Assembling the new engine after Mantorp havoc | Garbage Garage 15-2019
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Assembling the new engine after Mantorp havoc | Garbage Garage 15-2019

August 11, 2019

Horrible sound! It is Milwaukee. You know. That is tiny problem. Let’s paint these things yellow or something. Cause nobody have reached us from Milwaukee. They should do that. Or we start throwing these in trash soon. I do not praise these tools. These are OK anyway. Battery runs out soon, I guess. Crap tools. Should we just bark these. Maybe they contact us then? Dont know… Or should we take contact to them? No, we cant do that. What is case about engine? It is broken after Mantorp?
Yes… Kalle have been doing this a lot. I have been doing this time by time. Whoever have done this randomly. It’s been a bit quiet tought.
Yes, it’s been pretty quiet lately. There have been many kind of stuff.
Caravan stuff and Boating stuff and so on… Camera man had broken arm…
Yeah… All holidays are done now. I also put this… on gear three. This was also on holiday mode. Should we put correct bolts now? There… Last time I moaned about it. Maybe it got broken thats why. That is brand new? It is “fire” brand new. It is “fire” brand new cause it is still warm. Have you ordered spare parts?
Yeah… From where, what and did em arrive fast? Everything came immediately from And it was also correct part. This time it is oil pump.
Yeah… Any questions? No… I tought so.
Made order via app? I should say yes.
But no, I did not. I made order with computer. Of cause with phone, yes. Thank you. You are welcome. Should we attach it? What? There is missing something essential?
There is missing little something… Should we do it? Why you want to put these on? Cause there should be these by a book. From shelf spot… A117 This shelf spot have done “table flip”. This shelf spot have done “table flip”. Do not throttle so heavily. Well… Where is it… 613 box. What now?
Let me set newton on it. Somewhere there… Close to it. Are these something other things? Lets take it a bit more. Right… there is thread on it. That is what you meant. That comes to grill plate? Yes on grill plate. It is not…
I wanted to… But it looks like that I don’t want it after all. Why?
Cause it looks like… Unfastened from there. Those should be of the same level. There is no bushings… But we can use sockets. Valve… No.. Chain case first. Hobby crafts next. And that haves… a lot tiny things. So it will be lottery to do it. We don’t know. Maybe nobody knows. Atleast one part we know where it belong. Nothing more about it… Atleast nothing that could be reason to broken engine. Not that kind of things. I fiddle these… gasgets a bit. Send us one bag of… Work mittens. From Blåkläder. To Sweden. It is another thing can we do this. Yes we can.
Where is our chain? Chain is there.
Chain is there on the corner. And other little things. Two weeks till Denmark event? Yes, we will be there. Autoshow Denmark. Chain… At cash register… I dont know how to fit it there. Just try it. No idea at all. How to fit this on there. You just try different ways.
And it will fit somewhere. Is here an engine?
Engine? What kind of a engine? That engine.
You need this engine? Let’s build engine for a kid. He will lift it out from here. Like I said.
I have no idea at all about this. It feels good now. It does not fit this way.
Not that way. No… I dont know… Wait a second. I tought you cant do this wrong. But seems you can. Wait a second. There is DIY version with this bolt.
It has been pushed open with this. Some blacksmith called Ilmarinen. Mount it backwards. I do not admit anything. No idea who did it… I tried to blame Kalle. Let’s say he did not… accept my accusation. Let’s take a plug out. I machined this thing my self. You can use shorter tonsillolith now. It does not matter anymore. I thrilled a hole. Then I used caliber. I felt spring load from there. Then I took caliber and measured how long bolt I need. Give it some gas now. Copper slug there? Engine did not blew cause that.
If someone wise off about it. It was cause a driving fault.
Not actually cause driving fault.
Well maybe it was… Let’s admit something atleast. This part should be that way. If you take a little time and thinks about it a bit. Why it is that way. You don’t need to think much about it. Last time we did not think about it at all. We just tought it is that way and let’s go. That is pretty clear now. You have USB outlet there?
Yeah. That is cool.
Thanks, I made it my self. Actually, I don’t wise off about how it look. Cause I have my own phone charging there. And it seems to charge it. 220 volts to it… So we going to install this. What the f…. Is there some dirt?
Yes there is a bit dirt on it. Did you see that? Maybe…
Glued… case? This time we use maybe some nuts on it. Just to make it look nice. Correct lenght? Or is it a bit short. Short is always ok. It is a bit tight. Little tight… I dont know any other place for em. So nicely… fits here. Let’s see. That goes there and that short one there. Is there any longer ones. Yes there it is. Why there is that ear? Can’t remember if it have some funtion. I want to put this in here but… I have no idea why it should be there. I can take it out there if needed.
