Ariat Ladies Cruiser Review
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Ariat Ladies Cruiser Review

August 10, 2019

SARAH: Hi, I’m Sarah from Marketing, and today
I’m reviewing the Ariat Ladies Cruiser. I love that these Cruisers are a majorly comfortable
slip-on that makes me look super pulled together when I’m actually a hot mess after changing
in the bathroom at work and rushing off to the barn. I’m notorious in the office for wearing a
lot of high heels, and I actually find flats to usually be really uncomfortable. But I love these Cruisers, because they’re
super padded, which is great, but they also have a really soft back of the heel, which
for me is really nice because I always get heel rubs in a lot of other flats, which I
do not like. Other things that I love about this product
and that set it apart from other slip-ons or boat shoes that I’ve seen are the tropical
colors. I love the accent colors on the sole, on the
elastic, on the contrast-stitching on the top of the shoe. It’s all super cute. And my secret favorite part is the leopard
print on the sole of the shoe, because I am definitely not a leopard-on-the-outside kind
of gal, particularly not in the barn. I don’t think my horse would appreciate it. But I love that it’s in there and it’s a little
sassy secret just for me. This shoe would be perfect for anyone who
wants to be comfortable without sacrificing style and isn’t afraid to get a little colorful
and have a little fun. The care is super easy for these. If they get a little bit dirty at the barn,
I just let them dry off and then brush them off with a stiff brush – usually my horse’s
hoof pick. If I really want to polish them up, I take
a damp rag and wipe down the outsole. I’ve worn these for three months, and I wear
them to the barn 3, 4 times, 5 times a week sometimes, and they look great. I know several other SmartPakers who have
these shoes and they all felt like they ran really true-to-size. For me, I’m kind of a hard shoe to fit. Sometimes I’m a 6.5, sometimes I’m a 7 depending
on the brand. For these, the 6.5 was a little too tight
in the toe, so if you are unsure I recommend sizing up. I’m Sarah, and the Ariat Ladies Cruisers have
this lady cruising in comfort.

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  1. #firstlike I love you guys and I buy your stuff all the time can you make please do another if horses were humans 🙂🙂🙂

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