Awesome Things You Can Do With Household Objects
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Awesome Things You Can Do With Household Objects

October 24, 2019

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  1. 0:37 I don't think that is as simple as it sounds if you don't have a knife… Or even if you do, and if it's dark outside

  2. when life gives you lemons, make batteries. When life gives you oranges, make batteries. When life gives me a comment section, I use it to say that I'm in my kitchen looking for matches right now. Or maybe I'll make a grenade first. . .how about both!

  3. its fun used to make works bombs when we was younger the thing was no joke nut fun sticking under an ice lake would be cool

  4. I dont think I've owned a pencil for years. I use mechanical pencils. Btw I think the flashlight on my phone is brighter. Or is the scenario call for a broken down car with a phone and 0% battery…..

  5. Please don’t try this at home.then he literally shows you how to do it anyways. Me:probably gonna try this when I’m older thanks for the instructions 😂


    So why did you even include it if it's that unsafe to do?🤔
    Didn't your parents ever tell you no as a kid growing up? And as a kid I bet you wanted to go out and do that thing all because they told you no. That's what you're doing here. You say don't do it but then you lay it all out step by step so now they know how to do it and you gave the urge to do it too because you said not to try this. Don't you think that's dumb and a little irresponsible?

  7. Extremely bad advice to go e the bottle a shake!!!! Dont give advice on something you have never actually done!!! Idiots

  8. Yeah because when you're broke down on the side of the road and need to see your car engine it's easier to strip down a pencil, get some speaker wire, wrap it around the "lead" and hook it to your car battery than it is to have a flashlight!

  9. so the first one will electrocute you, the second will make a bomb that sprays hydrochloric acid everywhere. brilliant.

  10. "you'll get 3-5 minutes of light" after spending 6 hours stripping the pencil
    don't forget to put your "works" on a fire for maximum fun XD (dry ice and water will do this too and won't catch fire and won't make a stinky foamy mess like vinegar and baking soday)

  11. 1. How do you expect to strip a pencil with your bare hands

    2. His explanation is wrong, graphite does conduct electricity

    3. He called it lead, which it is not

  12. Your interruptive use of inappropriate advertisement means I will now unsubscribe and not be back.
    Was watching with my children and immediately prior to your #1 slot, an ad that was definitely not appropriate was aired. Not struck this before – and I use my youtube account solely for facts, history, science and geography home-schooling.
    Really, really not cool.

  13. Forget the mini citrus spark, it's all about the air freshener/hairspray flamethrower. You would always see the warning label and I was curious and was blown away when I tried it out. Great smell and neat fireworks show.🤣

  14. #4 he he reminds me of…well has anyone ever made a marijauna milkshake ? I quit years ago but it is pretty cool. Chill a glass in freezer ( frosty mug) then roll a joint that you can put in a straw. When the mug is ready put the joint in a straw like your gonna blow a shotgun. Now light it up good and use the straw to blow tons of smoke into the glass. It will stay in the glass and be really cool. So hold the glass and inhale deeply. It's smooth because the smoke has cooled. Umm..anyway it may not be legal in your area but freedom rules. 😜

  15. Are hou people crazy? Demonstrating dangerous tricks, then saying, 'do not try this at home'. Who are you kidding? Teenage boys are eating detergent pods on YouTube; they don't need more bad ideas. Lemons are expensive; don't waste them making useless batteries. Always carry a flashlight in your vehicle.😭

  16. When I was a kid other kids in the neighbourhood would explode bottles on the school grounds all the damn time – I'd see them the next day lying around the playground. I remember asking some older kids how to do it and they said "chlorine and sugar". I never tested it out so I have no idea if that's true or if they were full of shit.

  17. Stripping the pencil perfectly would probably take long enough that you would be better just hanging out and waiting for a tow truck instead of likely electricity yourself (if you are able to get your pencil perfectly stripped to just the graphite with out breaking it in the process.) 🙄

  18. What we expect: how to make it
    What he wants us to know: so Electrons will pass through your ears making neutrons and then making a peice of graphite glow causing vinegar and baking soda to react to carbon dioxide and will create a bomb that will destroy the world 🌍 WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TELL US WHAT IS HAPPENING JUST SHOW US HOW TO DO IT, ARE YOU A SCINCE TEACHER OR SOMETHING p.s this is just a joke I don’t intend to offend ur channel or smart mind in any way.

  19. One hundred years from now on some high-tech chalkboard there will be a quote on it, “When life gives you oranges, make a flamethrower “-

    Be Amazed

  20. actually if you use a California navel orange with a thick peal, you need not pre heat the peal to get a large spray from pinching the peal.

  21. Im pretty sure you are asking to get sued eventually for sharing that Works Bomb, how to info. It's along the lines of the Anarcist cookbook.

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