It does not belong there… Same lenght spot here. Or is it. Something went maybe in wrong spot. But it does not look like it. There was a bit too long one. These are same lenght. That was long one and then short… I just guessed em. There is bigger chance… Does not fit, it is too long one. We have right one here. There been mix-up at warehouse. Right… Mix-up also at there.
Yeah. You do it gently.
Yes, I don’t shoot em there. What is that ear?
I wish I remember that. Atleast you just put it somewhere there. That was only spot.
Actually there was two spot with longer nuts. But I really dont remember why it is there. Look, it is missing one nut. Next? I am so tired. Let’s make some coffee? Yes, that would be great and tasty. I do it. Yes do it coffee. Sound in the radio.
It is coming all the time. Where? Here.
Yeah. Radio… And next? We need to put riddle plate. This one from here. *funny words about riddle plate in finnish* Did you make coffee coming?
Yes, it is coming. What peoples there? Summer holidays done already? It is good way to start conversation.
Yes it is. Weathers have been cold down.
Damn it. Huh huh… It is a bit hot in here inside. But it will cool down till frost any time soon. At the moment Jussi have holidays on. Congrats to Jussi then. Happy holidays. ..nuts..
And what next then? We just need to continue doing more. Would put this riddle plate next. I dont know… I took from wires. If it is a new thing then. If it have’s CAN bus. It will give us errors. We need to be precise. Would you suggest professional do it?
No, I don’t. I do it my self.
I guessed that. I burn all by my self by that way. After that, none of the warning lights work. Right after you put key on it. There will be electrical smoke. After that, we need some professional to do it. Carefully call to some company and ask for a help. Someone says we need to put riddle plate on now. R – I – T – L – E, ritle… plate… Everything looks ok.
Only those things are a bit too low. Can you explain. If some peoples dont know. We did’nt have these nuts last time.
I moaned about it back then. These left so low on there. Some little… Riddle plate and this need some… slug on there. Are you going to find some slugs?
Or what you gonna do about it. Should we went to…
How many peoples there is watching? 154 is watching now.
Pretty many. Should we go to have coffee now? Sure.
I tought that we put glue on it. A lot of hassle.
Riddle plate over it. Hassle is not over yet then. Cause then we need to fit oil container and stuff. Oil pumps. Everything else. We can’t tight em together. But we have done that before.
First we have installed riddle plate. Then tight em with few nuts. Temporarily…
To do rest without rush. Rigth… You know… There will be riddle plate,
oil container and then nuts. After riddle plate Oil container gap have a lot things. I don’t even know what goes there. How about that oil pump?
I have no idea… We should call to Kalle. We have had conversation about it. And it haven’t lead us to anywhere. It is not been cavitation. What you have there? Oil pump. What kind of condition it it? A bit used A-class part. Holy Cow! Take a look of it. Ordered from where?
From AUTODOC of cause! AUTODOC.FI Let’s put it back in safe place. We are not going to use it. Here we have it.
But we wont use it. NOOOOO! No we wont use so good part. Will our engine blow out again? So why we should use new parts on it. Insane to use new parts.
There it is. There? That we can use now. It just have little corrode on it. Should we put plastic badding on it… Maybe it does it job.
And we have more of em here. There is one also.
Cool. Yeah… Seems it’s been passed some crap via it. -03 original part. Havent seen a half of million kilometers yet. Now we should go and have very good. Arvi Lindqvist coffee. Or was it Nordqvist.
Our main sponsor. Greetings to Arvid… To Sweden. Let’s go to have coffee. Just cleaning this a bit. I started it already. Seal get removed. There have been a lot fo seal on it. A lot yeah. Someone came with some monster vehilce.
Did you hear it? Who is it? 28 Same kind of like I have. 10 years newer. Thanks, this is… just something. Burst glue is something that will seal very good. Seal effective part is outside of it. Lets put here very tiny layer of glue. You know my tiny layers…
Oil pump… Get a bit grease. Did it have new script? Not the old one.
Not like… “The Unknown Soldier” that had… same script. It was not same? Idea and style was only same? Slugs? You mean *Zhlugs*? It is not a word.
*Zhlug*? Yes it is.
It is not. It is a brand. Driving clothes brand.
Yeah it is. Let’s put that in there. It is same, whatever we put in there. Well lubricated. It is nice when a little bit drops over valve. Started? My CBR wont start without break cleaner. Not starting without it?
Nope. Someone have done correct ammount of these. Let’s put a little of… M6’s. A lot of em. Horrible long ones.
Those don’t need to be so long. Is than 7?
Yes it is. There is some 6’s too. 1 mm difference is so huge. Human eye can’t see the difference. Even we have trained it?
Yeah… It is so tiny difference..
Look… Eye try always to confuse. Need to get few around it before glue dry’s. It will dry on correct place then. Yeah… I am fitting some nuts on it.
What? Nuts… Nice that you said.
Yeah… ARP. ARP nuts?
Yeah… You can drop em to the ground.
