Backpacking the Rocky Mountains and Soaking in Conundrum Hot Springs
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Backpacking the Rocky Mountains and Soaking in Conundrum Hot Springs

August 10, 2019

hey wonder hussy here with my friend Adam
backpacking in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado look at this this is wildflower
season we’re up in a area called the elk mountains and we’re backpacking you can
see I have about mmm 73 pounds of gear on my back there pretty exactly we’re
playing to be gone for a few days and uh you know we need to play so I’ll check
in with you in a bit and next I might see something interesting hopefully it’s
not a bear whoo oh my god I’m Oh friggin tired when we
think we only hiked a few miles four miles maybe if that and how it’s
probably going like one mile an hour but I figure my pack weighs between 35 40
pounds so that’s like a third of my body weight anyways we hiked all the way up
this beautiful valley oh this hill you can see there’s still patches of snow
even this is July 26 ok this snow probably never melts all the way as
we’re coming all the way up to the top of this Ridge that I’m standing on and
now we’re going to go down into this valley it’s at the base of Snowmass Peak
over there that pointy peak is Snowmass Mountain and there’s a little pond or
lake in the distance there that’s the goal we’re supposedly going to camp near
there tonight now I’m really about distances I don’t
know how far that is at least a couple miles I hope I have the gas left in my
tank who finally made it all the way to that little pond sorry the sun’s right
behind me but you can see the pond and it’s a beautiful meadow and this really
desolate Valley it’s absolutely beautiful but let me tell you
that was very ambitious for my first backpacking trip yeah I’ve never really
been backpacking before I was buying and I made it okay wasn’t a major aches or
pains but dang I have never been this tired oh man
but hey it was a great hike like we had great weather beautiful look at the sky
I mean didn’t rain at all on us so I can’t complain it was great and so we’re
going to set up camp here and fire up the little backpacker stove and make
dinner my friend Adam is down there not sure if you hear that
this pump is squeaking he’s pumping water he has a filter Oh fair assurance
yeah I’d like to see a fairy shrimp would you go check it out okay I don’t
know if you’re going to be able to see at all but there’s these little fairy
shrimp swimming around in here there’s the sea monkeys with the Rocky Mountains
yeah they’re like sea monkeys when you were kid you sent away for sea monkeys
similar I guess they’re pretty cool man just chilling in this little pond and
this amazingly beautiful valley all right dinner time guess what we’re
having what’s the name of this chili oh you want you want the brand name
yeah Bear Creek Bear Creek chili oh wow you want to get cheerful and right mixed in together because why cook
things separately in the backcountry yeah it’s all going to end up in the
same places right yeah dog yeah right next to where the bear was gonna head
that all right yay dinner is ready look at that chili with rice and a cot oh how
about that huh hahaha yeah let’s see let us see how it is this tastes like moose
turd pie no I got him but I’ll be honest I’m so hungry even a mystery buyer would
probably do five stars
good I’m glad I survived sleeping up here is very peaceful actually I’m
really cold it’s July and is freaking freezing but right now bears or animals
that really mess with us there’s just some elk grazing peacefully in the
meadow over there when we woke up now my friend is down by the pond there or
heating up some water for some coffee I’m gonna go over there and try to wake
up now if there was a hot spring here that would really be amazing whoo all
right well we had coffee had some breakfast
oatmeal with fruit in it and left our campsite which was way down there that
Lake and I mean you can’t see for this think about we just logged up the face
of this mountain here well we still got a long way to go to get to the top
apparently the planet is well if you can even see my friend Adam wave innocence
to go up and over to settle into another Valley where there’s supposedly another
beautiful lake or we can camp tonight if I can make it I figure I’m probably at
12,000 feet elevation maybe more I haven’t noticed that the altitude is
giving me a hard time I’m not really out of breath but this frickin pack what
have you ever backpack you carry everything you need on your back right I
mean my friend and I are sharing a tent so he has a tent I don’t have to carry a
tent I have a stove in the fuel but I mean nothing that I have individually
weighs that much but all together it’s a doozy
so I’m just hoping that all these clouds aren’t like super gnarly
crazy weather because man backpacking in the rain just doesn’t sound fun
call me crazy huh I guess we could just hang out hunker down in the tent but if
that’s going to be the case then I would recommend not having chili for dinner
again because last night was hardcore I don’t know if you can hear that there’s
