Ask your horse health questions for the July 2018 Ask the Vet video
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Ask your horse health questions for the July 2018 Ask the Vet video

October 28, 2019

SARAH: Hey SmartPak fans! SmartPaker Sarah and Dr. Lydia Gray here. We just finished our June episode of Ask the
Vet where we answered 5 questions that were submitted by viewers like you. And we answered some fan mail in that video… DR LYDIA GRAY: We did! SARAH: …at the beginning, which is a very
exciting way to start, and we have one more comment that we wanted to share. Maria on our Ask the Vet form submitted a
little comment after she submitted her question and said, “I recently discovered the joy and
value of Ask the Vet! I just love you guys.” Which is awesome, cause we just love you back. “After watching my first episode, I quickly
caught up on all the previous episodes (unbeknownst to you, you two keep me company while I’m
cooking).” Sounds like her family is benefitting from
a lot of cooking, cause we have talked through a lot of these episodes. “It was because I was jonesing for more horse
health videos that I discovered the lecture series my question is based on. I love the practical, understanding, horse-owner
perspective you guys bring. I don’t even own or lease a horse, but once
I do – I’ll be all set!! I appreciate everyone involved in making these
educational, fun videos each month!” DR LYDIA GRAY: So nice. SARAH: That is so nice and because of her
last sentence, I want to give a shout out to Nels, the man behind the camera who coordinates
these videos and gets them posted. And Dr. Gray and I just have to sit here for
about an hour a month and then that’s all we do. Nels coordinates all of your questions and
the voting and so he’s the real hero behind the Ask the Vet series. Now that we are looking forward to the next
episode that’s going to be our July episode, you can submit your questions on Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, You can use the form at Anywhere you ask it, be sure to use #AsktheVetVideo
so that… DR LYDIA GRAY: So Nels can find it. SARAH: That’s right, because Nels has to be
able to track them all down, pull them all together and then, of course, there’s the
voting. And you could win a SmartPak gift card if
your question makes it into the top 5 for July. Questions will be accepted until June 1st,
so you’ve got some time to think of a good one. Then of course you can vote for your favorites. As always, thanks for Asking the Vet, thanks
for watching and have a great ride.

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  1. #AsktheVetVideo I own a 5 year old mare who recently started dressage training, which requieres a lot of work from her. I've noticed that she is loosing weight due to the change in workload. I want to adjust her diet to the new requirements. What type of feed would you recommend to help her gain muscle mass without giving her much energy? what supplements should I consider?

  2. #askthevetvideo please please answer this question for me. My question is how often can I change my horses tack? Like bits bridals saddles all of that?
    I hope that’s not a silly question lol 🙂

  3. My shetland is currently on beet pulp (he was when I got him and have just kept him on it) and I know it’s good for horses, but what exactly are the benefits? Do some horses benefit more than others?

  4. #askthevetvideo which stage of maturity (for hay) is best suited for easy keepers/the over weight horse? Would a more mature cut of hay be better? Given that the horse has free choice Himalayan salt block, and a vitamin supplement or a ration balancer (to make up what the hay does lack in nutritional value).

  5. #AsktheVetVideo What is a good way to prevent mosquito bites? Living in Florida, my mare suffers from flies and mosquitoes all year! Fly sprays and fly sheets don't help at all. I don't know how they manage to bite her over her fly sheet!

  6. #Askthevetvideo in horse stalls does there always have to be bedding? At my barn they have an open sided stall barn but they don't put shavings or anything in it, just rubber mats. If I was to move my OTTB there would he be comfy? He is currently in pasture board 🙂

  7. #AsktheVetVideo Can mares in heat have symptoms similar to colic? If so, is there anything I can give my mare to reduce pain?

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