And those won’t get elliptical. Basic Nyloc nut, when fall’s on the ground.
Won’t fit anymore. Have used em? Not in this one. Not in this one? But on some other ones, yes. Usually on other stuff, yes. Kilogram stuff of nylon.
Nylon… 18 mm….
It is funny how I mess my hands on oil. And after that you wear gloves. Dirt stays in to gloves after that. 18 mm… Ratchet wrench. This project falls, cause can’t find it.
Not in it own spot at shelf? I havent looked it yet. Not first idea to check it own spot. It was in my hand while ago.
How did I open it… There it was on safe place. Some brand of tool.
Nobody knows what brand it might be… Battery bolt machine. We wont mention brand of it. Too lazy machine to do it job. It just whine.
Too lazy machine to do it job. Everything went there nice.
Do we ever again need to open it? Don’t believe so.
Neither do I… It used to be last good. I think it is 90 nm moment on it.
Yes it is. It is.
Are you sure? So I was right.
It is roughly anyway… It just felt it get loose. It is bad, if it get loose at end of process. It just found it place.
Have to double check em. What next? Lets just put that in there. Is that right size now? Gearwheel?
Yes of cause it is… You don’t know about it.
No I really don’t… Who should we ask about it?
Or you just think about it quietly? *Deep sigh*… It is correct size… I asked from my self.
In my head. I answered to my self quietly. My self just said… It is correct size. There is missing something essential?
There is missing something a little. It needs some other parts too. One option is to fill so much oil,
that it will take it from there. No intake pipe at all. It is missing. Here it is. Look at it. It was really there. It is a pipeline. Blew dirt out from it. Nothing in there anymore. Nothing…
Do it fit? Not even close. It fit right there. I belongs there. It looks good.
It is a bit short tought. But it looks good anyway. Biggest toughts of your life. I need to bend it a little. Metal on there.
That is a bit bad in there. It does not fit in there… out going lead. This was not… We just modify it a bit. What for we need this ear in here? It does not get shaked on there. There is like nothing that shakes anyway. Let’s just smash it a bit. Beat it a little. Bearing is changed now?
Yes. Ville from Himanka is a welder. He have done patch on it. Yes he welded there… patch on a pit. I have to say, pretty good welder. This is beast washer. There have been a hole. There was a little hole to lurk from. Oil pan screws. Nope. Let’s take a small live broadcast also.
YEAH! Of cause. Welcome to evening live broadcast. Let’s put oil pan on it’s place There is everything on it’s place ready. We found the screws.
And oil pan got washed. Everything looks good now. Just need a tiny layer of seal in here. That was a crowbar. It haven’t leaked ever before. Seal glue wont be reason for leak. We have everything ready now? Yes… We have everything ready. Let’s just put this quickly in there. Wait a moment… Everything…
It is magical looking moment when it drop in. Yes it is.
Good looking color and so. It is good looking color. Bolts are short. Not correct ones. Maybe these are from regular engine. Is it like that. These are from regular engine. Wrong bolts. Are we making engine for Joni and Vesa? Yes. Cause he said, he have a lazy car. And fuel consumption is heavy. This is optimated engine. This is good engine to run. Even in alps of France. Biggest gear on. At the moment…
Annoy? Yeah… That is maybe right. Damn it… Here…
Found em? Yeah… Phase is tight. Yeah… That was a bit short. Now we just need to get em tight. What? It will be done then. 400 screws to tight on. These ain’t tight at all. We notice again how that red tool… was capable. Yeah.
It was too lazy to tight em. Crap tools… Glue get burst very well from there. Not all need to be tight. This was not tight at all. There should be a bit longer one. Good friends… lovely friends… There it is now. At the moment. Downstairs need to be pile up. Not bad. Yes it is pretty awesome. It is very nice to continue from here. Just throw top over it and it’s done. Next we just flip engine on car. Then we can just drive and break it again. And then we build a new one again. Veikko! Veikko! What are you doing?

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  1. On tätä videota vähän ooteltu, mutta hyvää kannattaa aina odottaa. Tuosta motista saa jo ekat savut näillä näppäimillä. Toi teidän tuotesijoittelu on tosi huomaamatonta… Jos mulla ois työkalufirma niin sponssaisin teitä.?

  2. Teemu on kyllä yks hauskimpia heppuja, eikä ota turhia paineita 🙂 Ja jotta näin pysyis niin aattelin mainita kun näkyny vähä joka videosa et siellä auton/nosturin alla aina jotain rassaamassa, että ehkei kannattas liikaa siihen luottaa.. Epäilemättä se on viimesen päälle huollettu ja pidetty nostin (xD) Mutta silti, turha riski.. Kunhan ei vaan joskus tulis niskaan. Pakolliset hommat alla, muut (kuten moottorin kasaus xD) ei ehken tarvi siellä alla tehä. Ei mulla muuta, jatkakaa! Hiton hauskoja videoita, aina saa naureskella :)!

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  5. Eikö öljyn imuputkessa ole suppiloa päässä? Saattaapi vetäistä ilmoja ja kavitoida….onko alunperin?

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