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At Yarışları ve Yarış Atı

August 21, 2019

Horses are one of the most special domesticated animals by human in the history. Throughout history these beautiful animals have helped many people with different ways. People carried the loads with the help of horses. People traveled with horses more quickly and less tired at long distances. People have trained horses as war horse and benefited from many war. One of today’s popular sports is that horse racing which is one of the oldest and most common sports. The first horse races made in the Turkish states. Hittites, Assyrians, Romans and Egyptians are known to organize horse races. Homeros refers to horse racing in Ilyada in 9th century BC. It is known that North African, Chinese, Persian and Arabic riders also performed races in history. In the 17th century first regular horse races was made king of England II. Charles. In 1665 the first official horse race was held in North America. Horse races become present international form towards the mid-19th century. Today, horse races are made with purebred or half-horses. The races are divided into two categories: straight and disabled. The most valuable race horses are joined in straight runs, and these are the most prestigious races. When disabled, horses that are older are joined and try to cross high and thick obstacles. Today horse racing is also part of betting and prediction games. People are predicting which horses will win or which horses will be won before the race is done, and they can earn money if their estimates are correct. One of today’s popular sports horse racing horses are very valuable. If racehorse accomplished many successes in the career, the value of that horse is invaluable. In order for a horse to become a racehorse, it needs to be nourished and looked after from the beginning. It is important that the animal is trained and exercised regularly. In addition, the horses need to be treated with love in a stress-free and peaceful environment. Thank you for watching my video. Subscribe me and watch my other videos see you 😀

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