Ashwamedh Ka Ghoda – Kisna – Kids animation cartoon WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES
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Ashwamedh Ka Ghoda – Kisna – Kids animation cartoon WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES

September 4, 2019

Kisna’s team is playing a very good game. Now Suddi again tries and chase the ball very fast. This time his eyes on the ball and suddi hits the ball with full power. Ball jumps and dashes the Bhondu’s head and goes direct in the jungle. And Bhondu falls down. Oh!What has happened this? Ball has gone inside the jungle. Because Suddi has hit the ball, he will have to go to bring it. Yes, only he will have to go! Suddi, go and bring the ball. Bell rang! Kisna! Oh! This is the voice of Suddhi, what happened to him? Come, let’s see. Kisna, horse! Suddhi, what is this? You got scared with this horse. You’ve insulted my gang. Just see, I bring ball just now. Wow Kisna! You’ve done a wonderful job. Yes, you’ve controlled such a mighty horse. Kisna, you’re looking like a king. Now, he will also play with us. We’ll enjoy a lot. Kisna, you get down, now let me sit on the horse. No, first I’ll sit. No, I’ll sit. Now, let’s take him in the village and will feed him some thing. Yes, come. Kisna, from where you brought this horse? Mr. Bhola, we found him in the jungle. It seems that this horse belongs to Ashwamedh. My judgment was right, this horse belongs to Ashwamedh. King Ratan singh, king of Alok nagari has sent him to take the rounds. Everybody has to bow his head before him and will have to except his defeat. If someone stops the horse or catches it, he’ll have to face war with King Ratan singh. Kisna, you shouldn’t have caught this horse. This horse belongs Aswamedh of King Ratan Singh. Mr. Bhola, we didn’t know about this. Who dared to catch my horse? I did. Innocent child, now you’ll have, fight with me. Why will I have to fight? Child, this horse belongs to Ashvamedh, who else will catches it, he will have to fight with. King, you may take your horse without any fight, we don’t want to fight. This is against king’s policy, we will defeat you in war and then we will take our horse back, got it? You start preparations for war, we will attack Anandnagri tomorrow in the morning. Soldiers, let’s go. Now we will have to go in war. King has got army, how will we fight with him? And even we don’t have weapons. Yes, and we don’t have carts also. Brother, they will be having so many elephants and horses. You people, don’t get worried, we will find some solution by morning. Let’s start the war! Are you ready? Yes king, I’m ready. Child, I don’t feel that you’re ready, I’m not seeing any preparations of you. You’re weapon less, how will you fight with my a big and mighty force? My conscience says that instead of fighting with whole army, I will ask one of my soldiers to fight with you. And whoever wins in this fight, his side will be treated winner. Tell me do you accept this challenge of mine? Your highness, I accept your challenge. Commander, what is your opinion? Your highness, please permit me, I will defeat this child just now. Commander, go and defeat him. Child, This stick is more than sufficient for you. Kisna! Wow Kisna! What a good punch. In one shot commandar’s crown has fallen. Now, I’ll wear this crown. Commander, get up! Now you game is over! Commandar, get up! Wow! Kisna won. Kisna, You’re clever as well as brave. I accept my defeat and promise to you, that in my whole life I’ll never have any war with Anandnagri. Thank you, your highness. Work, which nobody is able to do. Kisna does that work.

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