a whole bunch of sheep down in that valley like Matt I’ll try to get closer
to him and get some better audio but they might be scared of me
whoo all right well sorry I wasn’t able to get closer to the Sheep but that
ended up being a long sketchy bushwhacking Traverse down the side of
that mountain all the way to the valley floor it took all day man and I was
exhausted afterwards so much so that we had planned to keep hiking over to these
Buell lakes but we ended up changing course we camped at the base of this
trailhead and we’re going to hike up to Conundrum hot springs instead oh my god
it’s a hot spring I’ve been willing to go to my whole friggin life well
actually I don’t want to go there for at least a couple years and someone told me
about it and I read about it in my book supposed to be an amazingly beautiful
hot spring but it’s up up five-mile hike over this mountain pass so it’s like
7:00 in the morning we just made breakfast here at the trailhead and now
we’re getting ready to hike up into this beautiful mountain oh you know I really
hate getting up super early but once I’m up I love being up super early morning
lights so beautiful I can along the trail that’s beautiful sound like an ass
dangerous like faster than she’s ever hiked in her life today trying to go as fast as I can
my friend is way up ahead I mean I thought I was a hardcore hiker I mean I
hadn’t met anyone who could out take me prior to this this guy is nuts I’m on a
treadmill it’s set to twelve we’re trying to keep up can’t really look up
to enjoy any of the scenery because I don’t look down make sure I don’t trip
sure it’ll all be worth it when I get to the hot spring though okay so apparently
on this hike there’s a couple of river crossings you have to forward these
streams so I had to put my brand new chocos on water sandals are super ugly
but I guess they’re real grippy and practical for wearing and water there
are a hundred dollars so they better be let’s see how they do
whoo that water was cold but yeah this handles work man they were grippy and
they stayed on and I’m pretty sure I’ll like them once I get used to how ugly
and unflattering they are whoo all right so hiked all the way up that trail
through the forest it was like three stream crossings after the third I put
my boots back on because we got a scale triangle pass and it’s all like Rocky
scree switchbacks but hey I feel good let’s do it well we’re sort of inching our way up to
the top of this pass it’s called triangle pass and the top of
the pass I think it’s like thirteen thousand three hundred feet my friend
says so the air is pretty thin up here and I’m a Lowlander you know Vegas is
2,000 feet so my friends way up ahead but uh yeah man I mean so much easier
doing this without a forty thirty pound backpack on you know but even then I’m
still huffing and puffing get to the air but we’re almost at the top of the past
pretty treacherous up here because there’s all these snow oh you call this
covering the trail well that when I was able to walk around but some of them you
actually have to hike through and it’s really sketchy because it’s slippery and
if you fall down look where you go hey I kurz if there was ever an occasion to
say hikers this is it yogurt anyways I better put this phone away I’ll log in
in a bit oh my gosh I made it over the top of that past triangle pass and now
it came down into this valley now this is supposedly where Conan from hot
spring Garson works first of all we’re not taking the typical route I think
you’re supposed to hike up from Aspen to go to those hot springs but my friend
used to live up here he’s from around here so he said you can get to it this
way too so I don’t know if this is the easy route or the hard route and
furthermore I don’t even know if this really goes to the conundrum lot spring
I guess we’ll find out but it’s already 11 and my friend says we need to turn
around we need to be back at the past by 1:00 at the latest so I don’t know
to be honest with you if I made we’re going to make it to this dang hot spring
after all I might have to go try it from the aspen side
it is at least that way I can read the directions and my hot spring guide book
because that’s how they described the trail from that side
anyways I better stop shooting because I’m on this real precarious steep trail
now I die you know I mean oh by the way it’s played July it’s like July 28th or
so and look I mean you can see how much snow still up here I mean we are at
13,000 feet friends and that’s no joke that’s holy cow you guys this valley is
like something out of a Disney movie I mean it’s like Heidi you have never
rarely seen anything this beautiful this is oh I guess I know what all that’s
about Colorado is now that sometimes I see that stuff for yourself to really
believe it you know I mean look at these flowers all kind of colored flowers
everywhere you look everywhere just exceptional beauty well we I think we’re
almost of a day hot spring finally wow I really didn’t think I was going to make
it because well you know but there’s camp site signs I think here you can
camp up here and I can’t imagine lugging all my gear up this trail but it would
