Ask the Vet – Supplements for a horse with joint discomfort

September 3, 2019

SARAH: She has a 5-year-old horse that has
slight arthritis on the bottom of her knee. The arthritis shows up in the winter time
the most. What supplement do you recommend for arthritis
pain? DR LYDIA GRAY: The horse is how old? 5? That’s kind of young to be experiencing discomfort
from arthritis… SARAH: Do you think it’s fair to assume Thoroughbred? Raced young. Something like that? DR LYDIA GRAY: Maybe. I’m also assuming that she has a diagnosis. We’re making a lot of assumptions here. I’m assuming that she’s working closely with
a veterinarian. So the vet is going to come up with a plan,
a treatment plan, that says this prescription medication, this – and maybe this supplement. And so for this horse, certainly a supplement
with all the mother nature, big three ingredients – glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, HA – but
maybe some additional components that do help manage discomfort. Cause it sounds like this horse is not comfortable. SARAH: Particularly in the winter time. DR LYDIA GRAY: Yeah, yeah. So things like, I’m thinking devil’s claw,
yucca, boswellia, maybe cercumin. Because she specifically mentions winter,
I would advise this person to make sure the warm ups – and perhaps a quarter sheet – are
quite long and slow and lengthy. Take your time. Don’t be in a rush to get on and get to the
work, whether it’s jumping or it’s flying changes or reining, sliding stops or whatever. Take your time warming up. Especially in the winter, but for this horse,
year round. So, I think between whatever her vet says
to do, and then the right supplement, and a really thoughtful exercise program, and
of course, you know good turnout and good shoeing, good footing, I think this horse
can be more comfortable.

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