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* BALD EAGLE * | Animals For Kids | All Things Animal TV

October 21, 2019

Bald Eagles. Bald Eagles are majestic powerful hunting
birds. They are a type of eagle with distinct colours. And despite their name they actually aren’t
bald. They have lovely white feathers on their heads and tails. Rich brown feathers on their body and wings. And yellow beaks. The young are called Fledgings and are all brown. Bald Eagles are found in North America. They are the National Animal of the United
States of America. And can be found on the great seal of USA. Bald Eagles live near the sea and lakes. In nest high up in trees. There favourite food is fish. Soaring high in air. They use their great eyesight to spot their
next target. The eagle swoops down! Grasping a fish with his sharp tallons. Watch out! Another cheeky eagle is trying to steal her
lunch. Ooops splash. And another dropped fish. Finally… success for the hungry bird. High in the tree the Bald Eagle eats the fish
she has caught. While the other eagle will have to find their
own lunch! Isn’t the Bald Eagle a wonderful flying creature!

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  1. Native American Indians can own bald eagle feathers because back in Indian culture native Americans wore eagle feathers for headresses anyone else isn't allowed to own a bald eagle feather it is illegal

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