Ask your horse health questions for the August 2018 Ask the Vet video!
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Ask your horse health questions for the August 2018 Ask the Vet video!

October 29, 2019

SARAH: Hi SmartPak fans! SmartPaker Sarah and Dr. Lydia Gray here. We just got finished with our July episode
of Ask the Vet where we talked about clicking hocks, healthy snacks, bags of sugar back
here – you’re gonna have to find out what those are for – whether or not it’s OK to
share tack and grooming equipment – pretty scandalous, there’s a good joke in that one
– and then how to treat minor wounds, different ingredients that horses might be allergic
to. DR LYDIA GRAY: We did all that? SARAH: We did. That’s only 5 questions. Now we need 5 more questions for our August
video, and that’s where you guys come in. We need you to submit your questions on Facebook,
YouTube, Instagram, Twitter,, or the form at Wherever you ask the question please do use
the hashtag so that we can keep track of all of those great questions and compile them
all for the voting. Then if you vote, you will potentially get
voted into the top 5 and win a SmartPak gift card, which is fantastic. While you’re on the blog, if you want to do
your voting there – or do your asking cause this is when we ask the questions – while
you’re on the blog, you can take a look at some of our recent articles. We have a whole bunch of stuff going up for
colic awareness month which is June which is fantastic. You can also meet our Ultimate Horse Health
Challenge winner whose name is William and he is adorable. Of course, you recently wrote an article on
the 25 things to do before show season. DR LYDIA GRAY: I did. I felt like it was a lot of stuff. I finally wrote it down and there were 25
things. SARAH: Turns out there’s a lot to do. So Lydia and Newman have been very busy getting
ready. Check all of those things out and please do
submit your questions so that we have something awesome to entertain and educate all you guys
with next month. Thanks for watching, thanks for asking, and
have a great ride.

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  1. #AskTheVetVideo What is the difference between Cushings and Equine Metabolic Syndrome? I have a gelding that I suspect has one of these conditions, but don't understand the difference between the two clearly.

  2. #AskTheVetQuestions When your horse has a pritty good cut on eny part of the body how can you tell if you can treat it your slef or if the vet needs to look at it or not, and dont say if it is not a flap of skin hanging or blood is every were then you are good.

  3. #AskTheVetVideo … After a hard workout I've always used standing wraps if my horse was going to be staying in his stall overnight ie not being turned out til the next morning. I was recently told that a horse can lose his ability to recover on his own if this is done regularly. ie they become dependant on the wraps. Is there any truth to this?

  4. #askthevetvideo

    With all these new girth designs, are the anatomical girths really better than traditional girths? Not only the shape, but elastic vs non-elastic, wider belly area (almost stud-girth wide) vs narrow girths, plain padding vs shaped sternum pieces, synthetic materials vs leather/sheepskin… so many options these days. What is really the better option for optimal comfort and performance?

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