Arqana Argentine Yearling Sale A Success in Year One
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Arqana Argentine Yearling Sale A Success in Year One

August 13, 2019

On March 21st Arqana broke new ground when
it became the first international sale company to host a sale in Argentina. The best of the yearling crops from leading
stud farms Abolengo and Vacacion were offered and the goal of the sale is to increase international
participation in Argentina. A measure of the success of the inaugural
sale was the fact that visitors from the U.S., Asia, and South Africa all bought yearlings and a record price of 5.6 million pesos was established Let’s take a look at how the sale went down
in Buenos Aires. Pablo Zevaleta and Julio Menditeguy are delighted
with the sale today, and for us it was complete unknown territory. The horses looked very nice, it was good on
the ring. I think it was the first step of something new. People need to get acquaintance of what it
means to have people from everywhere. We have people from South Africa, from France,
from Chile. It’s a very, very good start to build something. It’s always been a long-term project, but
it couldn’t be a better start for that project. The horses were top class. So it was easy to sell them. All the local buyers were here. And we added a few international buyers which
gave us a different level to the Argentine buyers. Hopefully in the future we will keep on bringing people from other countries, and do more international sales. That’s the big goal. We have to be in contact with the clients
worldwide, and we have to show them our horses, and for them this- it was the first- also view of what we are doing, the quality of our horses. And they will help us. The ones that they are going abroad, and they
will represent us. And I have no doubt that they will do it in
a very good way.

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