals is best for now and until she's older imo. I'm sure there's plenty of opportunities out there in the Tulsa area to stay involved with horses without owning one just yet.

  33. Take her for lessons first, doesn't even have to be weekly, can be monthly to start off with.
    Then when your into a routine with the new baby and you think you can handle it and still thinking about it, look at own your own pony days/week or even loaning a pony for a month or 2 to see if you can cope etc 🙂
    I've never been able to afford my own horse but loaning not only helps owners out, but when I loaned, gave me a taste of ownership at a fraction of the cost and also meant we could rotate holiday care at no extra cost.

  34. She's old enough to have one. Find one that's amazing with kids, my sister RIley was about 2 when she started really getting introduced to my step mother's horses and Tink is hers. She's 5 now and knows how to brush her and is learning how to saddle her up the right way, can walk her almost all on her own and I'll get up with her (or dad) and trot. Start young and they form a bond and learn how to take care of them quicker/easier. It's beautiful. Her older sister Savannah is 8 now and can do the same for "her horse" lady.

  35. Are you willing to change your entire life, and make sacrifices ? You have to consider farrier bills,unexpected /usual vet bills,boarding fees,feed bills,tack /tack repair, lessons,etc. Who will care for your horse? Are you prepared to meet it's specific nutritional needs? Are you familiar with equine ailments? What happens when he/she passes; (it's macabre,but it's a reality) ? There's a lot to consider when taking responsibility for another life. I suggest you go to a kill pen and look at the faces before you buy. Everyone should see what can happen to horses with irresponsible/inexperienced owners . ( I have 4, one was slaughter bound.)

  36. Well you have enough room for a horse or two. My cousin was born into an equestrian family and on/around horses from the minute she popped out. She's now 8 and her and her horse have placed first in many riding competitions. Its more you that has to be ready for the commitment then anything else.

  37. That was cool to see Chell ride a horse then Cory! I never rode a horse before. Tater, forgive me of that isn’t spelled right. Tater is a friendly horse. It would be cool see a Willams horse! I’m down for it.

  38. I might wait until she's a little older. Among other things, it's a lot of work and Kristen will want the OTHER baby to not be tiring her out first, I think, then Chell will be old enough to appreciate it more and might even be able to help out some. 🙂 In the meantime she's got the neighbor's horse to hang out with, yeah? (Also there is a saying: "I used to have money, now I have a horse" and it is SO true, so take that into account since taking care of a new baby is also often a hit to the wallet with all the diapers and clothes and whatnot.) My sis and I actually did camps and riding classes and stuff with someone else's horses for a while before we ever had our own. So that's always an option while you wait to decide too (plus helping take care of someone else's horses will help you decide if you're up to it on top of daddy duties).

  39. Hmmm. Cory you grew up with horses. Your family has horses. You have enough support around you to advise you on this subject. Trust your gut. Also, off topic, if you continue to exercise your arm (and butt) they will never do that. You make me laugh so hard. <3

  40. i know you have some horse experience but I think the best thing is to start with lessons and then maybe a lease. A lease is kinda like renting. You can full lease where you have full care/responsibility for the horse or you can do a partial lease where the horse is only yours to ride/care for a few days a week. As far as starting to teach her, I've seen kids as young as 5 or 6 start lessons. But regardless of when you start it really is a good idea to do lessons with a certified instructor. They know how to teach kids in the safest ways.

  41. Is youtube STUPID?? why would they flag this video? because you are a Good Good Father??? I hope everything gets fixed soon. xoxoxoxox

  42. Yes you should and btw a Chincoteague pony is versatile and is a smaller pony and the best canidae for you and your family

  43. I agree that riding lessons are probably the best way to go about things for you guys to decide if you really want a horse or not.

  44. Now! Just research history of the particular horse. So much of the love and learning doesn't just happen on the horses back. I LOVED sitting in the pasture just "being" with them. Being hugged between them while I brushed..that is love. Watching the sweet old mare dig a snake out of a dump truck load of sand and kill it and then go right back to grazing…I felt safe. Mistakes happen from both sides but the respect was amazing. The love that builds between members of a "herd" is a miraculous thing!

  45. If you get a horse, you need a horse buddy. My horse was lonely without other herding animals. So we got a few goats, but he missed the other horses… so now DH has horse next door with neighbors who have lots of horses and he is happier. And we have 3 silly goats. DH goes riding with now happier horse and pays for boarding and food, which is cheaper than having him here looking miserable. Live and learn. Gotta do what is happiest for everyone.

  46. I know this video was posted a while ago, but horses are not an easy thing to have. Do lessons first. Many barns accept kids at Chell's age and graduate them to different horses as their experience grows and as they age. Plus, lessons are great for if they end up not liking it after three weeks. If you do get a horse, find a barn that will accommodate giving lessons with your horse. Some places don't give lessons if you have your own horse, so that's something to look into. But you don't need your own horse to take lessons.

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