be an amazing thing to do anyways let’s just get down to the spring and check it
out so we have to turn back pretty soon
already some weather moving in so I might only get a quick dip and I hope I
can always get some footage of the spring sometimes I can’t because there’s
naked people in it so I’ll do my best okay turned off the trail finally this bridge
that goes across the river this goes to the spring supposedly let’s see okay we’re here right on the other side
of those bushes just scope out the situation see if I can shoot any video
okay well this hot spring was a miserable hike to get to like it almost
killed me and I have to hike all the way back but it was worth it oh my god it’s
so amazingly beautiful like I guess the fact that it’s so hard to get to is you
know what makes it extra amazing looks glad I did it I say that now but let me
check in with you at the end of the trail when I get back to the car if I
get back to the car and then we’ll see how much I liked it and how worthwhile I
thought this hike was hmm man did some weather moving in up there Thunder work
means we saw that trail on the way up we’re very exposed so it’s going to be
really gnarly okay well that was all the time I was able to spend it beautiful
conundrum hot spring about 20 minutes because of this weather my friend really
wants to get down over that pass and back down to the tree line before the
late afternoon and it’s going to be rough I’m going to probably not shoot
any more video for the rest of the hike down because I got to focus all I have
on getting out of here Allah so bad from one screen back to here mm-hmm
I would give my feeling was three hours max and we did it in two thanks to her
yeah well hey listen you ran on that trail listen you guys why did you run I
was scared for my life okay so we hauled ass from the hot
springs up to the pass in one hour which I thought it was going to take three
hours because it took one hour and 15 to get down but I was I mean I guess
there’s nothing like a fear of a lightning strike to put a little fire in
you you had lightning striking above us somewhere we didn’t know where yeah I
mean look you can see behind us it’s a totally exposed scree
slowly boom I’ve never been so terrified well I’ve been semi terrified one other
time when I hiked Aptos am saying lightning but this was just felt even
bigger and like haha anyways I’m not going to get cocky we’re below the tree
line now so there’s I feel starter’s days and Trail is much less treacherous
you put my sandals on and pour blisters a breather but yeah man I’m alive oh I
like my first inclination is to say I’ll never hike again
really we know well hike again and I’ll probably I can Colorado again will I
hike I mean I guess you can never tell who can say never say never
anyways oh my god I still have another several miles to go so I’m just going to
shut up I’m gonna put hair on your chest I already have so much body hair okay I
was too tired last night after we finally finished the hike to finish this
video but we made it down to the car I was exhausted and my feet were hamburger
the hi friend and I just went back to his place and kind of passed out but
here it is the next day and now I’m going to do my celebration meal this is
what I earn doing that crazy hike and that crazy backpacking trip BBQ in
marble Colorado okay what’s a name in this place he’s a slow grooving BBQ my
friend Adam here is introduced me to this place and it is amazing that is worth every sister and every
lost toenail right that’s right every every blister and we only had to pluck
out three hairs out of her chest but he really didn’t grow a lot it
yeah a bonus for everybody’s bonus

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  1. Hey Wonder Hussy! That place is gorgeous! I keep expecting to see people in little Swiss outfits meandering for ingredients to make Ricola cough drops or something. About 5 years ago I tried to get my girlfriend at the time to hike in CO. with me, but we always wound up at a mall or function where I felt the greatest challenge was how to sound positive and project glowing chakras…. and to tolerate those strange combinations of vapid yet smug personalities so comfortable with judging me while smiling. (sigh)

    I wish I could still be as fun as you and remain nice enough to control my cursing and bad moments. That will probably keep me from ever getting my own videos started.

    I had to back off trying to get my ass out there doing the similar things, no matter how jealous your videos make me, because my hope was bigger than my finances; had to get serious about saving and my health is just not allowing it (cue the violins).
    The toughest part is the mental strain– formally a wrestler who could summit Mt. Charleston, now I can barely put a shirt on without an audible sickening crunch– so that gets depressing.

    Adam gave me belly laugh with the "moose turd pie" comment with Guy Smiley voice applied. Holy shit.

    Thanks again for the laughs and scenery. Next time you'll have to jump on an elk and see if you can go eight seconds. Just kidding please don't try that.

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